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    Mm / ww / dp


    Me and 2 friends thought we should start doing some 3v3 and I was thinking id do it on my

    My friends play WW Monk and Disc Priest

    Is this a good comp?
    MM Hunter / WW Monk / Disc Priest!

    Im could go either Surv or BM for this comp but i would prefer MM.

    And if someone have played this could you give me some hints because i have never played arena on my hunter (only 2v2 for points).

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    i've done it to a decent rating this season (haven't played too many games, about 20)
    Basically, the monk throws his paralysis as a cross cc to the dps you currently aren't on, line it up with traps on healer so they can't eat it
    against teams you can survive a while against the monk will pop his 10 stacks and destroy a guy or get alot of cds, generally i pop my cds early to counter pressure.
    However, i would reccomend your priest going holy tbh, but i did disc and we did alright.

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