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    Do you think they will show any of the new character models at Blizzcon?

    We all know the old characters will be revamped. We also know they were about 20-25% done in the spring. Do you think Blizzard will show one or more of these new models at Blizzcon?

    I'm personally cautiously optimistic.

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    I thought they said Dwarves were (mostly) done quite a long while back, and that they'd be released as they're finished. So, I wouldn't say it's IMPOSSIBLE we'll see some preview of at least one or two races!

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    I'm gonna guess they will have Humans, Orcs, Trolls and Dwarves in a showable if not complete state.

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    My guess is on the reveal cinematic we'd have some race wearing a helmet, only to take it off revealing A BEAUTIFUL HI-RES FACE

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    I expect to see or the new models or a big message that says when next expansion is announced: "New Race Models"
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    Im brimming with optimistic wow juices to see them, offcourse they will!

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    Definitely. They can't really hold out any longer without raising some more eyebrows.

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    I really hope so, I've been waiting to see what they'll come up with ever since it was announced that Blizzard would update them.

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    25% done, from the 8 original races+ 2 tbc races= 10 races X 2= 20 total character models
    25% of 20 is 5, so atleast 2 races completely done and one race with either male or female finished.
    Although it would make sense to release new characters from the most popular races I don't know why they started of at Dwarfs, but they said they would be moving on to humans and orcs after, so either 2 of those are completely done.

    Or Blizz could completely troll and say that 25% completion but worked on every race so no race actually ready just updated.

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    From what I can recall, I believe they said roughly 3 races were redone at the moment. From these races, I believe they said that Dwarves, Humans and Orcs were the highest priority, because they were the oldest, so I expect these to be done for blizzcon. They also said that the taurens were on that priority list, and then pretty much every other races.

    Now, will they show them or not I don't know, but I am also cautiously optimistic.

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    Since they are planning to roll them out as they are finished and are 20-25% done, it is a possibility for the finished ones to be shown.
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    I hope that Forsaken model will stay :P

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    I am thinking there's a good chance at a preview.
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    Given the rocky condition of Blizzard's subscriber numbers at the moment, I think they'll be doing all in their power to create hype and general excitement for their next expansion. A glimpse of the character models we can expect would certainly excite me, to say the least.
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    They could of lied saying they weren't done so people wouldn't get all excited until they showed them at Blizzcon.
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    I hope so. Honestly im expecting them to release 1 on each side at a time, instead of all at once. But who knows.

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    im guessing dwarves and orcs. dwaves cause they said they were close to being done, orcs cause they can just use some garrosh stuff and easily translate it to players. would be awesome to see trolls too, but we'll see

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    I'm guessing Human and Orc since they're arguably the most iconic models of WoW.
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    We already were told in September of last year they started on humans and orcs. It's unknown if they scrapped the work on dwarves Tom Chilton spoke about in his MOP Pico interview. They were said to be finished in time for MOP's release but were being held from release while they decided if they would release the other races all at once or as they finished them in segments. I hope they save it for all at once, because Christmas morning would have sucked as a kid if instead of a mountain of new toys you only got a few every few month.

    I think it's possible the dwarves were done in a more WOTLK kind of update similar to druid beast forms or the new troll NPC models, they just used the same skeleton and dressed it up with more detailed higher fidelity modeling and left the animations as is. And then they decided it was just too awesome to see the old races come to life with all the detail you see in the Pandaren, and decided to go all out on the project rather than just do something "good enough". So now we have facial animations and brand new reincarnations of all our classic animations.

    While not using the exact same skeleton, the new models will probably share universal points with the old models that line up so that they don't need to make double the armor models from now on if they make the model upgrade optional. They probably have the same basic shaped skeleton but with added articulation points I think for more complex animations with a more over the top stylized personality injected into their physics and facial expressions I'm guessing.
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    I think they will show some new character models.

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