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    Resto shaman advice

    So after weeks of failing garrosh we finally killed him and I am not happy with my healing so much. Was healing along with a resto druid and he was just out healing me by a crazy amount.

    Currently been aiming to use around 14k spirit, using the stat priority spirit > 12.5% haste > crit > mastery> haste. Currently at 555 ilvl and using elemental mastery, rushing streams and primal elemental as my healing output talents but tend to swap my 75 healing talent around depending on what is needed.

    Our kill log corrupted for some reason so heres my last attempt log - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=4614&e=5224

    Could anyone give me any suggestions on what to change to improve my healing or what i am doing run.


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    Some quick comments:

    Use healing stream on cooldown. There's a period of 3 minutes without it being used in the posted log, which is a huge hps leak.
    Be more aggressive with your cooldowns. In a 10 minute fight you used healing tide once and ascendance once. Plan ahead on when to use your primal elementals in order to maximize the 10% extra healing uptime.
    Use unleash life before healing rain whenever possible.
    Most resto shamans take ancestral swiftness. If you're using the riptide glyph, I think it's a good idea to couple it with the chain heal glyph, as you can riptide in between chain heals.
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    Wasnt really using my healing cds to much because there wasnt really any need for them other then the whirlwind. I normally run the glyphs Fire ele, chaining and HST just switched it around abit for garrosh because the druid could heal everyone up by the time i could get one CH off. I was trying to unleash before each healing rain when possible. I do think i could be more active with my HST it seems

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    Well that's the thing, either you use your CDs when you feel they are needed and risk being lower on HPS meters (and I'm of the firm opinion that healing meters are poop) or you use them needed or not to maintain the impression of higher performance via higher HPS.

    HST should be on CD, or at least used every time your LMG procs so it's a free drop.
    I tend to use my elementals on CD as well just to give heals more kick.

    I am not very good about Ascendence and SLT, I need to drop them more often and I can probably get a lot more use out of HTT. I have just always always been stingy with long CD abilities in RPGs (well before I started in WoW).

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    It's debatable but I'm of the firm opinion to use CDs early and use them often. The sooner you use them the sooner they will come back off CD. There might be merit to holding back one of your CDs for emergency situations. But sitting on all your CDs for the first seven minutes of a ten minute fight is just not playing your class to its maximum potential. A powerful ability like Healing Tide might not be needed to keep the raid alive, but if nothing else it will save a ton of mana to you and to your fellow healers if used aggressively throughout the fight.
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    Your gemming too heavily into crit and have too much spirit for it. You recovered 659593 mana on that fight from resurgence alone.

    For someone with the 4 set you only seem to use it once on that 10min encounter, and that 4-set isn't very good. Go with the tier helm and hands, there some good off-pieces with crit and spirit on them.

    I would recommend getting the 33.29% Soft Haste Cap which is about 8852 haste (assuming you pick the Ancestral Swiftness), since its the totem one I would recommend about 9k to 9.1k depending on your average latency. This should be fairly easy for you to reach considering your ilevel.

    Reaching this break point means you also surpass the 2nd tick of HR as well.

    Now this is my personal opinion

    10 man healing is all about throughput, I would recommend you putting as many int and then int+whatever stat, because int will always give you steady throughput. To the point where make reds stay red and yellow to int+haste or int + crit, and then blues into Int+spirit.

    Also recommend making a macro for either greater fire ele or greater earth ele and bind it HTT and Ascendance.

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    If you are being heavily outhealed by a Druid, it probably is because they have more control of their output burst (i.e. ability to Bloom when burst damage happens, and ability to accelerate Rejuv through Genesis). In a situation with high overhealing, a Shaman will generally fall behind other classes outside of burst cooldowns.

    Given that, you probably are not getting all that much mileage from stacking Crit past 12.5% haste, and would probably do better with gearing to a higher haste breakpoint so that you get sniped less. You are only ~1800 haste away from the 7613 haste breakpoint that would give you an extra HR tick if you use Ancestral Swiftness over Elemental Mastery. That should be a major output gain across the board, and I would highly recommend at least reforging to that. You may also want to consider going up to the 8918 breakpoint (which you would need around 9000-9100 haste to reliably reach) for an extra HST tick.

    As far as gemming pure Crit instead of gemming INT, on paper, Crit beats INT when you can get it at a 2:1 ratio like through gemming. However, from my experience, gemming Crit over INT always "feels" like an output loss, probably because of the greater propensity of Crit healing to overheal relative to increasing base spell power. I would suggest going with INT gems in red sockets, INT/Haste in yellow and INT/Spirit in blue.

    For stat priority, I would try something like this to see if it improves output.

    Spirit to comfort > 9000 haste (with Ancestral Swiftness) > Int > Crit > Additional Haste > Additional Spirit > Mastery

    For a Spirit comfort level, I personally find around 15,000 with 2 throughput trinkets to be about the sweet spot. Because you have a regen trinket, I would suggest trying about 13,000.

    As far as using cooldowns versus saving them, it really depends on the situation and the fight and what your raid needs. Not using cooldowns at all or using something like HTT once in a 10 minute fight because you are waiting for the effective time to use it is a huge waste and will cause your output to be low. Shaman are more dependent on output from cooldowns than any other healer. What I would suggest doing is getting to know the fight and getting to know when cooldowns are needed and lining up a cooldown rotation with your other healers and raid to allow you to cover burst damage effectively, but also maximize the use of throughput cooldowns. For example, for H Paragons progression, I know that I need all of my cooldowns to be available for Fiery Lines from Iyokuk that start to happen about 5-6 minutes into the fight. There is no real burning need for healing cooldowns at all during the first 5 minutes of the fight. Therefore, I am free to use HTT/Ascendance (and possibly SLT) on light damage (that otherwise would be a waste of a major cooldown for) in the first 2-3 minutes of the fight rather than sitting on them for 5-6 minutes.

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