View Poll Results: Why don't you tank SoO LFR?

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  • My toon(s) can't have a tank spec

    57 8.32%
  • My toon(s) could have a tank spec, but both specs are used already

    24 3.50%
  • I don't want the responsibility

    59 8.61%
  • I don't have the gear

    21 3.07%
  • I find tanking boring

    28 4.09%
  • I don't know the tactics well enough yet

    42 6.13%
  • Tanks get too much abuse

    215 31.39%
  • I don't need anything from LFR

    66 9.64%
  • I'd rather do normals / flex

    94 13.72%
  • Something else (specified in reply)

    79 11.53%
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    Why don't you tank LFR?

    I keep seeing threads from DPS who want to "fix the lack of tanks in LFR". I thought it'd be more useful to see why people don't tank LFR at the moment. Poll inc ...

    For myself, I currently tank LFR on my monk but will stop soon since he doesn't need the gear. He's also the guild's MT and we're running Flex.

    I've tanked a couple of times on my DK but often don't have the free time to do another set of LFR raids.

    I would tank on my warr occasionally but he's still carrying a blue shield (not had one drop in any raid, and he's done MSV, HoF, ToES, ToT). I already know the abuse he'd get in LFR with a blue shield.

    I might start tanking on the druid again, but I've not really played him this expansion. At the moment he's in mostly Timeless pieces, but should be fine once I've done a heroic dungeon to see how the bear's changed.

    [edit] Aaaaand I forgot the obvious poll option - I *do* tank LFR. Ah well, put that as "other"
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    Don't know how to get above 500k HP at ilvl 520 on Monk, while I see other classes tanks having 750k at far lower ilvl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    Don't know how to get above 500k HP at ilvl 520 on Monk, while I see other classes tanks having 750k at far lower ilvl.
    Gem stat + stam gems. Make sure you have +200 stam on cloak, +300 on chest, +400 on legs.

    I do tank LFR sometimes but most of the time it's because I don't want to work with other tanks that utterly fail at tanking. They don't taunt, they over taunt, they don't run out of things, they don't pick up adds...the list goes on. I don't have a lot of tanking friends to run with, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    Don't know how to get above 500k HP at ilvl 520 on Monk, while I see other classes tanks having 750k at far lower ilvl.
    You don't need Stam as a monk tank. Go check out the monk forums here and read up on monk tanking and you'll see. I am at 550 and only just broke 700k unbuffed.

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    A combination of:

    1) Many of my alts don't have tank specs
    2) Some of my characters can tank but have dual spec for other purposes
    3) Many of my better characters do not need anything from LFR
    4) My newer characters, being newer, are of a way lower priority due to Blizzard alt-unfriendliness
    5) Once those newer characters get geared, I tend to do Flex/Normal instead (even if I could, in theory, use a few pieces from LFR still)

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    I stopped tanking lfrs on my main primarily because I don't need anything from there, I am 557 ilvl so outgear the whole thing.

    On my tanking alts however, I used to quite happily tank lfrs up to 5.4 as groups could just about get through, there was always a way to just burn through, however, in 5.4 with so many lfr bosses that actually require tactics it just infuriates me, very few you can just burn through with stacks.. I dread doing them on my dps or healer because you usually get in addition to terrible dps, tanks who don't know tactics, don't set markers, don't do raid warnings etc. I normally have to spam for a few minutes after a wipe to give me assist or raid leader. Once markers and raid warnings are used we get it down next try in general.

    It does infuriate me though on any role that an individual can just get timeless isle loot, something which takes no skill at all to get, just some rng and then be able to go straight into the highest lfr. Let's not kid anybody here, timeless isle 496 loot unless you get a lucky roll is worse than 496 raid loot, to an extent worse than 489 raid loot. In addition to this players aren't forced to learn to play their class, countless individuals I have seen without hit cap or exp cap.

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    I don't tank LFR, because even though I know exactly what I'm doing, I cannot stand dps or healers telling me to do things differently because their raid tanks do it a certain way.

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    Because my DK is gearing for frost to do his challenge mode runs, and it is depressing to see mysel 7th on the meters as a blood DK.

    Because I don't feel like carrying brain dead players to their gear, and lettin more healers afk.

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    i only either tank or heal

    When someone asks you if you're a god, YOU SAY 'YES'!

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    Why don't you tank LFR?
    beacuse i don't have to. simple as that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    Don't know how to get above 500k HP at ilvl 520 on Monk, while I see other classes tanks having 750k at far lower ilvl.

    you're on a monk, why would you even care about stamina? it's all about secondary stats!
    hit/exp caps > Crit/mastery/haste >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> agility >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Stamina

    When someone asks you if you're a god, YOU SAY 'YES'!

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    I don't like dealing with mouthbreathers, especially when it comes to bad tanks. Every time I queue up by myself I have to deal with off-tanks that are always ungemmed and unenchanted.. typically they have less HP than most of the DPS.

    I only queue with guildies now, even if that means I don't clear a wing or two that week.

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    I can't say I tank them too often, but every once in a while all these threads about how tanks get abused in LFR touch my heart, and I sign up to a) help one lucky group get a smooth run, and b) to try to figure out where all this abuse is. So far I havent had any abuse, other than one guy saying "the tanks suck", but then it was follow by "no, [me] is doing good".

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    I do, as a blood Dk in full frost gear. Feels good to be on top of the meters 99% of all LFR fights.


    I've been booted on my alt monk tank because people claimed I tanked the boss wrong.. when dps just tunneled and didn't kill ice blocks.. so it's annoying.

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    because i'm not currently playing my dk or warrior.

    because i don't like playing prot pally this xpac.

    because my druid is resto atm and has no agi gear. even though i enjoyed leveling dungeons as a bear. savage defense has recently replaced shield block as one of my favorite prot mechanics.

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    First off: Depends on the raid/part.
    Some fights I prefer a certain tactic, that deviates from the LFR standard. My lack of wanting to adjust to people who don't want to adjust to better tactics is greater than theirs... So for those wings I tend to just queue as DPS. Never really get longer queues either, often between 10 and 30 minutes which is fine IMO.

    Otherwise: I simply don't need gear. Did a BiS check for my guild's progression, what I have and what I could still get from LFR, and it's 1 sidegrade. Which means I will only be doing LFR for the titan runestones, and even then I'd rather just do the guaranteed ones as well (got 4 in week 1 ).

    If I DO do LFR as tank however, I tend to take a leading role to make everything go as smooth as possible. This includes communicating with the other tank instead of just rushing in and yell and scream after the wipe because the other guys taunted too early/late.

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    I dont need anything from LFR, if I did then shame on me.

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    I dont tank lfr anymore for one reason u haveto rely way too much on the other tank and that person being totally random possibly with no skill or experience at all and its get freaking annoying when u have to spam whisper them "TAUNT!!!!!!" or something every time its their turn to do their job. make every boss lfr solo tankable and ill go
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    Because I really dislike​ LFR - I only ever do ToT LFR for runestones on alts and that's it. I'm so glad Flex was introduced so I can skip LFR on my alts.

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    I don't tank LFR anymore because of the frustration of so many non-English speaking tanks queuing up, creating a language barrier that has more often than not resulted in wipes.

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