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  • Casual

    81 23.75%
  • Semi-Casual

    51 14.96%
  • Intermediate

    104 30.50%
  • Semi-Hardcore

    93 27.27%
  • Hardcore

    12 3.52%
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    I consider myself casual.
    I usually play for 6hours during work days, and I can play up to 20h total on weekends. I sometimes just login to do daily cooldowns. When I do my 'normal' play day, I do LFR/Flex or farm something for gold.

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    I voted "Intermediate" I low-end progression raid 9 hours a week with additional old content/lfr/alt runs as desired. All in all I'd say I spend over 30 hours a week logged in.
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    I'm pretty invested in both Diablo 3 and Starcraft II, so I only manage a 'meager' 7 hours of World of Warcraft. That would probably put me in the casual segment.

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    I would say I use to raid somewhere between intermediate and semi hardcore (finish all heroic content before the next patch but usually only by a couple of weeks). Now since I quit raiding about 4 weeks ago I'm definitely casual (only log on once or twice a week to clear flex/normal)
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    Semi hardcore for trying to push the most out of my character both performance wise and progression wise on a 6 hour a week raiding basis
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonsaii View Post
    Also, What activities do you usually do during your play time? Old Content, Heroic Raiding, Normal modes, Flex, LFR, PVP?
    I'm a casual player. (or actually, I was. I just quit recently)

    My activities consisted of: Questing/leveling alts, old content Dungeons and Raids, and LFR on my main.
    The time I spend on WoW each week varied a lot. Sometimes I played a lot, and sometimes I hardly played at all. Generally speaking though, I'd say about 6 hours a week. And if it wasn't for doing LFR on my main, the number would be much lower.

    I used to be a Hardcore player back during vanilla though. Back then I would easily reach 50+ hours a week. 3 or 4 days of raiding, and I did lots of farming on the side. Heck, I had 5000g back in vanilla, that was an insane amount. None of it made from flipping the AH though, all made through grinding my ass off in-between raids.

    But even though generally speaking, casual and hardcore tend to refer to the amount of time you play. I can see how someone who identifies themselves as a casual player may play a lot of hours and how someone that sees themselves as hardcore only plays a few. Hardcore may also refer to doing top end raiding, and that person may only log in for that raid and do nothing on the side. Meanwhile a casual player may spend a lot of time hunting achievements, getting mounts, doing old content, PvP, you know a lot of variety?

    So to some people, casual and hardcore refers to amount of playing. And to others it refers to how they experience the game, is it relaxed or stressful?

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    I consider myself a casual because I barely play the game right now, but if the expansion interests me enough, I can easily become a hardcore level player, as I was in the past. All about interest.

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    I'd say I'm in the hardcore category. 3day raiding, 2 full evenings of PvP for lols, achievements and to a lesser extent the rating (had a one button-macro spamming hunter alt at 1900 last season), old raid soloing for mounts on my DK and Pally, LFR and flex to gear up said solo characters, recently got back into pet battles. Plenty to do! Not hardcore as in playing at the very top level, but more as in playing alot.
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    I put semi-hardcore. I play to succeed at anything I do. I don't get to raid normals or heroics atm mainly because of the server I am on. Though with it being merged with 3 other servers now who knows if I can possibly find one on my schedule. Mostly I do flex raiding, run alts through LFR/Flex (have 8 lvl 90s), The occasional BG ( I don't do arena's at all and only do world pvp to defend myself against the cowardly alliance who need 5 people to kill me). Other than that I use my 8 90s to try to farm older stuff when there's something like a mount I want or just plain out feel like blowing something up. I play on average about 30 hours a week.

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    In my eyes the poll is a little bit misleading.
    All those Options dont really have to do anything with each others.

    A Casual is someone who Plays casually, which means unconsistently and in avarage not much per week.
    A Casual can be a really good Player in theory, it´s just so that in the history of wow "casual" got somehow synonymic for "bad", which is just a completeley other Story.

    A Hardcore typically has a great dedication for the game or for the challenge that Comes with the game. He tries to maximize what he can beat the game in ist hardest Permutation. Beeing a hardcore has NOTHIGN to do how much you Play, tho i admit a hardcore guys will probabaly Play consistently.

    I once was in a 25 HC guild with just 2 raiding nights of 3.5 hours. Since i logged on half an hour before raid, i played 8 hours of wow per week during that time, since i didnt have time for more.
    What was i back then? a casual? a hardcore? or maybe both at the same time?

    You cant compare hardcore and casual since they are on completeley different scales.

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    I am hardcore, I win celestial tournament every week and beat nearly 90% in pvp pet battles.

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    I am never sure what to consider myself, I suppose a very elitist/hardcore casual? I am unable to raid due to RL commitments, when I used to raid it was at a very high level of progression raiding, and I loved it, because of the good gear and the close knit group of people, this naturally lead into hardcore arena pvp as well which netted me very high ratings.

    But real life happened, I had to stop raiding, now I play because I can't bring myself to quit because of how much I've put in, I tend to level a character to max level and grind it until I can hit LFR, I then raid LFR for 2 weeks before realising I hate LFR and stop playing that character, I'll then have a break and level another alt to max, hit LFR and rage quit again...

    So by definition I'm probably closer to being casual, but at heart I'm hardcore...

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    Well, I used to raid hardcore back in the WOTLK days. Since Firelands I stopped raiding and just played as and when I fancied it.

    Right now I cant work due to injury and am finding myself playing more as I cant get out of the house or do much, maybe up to 6 hours a day. Does that still make me casual?
    Doesn't seem to be a classification for this. Are you casual if you only play a few hours a week or if you just don't raid?
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    The poll would do well with a Hardcore Casual option. I know many people that fall into that category, including myself. Short raid hours with high success/progression rates.

    Not so much currently for me, because I haven't been around much since DS until recently. But as soon as I'm geared enough, I'll be looking for a Hardcore Casual guild again.

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    I always considered myself a casual player, even though I would sometimes put in 40+ a week to the game. I never raided anything difficult, just went along with the guild to enjoy their company. I loved having an army of alts with all professions to keep me self-sufficient.

    MoP changed me though. I became very disillusioned with the game and got annoyed by a number of Blizzard's decisions that eventually culminated in me quitting. I can't see myself coming back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanthanum View Post
    I always considered myself a casual player, even though I would sometimes put in 40+ a week to the game. I never raided anything difficult, just went along with the guild to enjoy their company. I loved having an army of alts with all professions to keep me self-sufficient.

    MoP changed me though. I became very disillusioned with the game and got annoyed by a number of Blizzard's decisions that eventually culminated in me quitting. I can't see myself coming back.
    Out of curiosity, what sort of decisions caused you to quit?

    I see complaints all day from pseudo-hardcore players about LFR and such, but I'm interested to know what would cause an individual with your playstyle to decide to quit.

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    I picked intermediate. I spend about 12 hours a week on heroic raiding, and the rest of my WoW time on casual PvP and achievement hunting. My guild eventually makes it through the heroic content in a patch cycle, but we definitely do it at a slower pace than a lot of really serious raiding guilds. We're currently sitting at 6/14 Heroic. We're the number one guild on our server, but our server doesn't have many guilds who put much time into raiding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pancaspe View Post
    I play about 4 hours a day. I consider myself intermediate.
    Are you the same Pancaspe who was in my Flex group a while back?

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    I consider myself a casual player though I often play large chunks of time. I don't define casual my the literal definition, as most people I've experienced don't either. I come and go as I please, largely do solo and automated group content, and never schedule playtime beyond meeting up with friends every now and then, and never let the game interfere with anything else I want to opposed to TBC when I raided progression 4 nights a week for 4 hours a night and basically never stopped playing the game.

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    Casual. In a guild that has some limited success with normal but they raid too late for me. Cleared every LFR wing and every flex wing the week they came out. Continuing to farm flex each week. Mostly solo old stuff for transmog on my multitude of alts. Have Master of All achievement. Try and go for completionism on my main, alts just xmog and profession stuff that I actually need on my main (Living Steel, Gems, etc.) Have my legendary cloak via LFR. Use OQ to get groups for Ordos and Celestials. Mostly muck around doing random stuff. Starting to farm SoO LFR on my DK. Will progress down the list once in fullish 528.

    I like MoP's rares and vanity items, working on doing those achievements and finding treasures and that sort of thing. Kind of want to do RBG's this season because the priest armor looks amazeballs.

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