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    Monk vs Hunter in SoO

    The question is simple, is there ANY reason at all to bring a monk over a hunter to a raid this tier? (damage, utility or otherwise)

    EDIT: my bad, should've spiecified I mean DPS monk
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    BrM, someone to soak leather agi, etc.

    Yeah I'd take the hunter.
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    Ranged > melee in SoO. Don't now about ww monks but hunters can perform quite well in this tier.
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    Hunter everyday every week. WW monks has some soaking abilities and mobility, other than that, Crit which mages and hunters provide.

    Hunter is one of the best classes to bring overall and especially in a 10 man where u might lack buffs etc.
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    WW can cheese more fights than a hunter and survive far better but as per raid ranged > melee.

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    For progression (especially heroic) good ranged are invaluable, yea even hunters. At least in my case/experience for 25hm raiding, monks have the potential to do more damage and have more utility. All depends on gear/skill though. Again, this is as far as 25m is concerned.

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    That's what I figured, just needed to hear it from someone else ^^
    Thanks for input

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    Well if skill is equal, I'd honestly say the only reason to take the monk is if you wanted to have the option of a third tank on some fights or an extra healer.

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