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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Totally. In fact, far more than that should be made optional. Why am I forced to raid on any level, or kill mobs at all to get gear? It's draconian to expect me to be forced to group with others, or to sit through painfully long queues for lfr, or to grind vp / honor / timeless coins / charms.

    Completely unfair, all of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allarius View Post
    People are complaining about leveling taking too long NOW?! Good god, this is EZMODE leveling compared to what it was at MoP release.

    People will find anything to complain about.
    IMO 1-60 is way too fast and 60-85 way too slow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcindauh View Post
    People have said this for every single expansion.
    And they were right every single expansion. I don't see why it's ok to give out free 80s to people who haven't played in months, but it's not ok to give free xxx to people who've leveled through the content half a dozen times already.

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    I just que for dungeons with rested exp to level my guys now. Tired of the leveling quests in MoP already. Can do other stuff outside of the game in between wait times and don't have to put too much work into leveling.

    Enter dungeon. Kill some mobs. Don't have to run around all over the place, which can be annoying after leveling up a bunch of characters already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    IMO 1-60 is way too fast and 60-85 way too slow
    To some extent true, but I love outland zones so I normally do 60-68 in about 5hours. Srsly, i know a lot of people dislike outlands but the zones are just so good. Nagrand and netherstorm are so epic. Ignoring blades edge for been a bitch to navigate without a flyer.

    But let's just take a second to compare this to vanilla leveling. A leveling system when you would spend more time trying to find quests and traveling that actually doing a quest. (Noggenfogger you soab, tanaris quest to go to hinterlands...) I remember running UBRS like 15 times to get 58-60 because i didn't know about silithus and plaguelands had no quests left.

    But anyway I personally hate jade forest, as well as most panda lore, so l find leveling annoying because of that. Don't think it takes too long though.

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    I leveled 3 toons from 85-90. (I had 12 at 85.) The first one I did a few quests, found that I just couldn't get into the Jade Forest horde storyline, and got to 86 through general exploring, some BGs and dungeons. Then I tried to quest in Valley of the Four Winds, ran into Virmen, and gave up on questing. Got to 90 solely through dungeons (until I had to give up on them because they were so dull and repetitive), BGs and Scenarios.

    Second toon was my rogue, which I love to PvP on, so I just ran BGs all the way to 90 (actually winning AV weekend about half the time helped a lot).

    Last toon was my warlock, months into the expansion. Did some more exploring, a few more quests than I had before. Completed Treasures of Pandaria. Killed a lot of rares on my mostly-dead server. Did a lot of scenarios, a couple dungeons. Actually enjoyed questing in Kun-Lai Summit.

    Overall, idk why, but I just couldn't get into MoP questing. There bwas some of the best exploration in the game to date though - best since classic, maye even better.
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    Honestly they have reduced the xp required to hit 90 by a lot. I found I levelled extremely fast and hardly done with krasarang wilds before I hit 90. If you can't hack it then stop levelling up alts. It's entirely subjective and says more about you as a player then WoW. There is a guy on page 1 of this thread who has 25 90's!
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    Just got my 5th level 90 character, I like it honestly. I stay in Jade Forest as long as I can , then do the same with Kun-Lai and then finish in either Dread or a dungeon.

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    In the process of my 9th char 85-90. I waited until the XP nerf and all my chars had tonnes of rested XP.

    I believe it caps at 1.5 levels, I quickly knock that out then wait a few days until max rested XP again whilst cycling through other characters.

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    I agree, I think MoP levelling is the worst ever.

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    at 89, buy mob tagging from a friend. takes 60min and your done.

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    If you're a tank you were doing it wrong. Lvling my blood dk so I just solod the beginning panda dungeons and went from 85 to 88.5 in 2 hours. Bosses give 1 to 1.5 million xp mobs give like 60k

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zxzas View Post
    I surprisingly haven't leveled many toons to max level this expansion, this being my 5th
    thats when i stopped reading. most people have 2 or 3 characters, usually only 1 with good gear.

    thinking 5 isnt alot is crazy
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    It's funny how it just gets worse and worse.
    0-60 - fun fun fun! Don't like what they did with azeroth though, was much better before cata.
    60-70 - great music and nice quests
    70-80 - ok let's get on with this, ah some nice places to see
    80-85 - oh no.
    85-90 - the most boring leveling in the whole of the game.

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    I did it in quest and pet battle, friday night, at 7pm i was lvl 85, then got to lvl 88 round 1am, then, saturday morning at 8 am to 12 i was 90 ! (mage) I did like, 5 dongeons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodylotion View Post
    I agree, I think ̶m̶̶o̶̶p̶ levelling is the worst ever.
    fixed that for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strakha View Post
    Just watch a movie in the background and quest and turn your brain off.
    I don't get how this is the acceptable thing to do. Should questing not be fun? Not "Oh, just turn your brain off and grind through it." I hate that kind of crap. Leveling is a MAJOR part of WoW, and ANY MMO for that matter, should it not be enjoyable? Not an endless grind that makes you want to go watch a movie or go brain-dead while trying to muddle through it?

    I know some people actually enjoy what WoW's leveling system is offering, but I know at least a vast majority of the community highly dislikes, or even hates, the current quest system. I for one do not enjoy it in the least. It's boring, long, repetitive, and most of all, not fun.

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    i agree mop levelling is boring not only you are danied flying and heirlooms (the first also is big let down if you want to do some mining or herbing for boosting xp) but also dungeons aren't giving good xp; so basically you have only 2 alternative to questing: grinding mobs or do pet battles
    Quote Originally Posted by caervek View Post
    Obviously this issue doesn't affect me however unlike some raiders I don't see the point in taking satisfaction in this injustice, it's wrong, just because it doesn't hurt me doesn't stop it being wrong, the player base should stand together when Blizzard do stupid shit like this not laugh at the ones being victimised.

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    Lvling as a tank or healer right now is RIDICULOUSLY easier. Combining questing and lvling I was halfway to 88 by the time I finished the Jinyu questline. I skipped 4 winds and hit 88 as I opened the Alliance camp in Kun Lai went the Townlong and finished the Sha questline just for the helm then dinged 90 after I freed the second Paragon.

    Dps have it more difficult I imagine since the queue times'll be longer, but there's no reason to be whining about lvling as a tank or healer unless you're either burn't out or just one of those that think Blizzard should give you an auto lvl button just because you have a 90 already.
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    I just leveled my DK from 85 to 90 on the Timeless Isle exclusively. Why? Because MoP leveling is slow and boring.

    First, get a water walking potion or two from the AH if needed. Then get to Jade Forrest pop the potion and run on your mount to Timeless Isle - you'll make it before Fatigue kills you off.

    Then, farm the turtles and small boars on the west coast. They give a ton of XP. Something like 23K per kill. At 85 it takes a while, but after an hour or so you will be 86 and it becomes a lot easier. Use any of the isle specific buff drops (Book of Ages, Healing Crystal, etc) - it gets a lot easier with those. At each level increase the small mobs increase in XP they give.

    I was blood specced and bought decent MoP greens at 85 to start. By the time I was 87 I was able to round up clumps of turtles, chicken things and boars and burn down 3-5 at a time without dying. That's basically 100K XP every minute. It gets faster the higher you get, because you kill them faster, and you get more XP per kill per mob. The little caterpillar clumps along the south coast are in packs of 10 and die fast too, once you get high enough level to kill them before their poison stacks enough to melt you.

    I basically parked my DK on the west coast of the timeless isle for a week. I played a 30-45 minute session each day and was 90 in less than a week.

    I tried doing the same on my rogue and it was harder due to squishiness but still doable. I plan to do the same with my Druid and my Warlock.

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