Hey, so I was reading Mmo champ, and there’s so much speculation on there about a new class. So I looked at DnD which has most arch types down, I was disappointed there was no “Hey here’s an easy archetype”. I also have been reading this site for a while but never created an account (Sorry if this is wrong forum section, I just see alot posted here), thought now would be a good time to discuss it.

So I thought I would throw this on the table.

Through all this keep in mind that this is not a two-dimensional talent tree like we are used to, this would be a sphere which is three dimensional meaning you could expand it or shrink it depending on the needs. This also allows the two which would be on the far sides of each other to interact, which would look confusing in two-dimensions. Also if this were to replace the talent tree’s, It would need a way to keep specializations, whether that be just choosing a spec like now or some other way, due to game balance and blocking of abilities and roles, (A death knight with all abilities would be op :X)

Also *I wasn’t exactly sure on the Titles for the colors, But just something that encompasses all aspects.*

Basic Idea: Add a deeper level of customization to the game by allowing you to gain abilities, this would not include old gods or titans until final tiers (If at all) But, due to the sheer amount of “Deity’s” In the Warcraft universe, It would lead to a whole new aspect of roleplaying, Character Customization. All with a flexible way of entering it into the game.

Design (Visual) Aspect:
FWD: Well due to my first grade art skills I will try to explain it and if someone feels like whipping something up feel free to: D But here’s the design….
It would be a Sphere, It will be 3 colors base, Red, Yellow, Blue, The colors would then blend into each other making the colors almost unrecognizable at true center of 2 colors combining, But distinguishable at the center of color, I will explain in a second why it is a sphere, But in a brief sense, One cannot truly be a trait without being others, and it will lead to moments where you can branch into the adjacent factor With 1 exception, at the top/Bottom all of the colors are blended into 1 color (Affecting the design because there has to be balance, but balance isnt always straight across the board). Again this may seem a little confusing but I will explain this next.

Deity traits:
Well, first let me state as an opening thought. In Warcraft religion, and in Nonfictional religions, there is always at least one person who shares a lot of traits with another. (For sake of not having a debate, this person is a random civilian who does something nice).

So this system would focus on three aspects which can cover everything but share traits with one another, these would be, Cunning (Yellow), Scholarly (Blue), And Fierce (Red). You would start with the deities in the middle, you would then have the option to work your way up or down, the deity’s would turn less obscure and turn into more powerful and worshipped ones.

Through the tree, Deity’s would then start having requirements, some of the requirements for champions on the “Border” of both, would simply require that a mix of the two trees (They would then also award points invested in that for both/all aspects of it.

Now for the interesting part, deity’s which relate to each other very similarly (For example same deity just different names) would upgrade each other, And similar race's deity’s (Such as all the troll gods) would also benefit each other, Allowing you to have a “Mastery” You could call it. Depending on how the system would be set up, you could choose between One “Mastery” which be statistically stronger in an area than having multiple weaker “Masteries” which would add less points but more all around.

Ok so I know I said the last part was interesting, but I forgot to include that in with the previous paragraph and it just felt good there. So at the Bottom and top, remember how the colors are blurred together? This could have deity’s that fall under all three aspects, you could throw in how ever many you want, 1-15 would be feasible, But I think 3 or 6, These would be more well-known/stronger deity’s.
What type of benefits would these provide?
Well with the current idea, I would enjoy having it be a new talent tree, which gives different abilities, and benefits, as well as some cosmetic benefits for having higher devotion. I also think that this system could be used instead of the “Legendary cloak” mechanic, as in something that keeps giving rewards and allowing you to develop, as long as blizzard does not make this require RNG, but maybe different test, such as proving yourself as a hero helping others with threats, Helping others (Building rep with X numbers of factions), Or Player vs Player by proving yourself as a powerful mortal. Basically stuff that would gain notice with the gods, would gain talent points. There would obviously have to be a cap due to how broken having all of it would be, but it could be interesting have it “walled off” to make it give all expansion long.

It can be used as a “legendary cloak” mechanic in that it gives rewards all expansion long (“What type of benefits would these provide?”) It can replace the talent trees giving access to a whole new level of customization by having a sphere talent tree which is universal, allowing you to choose across all categories which seem different but relates to something else in the tree, role playing by letting you worship deity’s and open the possibility for new mounts, toys, transmogs, all while adding new abilities to your class to make it unique and feel like your own by allowing you to create that fourth spec / new class you always wanted.

If you see any flaws with this in any way, please reply and state your opinion in a thoughtful manner, so we as a community can hopefully work together and show blizzard we have decent idea’s and some of us aren’t just a sack of potatoes!