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    finish the encounter, dont die at all, even after the boss dies, get credit. the end.

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    On the other hand, a friend of mine got credit for beating the fight because the person in front of him in the queue was doing the same fight and vanished when he knew he wouldn't make the timer, and somehow it gave my friend success credit even though he wasn't even in the arena.

    (of course, his mind set on beating the fight, he purchased the card so he could go and beat it anyway, but I think was miffed about the unearned credit)

    In summary, Brawlers seems a bit buggy on kill credit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by durrtygoodz View Post
    Yeah sometimes it bugs out, its a known issue. But if you don't finish the maze, sorry bro but you didn't "complete the challenge", the challenge aint to kill Hexos it's to kill Hexos and complete the rest of the maze. I've killed it on 2 chars never had this issue, but every time I hear people with this problem they always say they die right after killing him. And that's your problem. Stop dying.
    i killed it in like 40 seconds with all cooldowns as elemental shaman, i died as he did and i recieved credit so yeh....

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    i didnt have to complete the maze. i just killed him, got ported back and got the credit. I killed him a few months ago, maybe completing the maze is a new thing.

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    Tried Hexos with an alt a few days ago. Killed him, died to the last wave of the maze - got no credit.
    Either having to complete the maze is a new thing, or it just occasionally bugs out.

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    Tip: If you die shortly after killing ANY brawlers boss you have a chance to not get credit. It is up to you to survive until you are ported out. Hexos is no different.
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    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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    I got credit just for killing him. Never "finished" the maze. Actually ... I think I've wiped on it because I got to the end of the timer while Hexos was still alive.
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    Just get him really low, like 5-10% and WAIT until you get an easy part of the maze. Quickly finish him off, and simply run out of the maze. Took me a few tries to realize this but patience is the key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raiju View Post
    Tip: If you die shortly after killing ANY brawlers boss you have a chance to not get credit. It is up to you to survive until you are ported out. Hexos is no different.
    It's a bit random and sometimes you will get the achievement even if you die, but nothing assures you that you'll get it if you die before getting ported out.

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    I've had like two non-bugged attempts on this guy and those were both back in ToT. Every time I get into the ring with him, he spawns half in the floor and doesnt move when I turn. So I feel your hexos bug pain.
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