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    I just do a whole bunch of dungeons to get through 85 to 90, until i get so bored that i end up falling asleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anesmith View Post
    It's not AS bad since the reduction, but I feel your pain! Blizz should really look at giving a huge XP buff to all your toons once you have 1 max level character... Just imagine 1-95 next expansion....lawl!
    It's level 100 next expansion.
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    I feel like i get all my 85's up to level 88 or 89.. and just stop.. Then i think of all the great things they could be doing for gear/transmog wise.. and i somehow manage to talk a friend into grinding dungeons with me.. Always better with a friend!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambushu View Post
    It's level 100 next expansion.
    I feel like 1-100 is going to feel extremely long.. and when you finally hit level 50 and think "oh hey the half way point" and then realize it just gets harder and harder from that point onwards it's going to be extremely draining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grubjuice View Post
    honestly just suck it up, it only take a couple days.
    level 89-90 does not take a couple of days xD
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    Go get all the Halloween pumpkins.

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