View Poll Results: Why don't you tank SoO LFR?

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  • My toon(s) can't have a tank spec

    57 8.32%
  • My toon(s) could have a tank spec, but both specs are used already

    24 3.50%
  • I don't want the responsibility

    59 8.61%
  • I don't have the gear

    21 3.07%
  • I find tanking boring

    28 4.09%
  • I don't know the tactics well enough yet

    42 6.13%
  • Tanks get too much abuse

    215 31.39%
  • I don't need anything from LFR

    66 9.64%
  • I'd rather do normals / flex

    94 13.72%
  • Something else (specified in reply)

    79 11.53%
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    Quote Originally Posted by vamonos View Post
    I dont tank lfr anymore for one reason u haveto rely way too much on the other tank and that person being totally random possibly with no skill or experience at all and its get freaking annoying when u have to spam whisper them "TAUNT!!!!!!" or something every time its their turn to do their job. make every boss lfr solo tankable and ill go
    This. So much this.

    And it's easy to tell when a dps is doing bad: Look at the meters. It's not as easy to tell if a tank is doing bad unless you know what tanks have to do on a fight (which usually random people in LFR don't). I was vote kicked from Empress one time because I got MC'ed since the other tank didn't taunt off of me. They didn't realize that it was the other tank's fault and not mine.

    Want more tanks? Blizz should make it where you don't have to rely on the other tank to get your job done. Let 2 tanks queue in, sure, but have the 2nd tank there only as a back-up tank (if the MT dies) or picking up adds or whatever.

    I'll only tank LFR if I have another tank queueing with me who won't let me get to 5 million stacks of a debuff that makes me take a million times more damage or let me get MCed.
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    LFR tanking is "harder" than tanking in an organized group. 0 control about your heals, 2nd tanks or DDs. You have aggro and pray you manage to survive, all alone.

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    I dont feel like boosting AFKers or ppl pushing 30k dps

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    I am really slow at learning fights and tactics, and because of anxiety I tend to hit the wrong buttons or freeze up like a deer in headlights.

    I'd have to practice with an incredibly understanding group before I'm reading to tank like, at all.

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    People in LFR are horrid is my reason. I'd rather my alt tank be undergeared than deal with the terribleness that is LFR SoO. ToT LFR is okayish for the last 2 wings cause people still need cloaks and such so usually they are fine, but anything besides that is the worst of the worst of this game.

    So the people who do LFR keep me from tanking LFR for them.

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    I did on my paladin alt for a while, but I had maybe, 4 queues in a row where the other tank didnt speak english, as they were from South American realms. Nothing against them but none of them understoood the fights or english. So I just queue heals when I actually do it now.

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    Because my monk tank is 566 ilvl and I haven't started a guardian spec for my druid yet this expansion.

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    Because I'm very self-conscious about my playing and don't like others watching me as much when I tank or solo stuff. (Same reason I haven't done streaming or Brawler's Guild). I get really defensive and am likely to be prone to even more mistakes. I prefer to just heal and go along for the ride, picking up the gear I need for whatever spec.

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    My guild runs Flexi for alts plus it takes about 16 seconds to find a Flexi as a tank on my server so there's no point to ever run LFR again.

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    If I had to take a guess, I'd say that the reason that the majority of tanks ignore LFR is because they don't need anything from it. Sure, the poll won't indicate that, but that's my belief.

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    I will tank LFR if I have another friend to tank with. I have a combination of not wanting the sole responsibility of "leading" LFR (as much as one can) on my shoulders and I also don't enjoy playing with tanks that have no idea what they're doing/won't listen when they are told.

    I've never had much problem with tank abuse directed at me thankfully.

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    because pulling 200k dps is more fun than tanking.

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    Because of the absurd amount of rude stupidity that saturates the vast majority of LFRs. I have a couple of alt tanks who don't have access to regular raids, and I'd gladly run them through LFRs if it wasn't for that.

    Its not a matter of having thick skin either: its more... why should I do anything to help a bunch of abuse-spewing douchebags gear up when I can run Flex with people I know - people who are fun, pleasant to be around and can be counted upon to do their job. There's absolutely no reason for me to bother with LFR.

    I hope that all the assholes who stand in fire and tear down healers and tanks (instead of being accountable for their own ineptitude) realize that people like them are the reason less and less people are willing to tank 'PuG' content.

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    I rather do Flex & Normal, Tier 14 LFR was fine I never had any problems, people always listened well & the other tank was either good themself or the other Tank asked me questions & I walked him through it as I could always carry the heavy load for him. I considered myself a good tank.

    But I never tanked ToT or SoO for the pure fact of just not wanting to do it ever. I depise LFR & I don't wanna carry a group that will not listen or have some ass who is in LFR gear think he is the bees knees cause he has done it a bunch of times.

    I'm only Tank LFR if I am with a Tank or its a made up group of people I know & we can clear through it fast with no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyranne View Post
    Not worth my sanity.
    Well said my Paladin friend .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolutions View Post
    because pulling 200k dps is more fun than tanking.
    Why not have both?

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    I do tank LFR, but only do it for items i need. Protection is my main-spec, but i also have retri as an off-spec. Though i would prefer the "no responsibility" of being a dps, the higher chance of sucess and lower que time. I love raiding, i even do ToT each week, even though i don't need anything from it. I do flex more than once a week on the same char just because i like raiding/helping out. That last one is the main thing that makes it so i do LFR sometimes, i like to help out. What keeps me from doing it more often that i currently do is not the having to explain alot of things part or taking the time to step-by-step telling the other tank what to do sometimes. It's the toxic people, the "underachiever" raging at other people when he's not doing any better himself, or the elitist yelling, "OMG, INSERT NAME, YOU SUCK, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!?".
    I just can't stand people who act like that. The way i deal with it is either telling the toxic person i'm leaving because of him, tell the person who is targeted to not care about them and just do their best, or in raidchat say that one more negative feedback and i'm out, i'm not trying to act like a godsend, but most groups would do much worse without me, so most of the time this shuts them up.

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    I do neither tank or dps, I prefer to heal. So mostly go healer in LFR. : )

    And get enough shit for that, as much people blame tanks do I often see people throw shit on healers. x / "Erh mah gawd, I ded in lfr, u no heal me lozers!?" etc. I can heal damage, not stupidity. : x

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    Abuse. Actualy had a time during the Fallen Protectors where a dumbass Warlock was yelling at me during He's add phase "TANKS, FKN PICK UP THE ADD JESUS CHRIST". Took a Warrior trying to taunt it and me saying "It's a fixated add.." then linking the dungeon journal entry for it to get through their thick skull.

    Not to mention there's been quite a few times of really Taunt happy tanks taunting EVERYTHING...then getting kicked because they think it's my fault.

    I'm okay with giving a brief explination to the other Tank, maybe even giivng a little bit of advice because I know how it is to not know something then be thrown in the middle of it. Of course if it's a few wipes because they constantly fail to taunt then a.."What's a taunt?" "totally using my cooldowns"..etc etc..Then I'm gonna leave.

    Last thing is really now, I don't need anything. I have my cloak, and everything else is 540+

    So, not wanting to take abuse from dumbasses, not needing gear, and not wanting to wipse horriably because of dumbasses.

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    Because there's nothing that I can get from lfr that would make me want to deal with some other random pug tank that doesn't know what they're doing.

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    I don't tank LFR because I find my warrior kind of boring and haven't played him since 5.1 and all my other 90s are not tank classes.

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    Also, I don't even like dps/healing LFR so why would I tank

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