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    Few questions from a warlock :)

    Hello shamans!

    I'm wondering about something that happened earlier in a 2v2 arena match and hoped you could kindly shed some light on it. We weren't playing particularly well in this match but I noticed that the shaman healer was dispelling my unstable affliction all the time and I could never really get dots up on both of them for very long. It seemed like he wasn't even concerned about the damage from dispelling and I never really saw his HP drop by too much when he dispelled both himself and his partner constantly. How is this possible? Most shamans I'm playing against just let it tick unless they really have to dispel it.

    Just trying to understand a bit more about you guys


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    i think you answered the question yourself. If he wasn't taking any worrying damage and you guys not playing great he was probably safe to dispel it. Most will let it tick due to the other damage they are normaly subject to.

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