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    Russian character name bugging my screen

    hey guys i couldnt find a topic about this, but does anyone else have a problem when facing russian people in bg/arena and their name covers half of ur screen? is there any way to make this go away a script or something?

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    yes, its really annoying when you mouse over one and that massive tooltip box appears.
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    exactly... its been bugging me forever ><

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    Not "forever". Blizzard broke that at about 5.3. It used to work better - you had normal tooltips and visible names in bnet login alerts. I alone have reported it to the shredder in-game report system at least two times, but they just don't care to fix it.

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    Got a screenshot?

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    Well this isn't fix in the way you might imagine but installing a Russian font (to WoW only) would fix it, like this gent has showed here:
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    Thank you sir

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