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    4th Spec

    If I were to design 4th specs this is what they'd look like:

    Death Knight- A necromantic mana user that heals and steals health from minions, self, and enemies. Able to use int plate.

    Paladin- A long range shockadin.

    Priest- An anti shadow priest which would build upon holy fire and use more psychic abilities like telekinesis (damage dealing and knock back), empathy (healing and actual cc), and other astral abilities.

    Warlock- A tanking spec which turns the user into a demon, reverting demonology into a pet spec again.

    Warrior- A lancer spec using pole-arms and other long range abilities like a spear throw.

    Rogue- An evasion tank that uses a shield and other self healing abilities.

    Mage- A time wielding mage that heals, reverses time to undo damage, or enhancing the speed of damage on an enemy.

    Shaman- An earth using, shield using tank, further representing the elements.

    Druid- Already has a 4th.

    Monk- A long range monk that uses more chi and lightning like abilities, which evoke the crane.

    Hunter- A shadow hunter that uses magic and shadow based abilities. Maybe even infusing shadow into their pets.

    The addition of these adds 3 tanks, 2 healers, 3 long range dps and 1 close range. This would bring the count up to 8 tanks, 8 healers, 11 lr dps, and 10 cr dps.

    Instead of creating an entirely different class, refurbishing and building upon the existing ones would make it feel as if we have grown as classes.

    In order to really set these off, I think that heroes of these new specs should come forward and further solidify them.
    For example-

    Alleria- Shadow Hunter
    Illidan- Tanking Warlock
    Thrall- Earth Warder
    Turalyon- Shockadin
    Velen- Light Priest

    If you not this route, the new counsel of Tirisfal with Me'dan at the forefront might actually fit well, since it has representations of almost each class. This could introduce Me'dan as a potential bringer of peace along with Anduin to bring the Alliance and Horde together.
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    Look I can understand why 4th specs appeal to people because they don't want to level a new class, but there's two big issues here.

    1. Blizz already shot down the idea saying that it would be too much work to balance 10 specs at once when a new class is 3.

    2. Some of the common ideas for this are bad. Healing DK? HEALING. DEATH. KNIGHT? Healing mage. Demon Hunter as a Warlock Spec....
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    Over time they've gotten much better at balancing classes. The monk experience was totally different and better than the DK's. The ideas being bad are your opinions.

    Instead of going the route of a conventional dps spec for a DK, another healing class that employs undead minions and even uses the health you steal as a potential resource bar. It is all about imagination.

    A time wielding mage using the abilities of the time walkers to reverse damage is something we haven't seen yet. Arcane magic is capable of everything that other realms of magic can do including commanding the elements and healing. Totally possible.

    I didn't say that Warlocks were going to be demon hunters. Changing into a demon (which they can already do) would help refresh the classes and give more options, and even potentially decreasing queue times. I love playing a Warlock and I love tanking, but one that can do both seems like a win win to me.

    Like I said, balance will of course create its issues, but their are plenty of abilities that all of these specs share and it all about flavor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    2. Some of the common ideas for this are bad. Healing DK? HEALING. DEATH. KNIGHT? Healing mage. Demon Hunter as a Warlock Spec....

    You are welcome.
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    There's been lots of these threads but they are fun to me and I can't help myself from commenting on them:

    Death Knight: Healer that steals the life from enemies to heal their allies. DPS/heal hybrid. Front line melee damage to fuel their heals.
    Paladin: Has to be a holy ranged DPS in plate. All other roles are filled by their other three specs.
    Priest: Illusionist or mind-bender. Builds on the Old God ideas behind the class rather than raw shadow damage. Still DPS, maybe similar to the Mesmer on GW2 but evil, not bubbly and light hearted.
    Warlock: Necromancer. Each pet role from the demons are transformed into undead equivalents. A disease caster, as opposed to disease melee.
    Warrior: Archer. Just like a warrior in GW2 while using ranged weapons. Not magical, not poisons, but bleeding type shots that mirror the red attacks of their melee.
    Rogue: Ninja of deception. Think of the training sessions in Batman Begins.
    Mage: Chronomancer. Heal/DPS hybrid that can change time around for debuffing, healing, or reversing an enemy's healing.
    Shaman: Earth tank. It must be since it is the only element not represented. Turns skin to stone, uses a earth elemental with greater frequency and flexibility.
    Druid: None. Wouldn't be fair to have 5.
    Monk: Ranged DPS based around the Chi Burst and Crackling Jade Lightning, with more unique ones. Should use mana to balance the specs.
    Hunter: A hunter that is actually sneaky. Kind of like a Subtlety spec for hunters. Able to move in and out of camo with ease.

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    Death Knight - Necromancer, ranged spellcaster (possible pet class as well, but this is already in unholy), uses int/spirit plate which is good since only one spec in the entire game uses that type of armor

    Paladin - Templar, ranged spellcaster, uses int/spirit plate since two specs on a armor type still isn't good enough. Also, would like a passive spell that allows ret paladins to dual wield or use a two hander, changing the rotation and stat priority depending on what the ret paladin is wielding (similar to frost dks, fury warriors and windwalker monks)

    Priest - Fanatic/Devoted/Martyr, ranged tank, passive spell greatly reduces healing done to others but greatly increases healing done to self, turning their healing spells into active mitigation for themselves. Mana replaced with Zeal, a energy source that stacks to 1000, slowly replenishes over time, and also is restored by damage being absorbed by the priests shield. Spirit would increase both passive and shield based Zeal regen.

    Warlock - Annihilan Demonology/Eredar Demonology, split demonology into two specs, one (Eredar) being the original damage oriented spellcaster and the other (Annihilan) a ranged/melee spellcaster tank based on

    Warrior - Huscarl, ranged dps, focuses on use of throwing weapons (which I feel should be brought back and be useable by hunters as well for those who want the headhunter feel)

    Rogue - Swashbuckler, melee tank, focuses on use of dodge and parry, passives shorten cooldown of evasion turning it into active mitigation

    Mage - Chronomancer, ranged spellcaster tank, focus on using various arcane shielding, time shifting, and phasing in and out of reality to mitigate damage

    Druid - Already has four specs, and it's working out great.

    Monk - Chimaster, ranged spellcaster dps, focus on spells such as jade lightning and spinning fire blossom type spells to deal damage, uses int/spirit leather

    Shaman - Earthwarden, melee tank, uses shields, agility mail and weapons, able to use totems and elemental shields as active mitigation.

    Hunter - Wild Aspect, melee tank spec, uses agility mail, agility polearms and staves, active mitigation includes a modified version of deterrence which no longer has a cooldown but instead of immunity it grants enhanced dodge or parry. Other defensive abilities are based off of which beasts you have in your roster of 5 pets, some pets granting spell immunity/resistance cooldowns, some granting parry cooldowns, some straight up damage % reductions cooldowns.
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    What if we left some classes as PURE DPS

    Seriously. A rogue is not a tank a Mage is not a healer. I can agree on warlock and shaman tanks, since their arsenal is so great already (it's fun having health near our guilds tank, and more than most whe I soul link and gosac) but seriously...

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    I'm also going to pile on the healing DK hate. It's rediculous. DKs already have skills in place for not only ranged DPS but summoning minions as well. (for a pet/summoning DPS spec)

    And no one said every class had to get a 4th spec at once. Druids have had one all expansion; arguably longer. Just start with a couple. Preferably viable tanking specs to assist the queues.

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    There is one reason why we will probably NEVER get a 4th spec: For some classes it's just impossible or dumb.
    Sure, for some classes it would be great and it would really be a unique and natural thing.
    But other classes would either complain that they didn't get a fourth spec (I already hear people complaining about druids) or the spec would feel too forced.

    Another big problem is that most of those things feel to similar to something we already have!
    If you have a "fourth spec" idea, think of the rotation and the spells. What can you do to make this unique?
    And it's not as 'simple' as adding one class with 3 specs, no no, you need 11 specs!
    Take this for example: A disease caster, as opposed to disease melee.
    Yes, let's name that spec affliction!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    Take this for example: A disease caster, as opposed to disease melee.
    Yes, let's name that spec affliction!
    Except affliction is all about shadowy, magical types of afflictions (afflictions are a state of great distress, pain, or suffering. not necessarily a disease) and curses. Things you'd expect a witch to use.

    Whereas disease is something that rots you from the inside out and degrades cells. Something akin to creating a zombie. In other words necromancy!

    By your logic, we don't need Death Knights, since the diseases they use are EXACTLY the same as the dark, hidden magics of a warlock. Is that correct?

    But who says the Death Knight should hold a monopoly on necromantic energies? Necromancers are typically robe wearing, staff wielding casters. Like another flavor of a mage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    Look I can understand why 4th specs appeal to people because they don't want to level a new class, but there's two big issues here.

    1. Blizz already shot down the idea saying that it would be too much work to balance 10 specs at once when a new class is 3.

    2. Some of the common ideas for this are bad. Healing DK? HEALING. DEATH. KNIGHT? Healing mage. Demon Hunter as a Warlock Spec....
    From what I remember, there were conflicting blue statements about it. And the one that was negative simply said it would be 'harder' not that they'd never do it. Course, times change(as does bliz), so there may have been more 'statements' by other blues or clarifications since then.

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    If it clearly fits they should implement it. Shaman tanks makes a lot of sense and so does a range spec for monks.

    Edit: Not all classes need a 4th spec.
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    Shamans have had tanking abilities for quite some time. Wind shear was a taunt, rockbiter gave threat, they can 1h+shield. All the tools are there to act as a tank, but they never gave them the full kit to be one.

    Warlock tanking was a popular (experiment?) accident, and I don't see why Blizzard couldn't implement it.

    Paladin with a ranged spec, especially shockadin: YES. Another use for Int Plate!

    DK healer was oringally intended before the release of LK however they scrapped that idea and made all specs dps or tank, now only blood is tank, when originally blood was the healer spec!

    I support all the ideas, but those above are ones that I agree should be done at the very least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    1. Blizz already shot down the idea saying that it would be too much work to balance 10 specs at once when a new class is 3.
    At this point any idea of balance is gone. There are 34 specs in game and trying to balance 34 differently itemized, arsenals, playstyles is absurd. So making that number a flat 44 couldn't hurt at all.

    Pvp balance is another thing altogether. They may as well seperate pvp and pve or change it to something similar to rift where in pvp you only have one spec. Or completely different rules and ability functions in both environments.

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    Here are my 4th spec ideas, enjoy!

    Warrior- Blademaster, used a 2H weapon to tank. Lot's of Samurai elements in place here.
    Priest- Twilight, used a mixture of Holy and Shadow magic to deal damage at long range.
    Mage- Chrono, uses time magic to reverse wounds, give speed boosts, and slow enemies.
    Rogue- Illusionist, uses slight of hand and trickery to tank. Lot's of Mesmer things from GW in here.
    Hunter- Ranger, petless spec that uses traps more often than other specs.
    Shaman- Earthwarden, tank spec uses earth magic to protect allies.
    Monk- Lorewalker, ranged dps using the great red crane.
    Paladin- Juror, uses holy magic to deal damage at range (shockadin)
    Deathknight- Necro, uses dark magic to heal allies by siphoning it from enemies.
    Warlock- Demonhunter, uses demonic energies to tank (Illidan fans rejoice!)
    Druid- Guardian, already in place.

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    Blizz has said that it would be hard to balance and it wouldn't happen but of course they always say stuff like this. I remember someone talking about flying in Azeroth, this was during LK I believe. A blue had said that it would take too much time, art, resouces to remake Azeroth because it wasn't created with flying mounts in mind. A month later, Cata was unveiled and low and behold Flying Mounts in Azeroth and revamped Azeroth. The thought of a 4th spec isn't a bad thing, these classes have been around for almost a decade, sure some get facelifts and become a little more fresh but at the end of the day, a new look for each class would do everyone some good. They have the resouces, and now the personnel. They already increased by 40% and have another 40% coming in as we speak? The whole discussion of the new x-pac this year is exciting. Much more so than in years past. I'll be glad to get out of Pandaland.

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    A 4th spec with on the fly balancing wouldn't actually be that bad. I'm a firm believer that the reason why WoW got so strong was because of player generated content in the forms of theory crafting and then testing it out. Look at the 10 dk Firelands runs. Yeah it may not have been current progression, but it did give those guys something nutty to do.

    What we have right now is very constricting in the sense that everything is mapped out for us with progression turning into a numbers game. I know having a good team with flawless execution is required and a goal in itself, but after a while that gets old too.

    I acknowledge that any hope of balancing goes out the window, and by extension PvP gets screwed, but it does open up more possibilities of class/spec synergies that would be fun just to figure out. A 4th spec also gives a little more to those who are die hards on their mains.

    So all in all I hope that this game opens its doors again for guys to try out said combinations. Bring back the vagary in encounters by making it hard and force the player base to find that exploit/optimization to win. I know it may sound cheap, but it keeps things interesting.

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    OP, i kinda like all your ideas, but would change the hunter and warlock. .though they are nice ideas, warlock should get a healing spec similar to affliction, hunter a tank spec using his beast.

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    4 speces to all clases.... NO WAY!
    new class in 6.0 yea, but 4th spec... guys, some of your 4th specec feels "hard", with no(!) sense.

    Those topics are boring, they bring nothing new, if u make one of them, describe it better

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    im a huge monk fan myself and im really REALLY annoyed by people who keep suggesting a monk ranged DPS using the red crane.

    red crane = healing
    green serpent = damage

    yes blizzard made a mistake already by making the healers using green serpent powers instead of red crane but comon people....

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    Oh my God, this again? Another chance to post my spec list!

    Death Knight - Necrolyte: These masters of death use dark powers to fend it off from their allies, healing via a twisted mockery of the Light.

    Druid - Flame: The watchers in the Firelands have learned to harness the pure, cleansing power of fire to create a new type of ranged DPS.

    Hunter - Naturalist: This frontiersman/survivalist uses his knowledge of herbs, slaves, and natural magic to heal his allies.

    Mage - Physica: A highly trained healer using knowledge of anatomy and arcane magic to heal his allies.

    Monk - Sky Dancer: Ranged-weapon spec using a new Stance of the Flying Crane

    Paladin - Inquisitor: Caster DPS, finally giving the Shockadin that has so long been desired.

    Priest - Sentinel: Ranged DPS using a bow + holy and arcane, based on Tyrande in Well of Eternity.

    Rogue - Swashbuckler: A parry-happy tank who uses speed and subterfuge to stand up to the most terrible of opponents.

    Shaman - Earthbreaker: Dual-wield tank using the powers of stone and ice to harden himself against damage. Modeled on Wrath-era DK Frost tanking.

    Warlock - Apotheosis: A dark tanking spec that grounds damage directly into the Twisting Nether.

    Warrior - Beast Mastery: Melee+pet DPS. Battling on the frontiers of more than one world, some warriors have learned to train beasts to be as effective a weapon as their swords. (Probably limited to a few pet types, the intelligent predators: wolves, dogs, birds-of-prey, perhaps cats and raptors).

    If Blizz only wants to add a few 4th specs in an expansion, I'd say do one for each role. Off my list, I'd want the paladin, warlock, and DK first. Paladin casters have been wished for for years, and lock tanking was a smash hit during the MoP beta. DKs could make the most interesting new healer, and would also tap the most underused gear in game: Int plate.

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