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    Quote Originally Posted by starkey View Post
    Watched a couple of wow streamers on twitch and damn the game is actually really boring to watch if your not playing the game yourself and the streamer was so up himself made it even worse to watch it, and the chat was full of people just sucking up too the streamer trying to get his attention was quite pathetic to watch and also he had a donation ticker running long the bottom of his screen showing who donated to him, people actually part with there parents money to help these guys stream full time please get a real job.
    Are you cool with movie stars and athletes not getting paid, and you would have them looking for a "real job" as well? Can't have them entertainers making money!

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    Wowcrendor is one of my favorite people online and if he didn't do HS vids, I never would have got into it.
    I sub to Tradechat but her content is fairly meh, even more so outside of League.
    I watch Jessie too but he hasn't played WoW in a really long while that I'm aware of.
    I dislike Athene.

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    I've never subscribed to a WoW YouTuber, though I sometimes see some of their videos if they are posted on these forums.

    Used to watch some WoWCrendor, but those got old after a while.

    I usually watch the World First video each tier.

    Sometimes watch WF solo videos, but don't think I've seen one since Mionelol's LK run.

    I can't say I dislike any, since most I never watch because I have no interest in them. I think the only time I've watched a PvP video is from when there was a ret bug (Feb 2, 2012, never forget) and rets were Divine Storming huge packs of players down in seconds in BGs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4KhazModan View Post
    Have to say I agree with everything here. Although if I may add Fatboss to the like list and Swifty to the dislike one. Not that I have anything against swifty, it's just that his videos have really declined in quality since his peak in late Wrath/Cata

    - - - Updated - - -

    He insult your transmog? :P

    Nah, just dislike his views on how the games changed. Don't dislike him as a youtuber/person just his views if thats any clearer :P

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    Mikepreachwow <3 Seriously the best youtuber, puts in sooooo much effort into his videos.
    i require ham.

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    Blizz blues, hands down. I liked Crendor before his vids started being a long whine about whiners. Got boring, but I'm still hoping he gets his crapt together.

    There were also the Noob tales. Pretty funny.

    The worse would be Among the Bloodelves (i think), hate when people bring their frustrations into the game at an aggresive level.

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    Wowhobbs since it made many of my WoW days fun when I switched to prot/farming back in TBC/WotLK.
    MikeBakaFony not just WoW but all his other videos, actually only Youtuber that was funny, kept it interesting.
    Swifty, nice guy and great videos to watch from irl or the Wow videos (which I mainly didn't care about).

    No longer watch any Youtubers, same boring *£$!# pretty much just watch Officer Spiers for the GTA V videos :3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ximinez View Post
    Totalbiscuit/halibut was my first 'wow' personality I found. His raid guides in BC were highly entertaining and informative (flame wreath chant). He has had some very good viewpoints on the game and the industry but he's downright venomous at times the way some are presented. Final straw for me was when he quit playing the game that got him where he is.

    WowCrendor has always had good machnima, his lets plays aren't quite as entertaining, his opinion (flythru) vids are usually good though.

    I like towliee but only in small doses. He's good player but a bit too 'broish' at times.

    I saw 'tradechat' in a Wowcrendor vid one time. Never again. Gouge your eyes out fake and annoying, trying to curse ever 5 seconds to sound 'mad/cool'. UGH. And the hair too. Funny thing I saw a 'roundup' news post of her with regular hair scrolling thru WI a few months ago and she actually wasn't assaulting on the eyes, I guess her 'fans' disagreed though since the puke pink was back next time I notice a 'roundup' post.

    Non WoW related I dig Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth, cause they're there to show you something informative or just have fun, though sometimes their stuff is boring/ ill planned.

    Also working on a channel myself with a few friends and hoping for the best, but we know we suck right now lol. It's been an eyeopening and fun experience though, especially the editing process. Alot more goes into this stuff than most people would guess. Same can be said for podcasting after doing that for over a year.
    bolded, just gona say.. you would also get rather bored after a long while ;P and he did say why he quit. he didn't just quit randomly.

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    I love Reznik Shaman and Danger Dolan!

    Reznik finds numerous ingame bugs and makes a bunch of videos about it, very cool.

    Danger Dolan does some boss guides and a lot of discussions about WoW atm, in the future and in the past - great topics and excellent execution by DD.

    Oxhorn - Great and funny parodies about wow and its characters.

    Check them out.

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    BVP Media. Their "25th Line" series kept me laughing for a solid week.

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    i only really watch Wowcrendor cause he got amazing stuff, though lately its been a bit stale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuniorBinda View Post
    Nobble's lore vids are unparalleled.
    This. Also been watching Mike Preach's lately. Makes me laugh.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
    as a european, nothing, nothing at all

    thanks to numerous documentaries like the one you´ve linked, everyone knows, if shit happens, it will happen to the US first

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