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    [Holy] Tips for Norushen 10 man heroic

    My guild is going to progress on norushen hc and i have a few questions about the encounter.

    Firstly did you 2 or 3 heal this fight?
    Lights hammer vs holy prism on this encounter?
    Divine purpose vs Holy avenger on this encounter?
    What were the other healer(s) you were healing with?
    What gemming and reforging do you find works the best? (I'm currently running full intellect gems, 15k spirit, 33% mastery unbuffed, first haste cap)
    Any other tips or things that will help me out when healing this fight?

    Thanks a lot

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    1. I two-heal this fight with a resto druid.

    2. Holy Prism, because of the lower CD and better usage (its also a pretty nice single "oh shit" button), but Lights Hammer is also a viable option for sure, especially if you're stacked.

    3. I personally can't see any boss were DP would perform better than HA. (actually 6/14 hc)

    4. Mentioned above.

    5. I don't know your ilvl, but the 7170 haste BP performs very good in 10m. I'm also at 15k spirit, int built, 7170 BP, 26% mastery unbuffed (don't have the sha trinket >.<)

    6. If your two-healing this boss (recommended, because its funny), there is a phase, where you are alone healing the group. Save HA and maybe AW and blanket the group, but you'll need some group-CDs, especially if your 2nd healer is going down later in the fight.

    That's it, I think. So have fun and heal some ass up to 100%


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    Heya, I've only done this in 25m.

    1. 2 heal it definitely
    2. LH as long as you stacked well enough with it, after beams is prime to ensure less movement.
    3. HA always. DP was very good for us mana wise but since that isn't a problem anymore the control we have with HA puts it way ahead.
    5. Get the 7170 BP w/ 13-15k spirit ( depending on trinkets and external mana cds )

    tips: I would prepot and heal agressively at the start while the pot/procs fade. Then I would wait until the first time 2 big adds are coming up then pop everything and spread the flames, as well as finding a good spot to cast a stronger LH. After that its waiting for cds to come back up. ( with 4p i would DF + HA again after 2m as long as i had another 2m to go in the fight so i could use all of my cds together 1 more time w/ a pot ) Saving Devo for a time when the other healer is downstairs to help deal with that 20ish secs of the fight. Make sure to swap beacon to the current tank. good luck!

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    I 2 Heal it (with a Disc Priest)

    Holy Prism is way better, imo. A smart "Oh Shit" heal that can be easily used while running away from the beam.

    I don't think I've ever not used HA this tier, outside of maybe trying out DP on Malkorok (and quickly went back to HA)

    I run the 7170 Haste BP then mastery. ~17k spirit, which is a bit higher than most. You should do fine at 15k spirit. ~26% mastery unbuffed.

    I'm not exactly sure what your guys order is for going into the other realm, but my guild would always have our Disc priest go in right at the start, so I would be solo healing the first minute of the fight (which is rather easy). I just pop HA right at the start and EF blanket the entire raid. I would go in the realm the second my fellow healer came out. Then, once you're caught up once you got out, the fight is pretty much easy to heal. I pretty much just use my CDs whenever the hell I feel like it. We also just had our tanks picking up all the orbs, so once the 2 healers went in at the beginning, we never had to go back in. Just be sure to be constantly blanketing the raid with EF. It's OP as hell for this fight.

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    Thanks for all the replies so far, it's helped me out a lot and i hope norushen goes good tomorrow

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    When my guild killed it we 3 healed it because our Mistweaver fistweaving with the purified buff did more damage then when he was WW (WW set was undergeared being swing healer everyone else got gear first and wasn't allowed to get purified until everyone else was..).
    If you 3 heal it you can just have the healers pick up all the puddles the whole fight and not have to worry about only having one healer up at times.

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    Why do healer(s) need to go down, my guild 2 heal it but neither healer has to go down. On pull a tank goes down followed by the other tank when he comes back up, while the first tank is down the 2nd tank can soak one orb and the 2 healers can soak an orb each throughout the fight. Once both tanks have been down they can soak the remaining orbs for the rest of the fight. Also if needed, any dps that are in the 2nd or 3rd group to go down can also soak 1 orb each and just focus on adds till they go down.

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    Thanks for the replies. We managed to kill norushen and sha of pride hc tonight

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    Did you get fat loot?

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    lh, spam ef. job done ;p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henriksson View Post
    Did you get fat loot?
    He took my offspec bracers!

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