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    it is godsent exp plus you may find some rare finds that can sell pretty good amounts - find mounts / pets etc.

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    Ha I knew that problem, my warrior was level 89 and 30% in and I couldn't bring myself to it... but then...

    HALLOW'S END CANDY BUCKETS! Collected all, dinged 90, was pretty happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rurts View Post
    Ye, I always hit a wall around lvl 88 while leveling through Pandaria. 85-86 is easy and mostly happens passively (2 lvl 85 dungeons, a handful of quests and it's done), ditto 86-87 (run around Vo4W, do some random quests, nothing too taxing). 87-88 is much slower, but there's a lot of places to go in Kun-Lai, so it's somehow bearable. And then comes lvl 88 and AAAARRGHH... long, tedious, boring, linear SLUGFEST in Townlong makes me want to quit the damn game, delete every character, cancel the sub then rip out my HD, smash it with a hammer, drop the remains in a ditch and salt the earth. The best I can do is take it in small steps, waiting for some rested xp between each of these. And even then... fuck.
    The two hardest parts in Pandaria leveling was the start of KunLai and Townlong. KunLai right by the burning village is where you meet the yuangol. It was that part of the questing experience where shit begins to hit hard. Townlong was just a snore fest of even more yuangol. I remember getting stunned by one of those pats in the village by the ShadoPan outpost. Then some of his cow buddies decided to pull the rare in the area....

    To this day, my priest is still a spirit because I did not want to redo that zone...

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    The best way to level up: Get a decently geared tank friend, that has that Anzu boss unlocked in Brawler's guild. Pay him 2-3k gold. Have him fight that boss over and over again. Be in the party with him inside Brawler's arena. All the small bird adds give over 10-13k exp each. Get 10% exp per 1minute fight. Checked with a GM if it's ok. He said it is. On an empty server with large rested bonus 85-87 took about 30-40 minutes. Exp is a bit lower afterwards but if your friend is good and doesn't mind you can be 90 in 2-3 hours. I gave my friend some battle pets he didn't have, pots, flasks etc. Once 90, get timeless gear crap through your main, unlock the vale and flying and tada.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Inside View Post
    I usually save all of them for level 89, cause it's the worst.
    that's what i did, didn't fill that much of my xp when i had no rest state though i swear i did 89-90 on one toon without doing much else

    however, i did do 85-90 this weekend on my DK - wasn't as bad as i was expecting, as soon as i hit a new level i moved onto the next zone, did 85-89 on saturday and then on sunday bashed out 89-90 in about 90 mins.

    it also helps if you get the wicker man 10% xp bonus whilst halloween event is live, sucks if you die though, you have to go all the way back to SW/ORG to get the buff again. candy buckets help too

    it might also have helped that i really enjoyed playing my DK again, whereas my shaman, i managed 3 quests and gave up, my DK in contrast seemed invincible and the only time i died was when i got a little over zealous when pulling packs of mobs

    Quote Originally Posted by Huntermyth View Post

    it is godsent exp plus you may find some rare finds that can sell pretty good amounts - find mounts / pets etc.
    without flying? urgh...
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    Get the longest day achievement if you are into pet battles. It will damn near level you from 89-90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Inside View Post
    Make sure you do the treasures of pandaria, they give a decent chunk of xp.
    What is this? I've only leveled my DK (not big on alts anymore), but my GF recently started playing so I'm leveling another toon with her. I'd be interested in whatever this magical thing is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokii View Post

    without flying? urgh...
    You don't have to do archaeology in Pandaria, pretty sure you get same exp on other continents
    Old Gods made me do it.

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    I twink all my 85 characters before heading to 90. I get the absolute BiS of all BiS gear for that class and then I just run around being awesome and OP. It's more about the fun than the process of leveling up to 90. Before I know it I'm 90 and all the fun of twinking is over and I regret leveling it up 90.
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    People have said this for every single expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zxzas View Post
    I surprisingly haven't leveled many toons to max level this expansion, this being my 5th, 85-90 makes me want to die.

    I finally hit 89, and I am 30% in, I just can't do it! I have to force myself. I want to be 90, start getting crap from timeless isle and crap, but at the same time, it's just aggravating.

    Do I want to do dungeons? (note: I tank). Yes, kind of, but because the dps is mediocre and boss fights that should last 2-3 minutes last about 7-8 minutes. Why people are still pulling 20k dps between the levels of 87-90 is beyond me. I go ret on a boss fight that requires no tank, and pull 40k dps with an ilvl of 400, while another pally is approx 440 ilvl and does 22k. Wut?

    Leveling is so stale. It is so stale that I start doing pet battles for exp. And I am not a huge fan. Then again, it is a tad bit fun after the first few, then it gets blah.

    With pet battles I did 20% of my exp bar at 88, hahaha. Went to the timeless isle, whipped out my strand crab (op), and got 190k exp per battle there, approx 1% per fight so 20 pet battles.
    Leveling another alt this week, I'd tell you which one but numbers don't go that high. I'm at 89 and I'll finish him up after I run some errands.
    Honestly. If you just get over it, it goes much quicker. My first couple I wanted to kill myself, but then I just cruise through on autopilot. Don't dungeon level or grind mobs, questing is significantly faster.
    My current toon is Fury, only do about 35k burst with 27ish sustained because my itemization is god awful. Way, way over hit/exp cap but I'm not gonna bother reforging just to end up replacing it in half an hour. Waste. While Prot during Cataclysm dungeons I was pulling even more dps because that's just how it works. Prot is all aoe and crazy levels of vengeance. Even before Cataclysm dungeons I was going into dungeons with my heirlooms pulling between 60-75% overall damage. Is that to say everyone else is bad? Of course not. It's just how it works.
    You can't judge leveling players on their dps before level cap and you can't expect to hit 90 any time soon if you screw around bitching on the forums.

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    1.) On your tanking dps part.... You're a tank... I've seen lots of tank pull top 10 dps in raids, it just depends on vengeance really : /. Also a lot of peep don't know how to dps properly anymore because they just hit whatever is lit-up at the time and don't really research combos, or the proper rotation / stat weighs. Even for leveling.

    2.) I understand the annoyance of leveling in MoP after awhile (Just hit 90 on my 12th toon), but here's what I've found to REALLY help out the process:
    A. Get a buddy with a two-person flying mount and farm Riches of Pandaria. Normally a max level toon will drain EXP from you, but they don't drain your EXP from these. You can get around 200k-400k off each one of these buggers, and about 2k gold to boot.
    B. Rare spawns are a godsend for breaking the questing / dungeon grind, and if you have that same person fly you around aim for the goal of twinking your toon instead of trying to kill each one, otherwise you'll be frustrated by how little of them you'll find sometimes. By twinking you'll eat through content.
    C. Grab as many of the World BoA items as possible. They give about as much EXP as a quest. Also another thing you can grab with that person that is your flying slave ;P.

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    i dont even know how you got through 80-85 cata is killing me, lvled 8 classes to 85 in cata, i want a mage to hit 90, but i can't force myself doing anything on that mage ....

    turn ur brain off, thats the only thing that will work, it can be hard sometimes, but try to listen to the music or have a youtube video in the background, if that does not work, do something els than wow, or just dont play on that char, and come back when you know you can do it and you feel it in the guts!!!

    Good luck hitting 90, i know the (mental) pain, it drives you crazy D:

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    Jesus the time it took to make a post, reply to the comments and sit there crying about how "boring" leveling is you'd be 90 by now... It takes what 3-4hours from 89-90?.

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    Leveling is probably my favorite part of WoW (which is the reason I currently have 12 level 90s). I found MoP's leveling experience very enjoyable.... the first time. Subsequent times just felt boring. I genuinely enjoyed leveling multiple characters in Cata, but MoP really sucks to level. Especially Townlong and Dread Wastes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcindauh View Post
    People have said this for every single expansion.
    Also this...

    Alts are encouraged by Blizz but the game is not designed in a way that is going to give you a new and fulfilling experience the 5th time you level a character. The only way to do this would be to make many different zones to level in. Cataclysm taught us that pouring lots of resources into one time leveling quests isn't a long term solution to making players happy.

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    Ive done 4 characters and even the first wasnt that fun.
    Something will change next expansion theres no way they will expect ppl to suffer pandaria and cata, the 2 expansions that made so many leave the game, youll see something will change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zxzas View Post
    I finally hit 89, and I am 30% in, I just can't do it! I have to force myself. I want to be 90, start getting crap from timeless isle and crap, but at the same time, it's just aggravating.
    monkey runs. did 88.5 to 90 in little over 2.5 hours of rested. for you it should take no more than 1 hour rested, 2hours non.. simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Compstance View Post
    What is this? I've only leveled my DK (not big on alts anymore), but my GF recently started playing so I'm leveling another toon with her. I'd be interested in whatever this magical thing is!

    this should help you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snido View Post
    I currently am on 24 lvl 90's. The first 15 were lvled before the exp reduction nerf. It's very easy to do only takes 2 days. Switch your brain off, listen to some music etc, etc.
    HOLY ...¤"¤
    What? 24 are they all engineers/ alchemssts or wut xD? Else i see no point.

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