View Poll Results: How many hours do you play WoW weekly average?

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  • 1-5 Hours

    3 15.00%
  • 6-10 Hours

    4 20.00%
  • 11-15 Hours

    3 15.00%
  • 16-20 Hours

    2 10.00%
  • 21-30 Hours

    2 10.00%
  • 30 plus Hours

    6 30.00%
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    How many hours do you play WoW weekly average?

    So curious as to how many hours people are playing, some do 5 hours , some do 50. Where do you fall? Posting poll shortly

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    Depends on the day/month/year

    I can only play like 2-3 hours a day but I don't even play, all I do is log in and screw around with AHes trying to amass pixel golds

    I used to play like 2-4-5 hours a day nearly every day for like 2 years straight when I was in middle/high school and had all the free time in the world
    I think I had item names memorized at that time, not sure why. I can probably still tell about an item without looking it up on the database THATS how nerdy I was..and all that unnecessary info carried on with it

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    Would be 6-10

    sometimes I just browse internets though reading random junk so it could be like 5 hours a week

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    0 hours, Its been a month just keeping sub up lol
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    Honestly it depends on how long it's been since a recent patch. I play a lot more around patch times.

    Right now I'm mostly just logging on for raids and am spending most my free time playing other games.
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    I play 3-4 hours a day atm. 5.4 really reinvigorated my interest in the game.

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