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    Thok 10N

    My raid group just got to thok 10 normal and we put a few attempts last night, best one being 49%

    I was wondering what would be the recommended cd rotations considering our comp?

    prot war
    prot pally

    resto shaman
    holy pally

    ret pally

    without doing much research we figured 12-15 stacks of acceleration was what our healers could handle before transitioning into p2 and what we did was at about the 6th stack all pallies HoP the healers and one popped devotion, and we figured we do the same for second p1 and when/if we make it to the third p1 pop personals along with devotion/slt/ve/rallying cry

    Would this work?

    Any advice will be greatly aprpeciated.


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    Use both devotions on a row (7 and ~12) then double BoP shaman and pally, monk doesn't really need it (holy bubbles/bops himself, ret bops shaman), as his bops is about to fade shaman casts healing rain followed by SLT, then as SLT ends pop healing tide.

    That should get you easily to 30+ stacks on 1st and 3rd phase 1, open poison first and just heal without CDs (around 10 stacks) on the second phase 1.

    As long as you have somewhat decent DPS thok should be dead without even entering fire phase

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    With all that ranged dps you should be ok even if all you can push to is 15 stacks, but with your comp you should be able to do more ...

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    Yeah, three devotion aura in a row then BoP palheal and rsham.
    That's a pretty good setup.

    What we do:
    - During each p1, adopt a triangle formation (three groups of three people, in triangle, but still inside the healing aoe) for as long as we can, thus preventing us to go in p2 earlier than wanted. Like, you don't want to enter p2 if you still have BoP available and a rdruid with Tranquility available.
    When it becomes unhealable, we stack.

    -We do green->blue->red.
    We stack almost immediatly on green p1 and on green p2 everybody help to dps the jailor. We used to lose too many people during this p2 because of the debuff's damage and difficulty to have everybody in range for dispell, so we make this p2 as short as possible.
    Then, on blue p1 we try to last very long, as we do on the very first p1.

    The boss should be almost dead at the beginning on the last p1, but if it's not the case you can still make it last a while and then have an extra p2.

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    Using devo aura will stop you from being interrupted so dont stack them with the BoPs.
    This is how I would do it with your comp
    7 rally
    9-about 15 chain devos
    15-20 BoPs and healthstones
    after that healing tide and revival as needed and slt about 25

    but having said that, unless your dps is quite bad you wont need to do all that to have enough time to get a kill, you could probably be fine with going to 15 as you say.
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    Can anyone give suggestions for this raid setup?




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    We are a bit ranged heavy as a group - and we have killed Thok using both 2-3-5 and 1-2-7 setup.

    When we swapped to a 1 tank 2 healers 7 dps setup the fight became ok easy for us (casual 13/14 guild).

    The strategy we use is to:
    BL on pull
    Let Thok reach 3 stacks (yes ONLY 3 stracks) and then you simply stop healing the raid and just keep the tank alive (which is easy) so force a fase change.
    Around 10 stacks on p2 we open the cages and force the boss back to P1.
    On the following fases you'll use the same setup by forcing the boss in to P2 after 3 stacks (its not a problem if he hits 4)

    Using this strategy you wil simply "out dps" the softenrage and we kill him shortly in to the last fire phase.

    Using 1-2-7 is a lot more smooth (especially if you are ranged heavy) and we had a feeling of OK that was a lot easier compared to our first kill where we use the traditional 2-3-5 setup.

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    Spirit Link Totem + Dark Bargain (warlock talent) together is also a really nice combo, but keep an eye on your warlock afterwards

    Wondering, if your best try was 49% and you already hit the 3rd P1, when do you start the 1st P2 (boss %hp). On our 1st kill, I remember we reached ~77% HP. (DPS requirements? we had ~190k DPS per DD at the 1st kill overall [setup: 2-3-5]). Or your P2s might be a little too short (we had 10-13 stacks, but more is also easily manageable depending on your dps - mages double blink glyph + 8yard range glyph, warlock portal etc.)? (I might be totally wrong with my worries -.-)

    In P2, your raid should be loosely stacked near the cage that you want to open next for best healing and to avoid range issues. Dispel all poison stacks >= 2.
    1 or 2 DDs are enough to kill the jailor (favored melees), the rest tries to dps the boss.
    Thok ofter (or even always) chases the player being furthest away from him - so it's predictable.
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    The bosses health seems to be a good indication of when transitions should occur. We Bloodlust and rotate 3-4 healing CDs at the beginning of the fight and have Thok around 80% or so just as the first transition hits. From there, we leave one DPS and the two tanks on the Jailer, everyone else on Thok. The jailer dies at around 6-7 Thok stacks (can't remember it's name) and we open the cage. Thok ends up returning to us at 9-10 stacks, we group up and nuke him again. It's been close the three times that we've killed him.

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    We've killed thok a couple times, and find we get to 50-60% during the first P1, surprised how high everyone else has it.
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