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    some of the old beta models.

    beta human
    beta worgen
    beta orc

    stuff like that
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    All the Hateful Gladiator weapons >_<

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    Nightmare Blade From the old world boss Taeror.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian.
    This. I still have one splinter in my bank, can't bring myself to get rid of it

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    Item sets other the tier pieces.
    Specifically ZG fist weapons with proc

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    Those mounts that were removed from the troll dungeons in Cata.

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    A shame blizzard didn't let them ingame...
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    This isn't an item, but I miss the hell out of Cower In Fear:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulgrim View Post

    Oh god, so amazing...I'd do anything....ANYTHING to get that axe

    Besides Ateish, and Ashbringer....I'd have to say T3 sets, they were amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krek01 View Post
    It seems Blizzard has a really bad habit of removing awesome items in the game for differing reasons.

    If you could bring back 1 item that they removed, what would it be?

    HARD MODE: No mounts.

    For me, something like this weapon would be fine. To be honest, not too keen on the newer look of PVP weapons.
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    No one has said yet? no one that old school left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronthar View Post
    No one has said yet? no one that old school left?
    Well, to be fair, only one guy ever got that item, so most of us aren't incredibly nostalgic for it.
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    Not so much a thing - but the old world dragons - miss them

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    Divine sacrifice
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    I also would like to see all the removed Weapons again, not just wotlk but also Cataclysm Season9 for example.

    And not an Item but I would like to see Alterac Valley revamped so that summoning the big Creatures is somewhat useful because I started playing when it was no longer ocntent
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    I would literally pay hundreds of thousands of gold for that skin.

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    Definitely not Corrupted Ashbringer, that'd be like bringing back Frostmourne, giving it to players and being all "balls to the lore, have the sword!"

    The Old DK talent Shadow of Death brought back as a glyph or something would be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decisive The Hallowed View Post
    Interesting enough, I have seen a Death Knight have Corrupted Ashbringer as his xmogged weapon. So I'm guessing it was up in the Black Market. Would of gone for mega gold.
    I would of posted the screenshot, but I'm not on my own Computer atm
    there wa s abug for a while idk if you still can do it but you ran Drak theron or gundrak which ever one drops the sword off first boss in normal trade to some one with corrupted ashbringer they transmog it and give it back lol

    arcanite ripper hands down =p (so my mage can use the use feature )....with out haveing to spend th emoney on BMAH to realise i cant use the use feature lol
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