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    Siegecraft Blackfuse Conveyor belt question

    Okay so I am trying to learn all mechanics on all fights in SoO. Reviewing fights via Tube videos, and getting real time experience of it in Flex's. So Ill be ready for Normals

    One thing I have not tested out, but heard. Is that on the Conveyor belt if you miss the tube and just go into the black wall thing.. the end of the belt.. You'll be ported/pulled back into the bosses area.

    Now is this true? If we know we can't make the tube and just let the belt end, will we get ported back to the main platform alive?

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    Uhh What I do is just sprint and jump from the conveyer belt onto the main platform, just do that since it gives the most time on the boss.

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    It's not that difficult to jump into the tube when you realize that jumping isn't affected by the belt's movement. You just need to be in front of the tube, you won't jump diagonally (as you would in other games and in real life), but straight.

    In answer to your question, I've seen it happen and it has happened to me, but I don't know if it was because I reached the end of the belt or some sort of timer the boss has to avoid people staying too much time there. You get gripped by a lighting into the boss room.
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    I'm pretty sure you die if you reach the end of the belt.
    If you're behind the tube, you can jump to go in the other side and then jump in it.

    I think you can be grip by the boss when all "weapons" on the belt are gone.
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    The boss will pull every 1 out of the assembly line when the next set of weapons starts coming

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    you get pulled of the belt after a certain time limit, that's probably what happened in the videos you watched.

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    First of all, the end of the conveyor belt is blocked by a wall of the lasers so you'd need to survive it first. Second thing, if you do survive it and run into the tunnel, then yes, you will be teleported to the middle of the room. Dead. And no, it's not the delayed beam damage. I got onto the conveyor belt exactly as Siegecrafter was dying on last Flex run and by exactly I mean I landed on it from the pipe after he died. This allowed me to run on the belt freely, without being ported back (like on a wipe) and there were no beams at all. Still died in the tunnel. So I wouldn't recommend it.

    However, if you just stay on the belt long enough, running in the opposite direction to belt's movement (so you don't get pulled inside the tunnel), i.e. until the next assembly line, Siegecrafter will grab you with some lightning effect and pull you under his feet. So if you clear the belt just before the next assembly and your raid tanks the boss away from the exit pipe you can just as well use this mechanic instead of the pipe to save yourself some running.

    But as Soulwind said, despite logic, the jumping isn't affected by the belt's movement so you just need to be in front of one of the pipes at the end of the belt as you jump.
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    You could also pop a small speed increase and jump off the belt directly onto the ground. Stuff like Disengage works incredibly well with that.
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