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    [Elemental] Opener

    Hey guys, I was unable to find this information on your ele guides so here it goes... What is a proper opener for an elemental shaman? FYI I'm currently using Echo of Element and Elemental Blast. Should I open with a precast elemental blast into flame shock then Ascendance and lava burst spam? PS: I have macroed Ascendance with my Fire elemental totem and they go off on the same gcd which is great but I wasn't able to include the Stormlash totem in the same macro without incurring another gcd...

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    I myself main spec Restoration, but I do occasionally get the chance to DPS when we run Throne of Thunder for those who need Secrets and Runestones, so I may not be the best to give information ..

    Here's how I open.

    Flame Shock
    Lava Burst (for Clearcasting)
    Unleashed Elements
    Elemental Blast

    and I always, always make sure I use Elemental Blast before I burst.

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    I open up on my shaman with Elemental Blast>UE>Lava Burst>Flame Shock (within less then a second of Lava burst going off> Storm lash>ascend/lust. my trinket procs are still up at that time so i get a nice 20k intel buff from them plus prepot it is quite devastating! Hope this helps friend!

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    3 seconds before pull drop fire elemental totem

    ~2 seconds before pop your pot and precast EB/LB (EB if you have specced Elemental Blast)

    1. Lust
    2. Flame Shock
    3. Lava Burst
    4. Storm Lash
    5. Cast UE if you took UF
    6. Cast LvB if Lava Surge procced
    7. Ascendance

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    And do you guys have opener macros you could share?

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    Opener macros what?

    If you're using UE, LB>UE>Lust>LvB>FS>Asc
    If you're using PE, FE>Lust>FS>LvB>Asc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asaeel View Post
    Opener macros what?
    I got Asc macroed with fire elemental totem since they both share the gcd... Tried adding Stormlash to it as well but it was then triggering another gcd so not cool... That's the type of macro i was looking for...

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    Fire Elemental > Prepot > Precast > UE > FS > LvB > Stormlash > Ascendance

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    I though we didn't use ue if we took eb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teebo View Post
    I though we didn't use ue if we took eb.
    You do on the opener, especially if you have the meta, as it will proc it.

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    my preff opener is 3 sec before fight fire elemental totem, 2 sec pot, lightining bolt, UE (if not taken another lightining bolt), flame shock, LB, EB (if taken), Ascendence.
    and you know the drill afterwards.

    PS. In that opener you might loose some Burst DPS, but overral i want to cast flame shock best with Legendary meta gem (thats why i spam lightining bolt and or UE).

    PPS. I didnt include BL/timewarp/heroism simply, not everyfight starts with BL - eg. Sha of pride.

    PPPS. I really love to cast flameshock with potentialy max haste, for increased Lava surge proc (discrediting haste from Meta gem or BL is a flaw in my opinion, but its just an opinion)

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    Because of the changes with trinkets and the like it's more often than not better to lust on the pull. Ele has a pretty simple opener my friend. Should take one or two goes at dummys. I wouldnt delay flame shock for meta procs, at all. Loss of dps.

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