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  • Casual

    81 23.75%
  • Semi-Casual

    51 14.96%
  • Intermediate

    104 30.50%
  • Semi-Hardcore

    93 27.27%
  • Hardcore

    12 3.52%
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    What do you consider yourself?

    In WoW I've met people who define themselves as a Casual who play 20+ hours a week. I've met people who define themselves as hardcore who play only 12 hours a week. My question to you, mmo-champion users, is what do you consider yourself to be? In addition, how many hours a week do you play (average).

    Here's what should show up in the poll(I've had them glitch before):

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    Also, What activities do you usually do during your play time? Old Content, Heroic Raiding, Normal modes, Flex, LFR, PVP?

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    Casual. No raiding guild atm. Don't care to find one. I just stockpile gold and gear up on timeless isle. I'd rather chug battery acid than do LFR and pvp is meh. Flex when Im in the mood and have friends organising one.

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    Old content, LFR, RP, occasional PvP on some alts, and side stuff like pet/mount collecting. I keep crazy busy as just a casual, I dunno how hardcores even function. :P

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    3-night Heroic 25man raiding
    Flex and Normals on my only alt on offnights
    <carried> US-Alliance

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    I would raid as much as i could if i could get into a proper guild, but im too lazy to start searching for one.
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    I would consider myself semi-hardcore. I mostly raid normal mode raids, with a few heroics each tier. I also do some arena. I have moderate success in both, and I devote some time outside of game to research strategies and class guides. I probably play an average of 15-20 hours each week.

    I would consider the above description to be an intermediate player, but I also spend a considerable amount of time tweaking my UI, creating weakauras / macros /keybinds and generally optimizing my play, which I think would be a step between intermediate and hardcore, thus semi-hardcore.

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    I raid heroics @ 10-12 hours a week, normally US50-60. I raid very hard on a small schedule and I don't spend much time doing much outside of raid time. I'd say Semi-hardcore. I don't raid/play enough to say I'm hardcore, but the effort and time I put into raiding and things make me more than casual or intermediate.
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    ATM intermediate

    semi-hardcore for the past month

    casual for the next few months until the next patch/ expansion

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    Casual. LFR, Flex, questing, pet battles, brawlers guild (F-U, Hex), transmog hunting, leveling alts.

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    I chose casual. I play <5 hours a week.

    LFR, arena, random bg's, x-mog runs.

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    Stood in the Fire Rob D's Avatar
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    Sometimes I LFR, did some battleground PVP (though haven't had been in the mood to do that in MOP so far), but I like levelling alts, do different professions. Don't really care much about gold and epic gear for my alts, as long as I have enough and can do enough. I just wish my guild would be getting back into the roleplay groove.
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    These days I'm definitely casual. I rarely play, and when I do it's just PvPing by myself or doing scenarios with my brothers.

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    I dunno I play a lot on weekends, but I don't participate in raids or serious pvp. so I guess I'm a casual/hardcore hybrid?
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    Just a heads up... casual just means you don't play that often. -In before the "Casuals make this game easy!" statements-

    I'm casual, and I'd love a more challenging questing experience and low level dungeons... also tougher raids as well. I would just like to do them on my own time, and it would be even better if I can do challenging flex raids with 6-8 people.

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    I use to play upwards of 10+ hours a day since I raided in a US top 10 25 man raiding guild for almost 3 years, quit WoW 8-9 months ago and just came back 2 weeks ago so now I just raid LFR/Flex until me and my real life friends have gear to start our own casual 10 man.

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    I guess I'd call myself casual, my weekly playtime is around 10-15 hours maybe, it depends.
    I mostly run some dungeons, old raids on reset days, make some gold with profs etc. and that's pretty much it, haven't been raiding for like more than a year.

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    Merely a Setback Kangodo's Avatar
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    I spend a lot of time on WoW, but I don't spend that much time on raiding.
    The game has so much more to offer and I prefer to do all those things.
    I also have a field of activity where my job doesn't allow the reliability that allows me to raid in a guild.

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    I chose semi-hardcore.. I spend way too much time in this game to be any less.. though I don't raid semi-hardcore, that's more casual.
    I am currently trying to get my second legendary cloak (on Heart of the Thunder King), for my second account. I run LFR frequently, but only raid 3 nights a week, we haven't cleared SoO norm (10 man) yet... so semi hardcore.. I play often, but not until my fingers bleed.
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    When it comes to raiding I'd say casual, when it comes to playing in general I guess intermediate. Used to be semi-hardcore raider though.

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    Atm I just returned again after 2 long breaks, the last return lasted very short and now I'm back again on a new server. So atm I'm just leveling a shammy and a prot tank up to 90 before I can call myself anything. Back in ICC I was a casual-raider I guess. I enjoyed the raids and I was one of the more serious/ambitious ones in my guild but didn't care that much about it that I switched to a more ambitious guild. So, I don't know. I prefer to raid with people I know and like more than I like raiding I guess.

    Atm I'm nothing else than a casual and I guess I've always been at heart. Tbh I care mostly about the lore, quests, leveling alts and reading about the game

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