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    What was your longest open world PVP fight?

    So last night I was on my MW Monk and was messing around in wintergrasp (haven't been there in ages), the fight ends and I happen to run into a Blood DK (had I known he was blood I would have left). Neither one of us could kill the other and I was basically at 100% health with very little mana gone after about 15 mins, in which time a mage friend of his shows up and they take another 15 mins to kill me. I had tried to run away a few times (because I got bored) but they were hell bent on killing me and I could never get far enough away.

    I should have just let him kill me once I realized that it was going to never end and I made the mistake of not using obstacles to get away so I guess it's my own fault but it got me wonder what other people's longest open world PVP fights are? I'm guessing there have been some spontaneous mega battles that last for hours.

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    Sometime in 3.3 Ret(me) vs one of my friends playing disc. Duel lasted for 2 and some change hours. I.... I lost because I got to sloppy and ran out of mana while c'ed me and mana burned me to death... It was awful to say the least

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    Aff lock vs Ele shaman.

    I attacked him in durotar and we kited each other across the zone into the barrens, it went on and on and we eventually got bored and he tried to show me how to fly into the back of orgrimmar from the cliffs. But a warrior friend of his decided to come see what was going on and killed me :<

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    I think it was after ToT patch came out. I was PvPing with my holy pala. One day I was doing dailies on Isle of Thunder when troll hunter ganked me. About 10-15 minutes later I got bored, so I just popped CDs and Denounced him to death

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    I played blood dk mainly in 4.3 and out of boredom I dueled my friend (ret pally), the duel lasted 45 min before I won somehow I guess he did some big mistake, I can't remember.

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    I can't think of a single really long duel, but I can think of one time in BC when I went back and forth with a horde shadow priest (I was on my warrior, Alliance) where we just took turns killing each other over the course of two hours. We were both doing Ogri'la dailies and farming in that area, and we kept having run-ins with each other. I lost track of which one of us got the most kills when it was all said and done. He'd jump me while I was trying to quest, then he'd go on about his own quests, then I'd resurrect and jump him.

    I think he must've not been that good, because if I remember right, that was during a period when a shadow priest should've been able to pretty much dominate a fury warrior.
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    Ahhh I remember it well... I was playing MW in 5.1 with my Arms warrior buddy (he had JUST hit 90 and was only in greens and blues with maybe 3 pieces of honor gear. I however was geared pretty well.) and we were ganking alliance lowbies in Borean Tundra for a couple hours when a fully geared resto druid and frost dk got sick of us and engaged. We fought for literally 2 and a half hours and the ONLY death was me and my warrior had stars aligned and we killed the DK. I became pretty good friends with the druid after that, haha.

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    15 mins in tol barad with mine Alli blood Dk agains 2 warriors one pve geared other with 476 pvp gear.Ma DK was only with timeless tanking gear

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    a duel monk vs monk before the burst buff. Oh I'm low hp? kite, para. Oh you are bursting? karma/disarm. Lasted about an hour until I asked an alliance rogue to gank him MUHAHAHAHA.

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    Not a single battle but on MoP release day I was fighting a hunter for a rare in dread wastes for more than an hour. I went on losing the realm first warlock achievement by ~30 minutes.

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    Back in vanilla and early TBC there were almost daily world pvp battles lasting for hours. The main locations were mainly Eastern Plaguelands, Southshore and surrounding areas and Crossroads. Were also battles in and around Blackrock Mountain, but that was mostly gank fests and not real battles seeing that people really wanted to get to their raid in time. This is for Stormrage EU. I know other servers had major battles in other areas as well.

    1vX was back in vanilla. As a Holy Paladin (and later Ret Paladin) decked in raid gear I were almost unstoppable. It was rather enjoyable. I remember playing against a well know Shaman, Fusion for those who remember, and that could last for ages. I miss the good ol' days of Alliance vs Fusion
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    None of us died, but it was fun! It was in Stranglethorn when my mage was lvl 30ish back in BC, and a lvl 70 warrior came at me. I jumped into the lake and kited him around the water (Blinkin them charges) and outrunning him. he gave up after 20 mins
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    I played a Resto/Feral hybrid PvP build in Vanilla. Essentially my job in BGs was to make myself unkillable, carry the flag and help out with healing where I could.

    I dueled a Ret Paladin and we were at it for 45 minutes before I won by Entangling him when he was oom and literally Moonfire-Travel Form kiting him to death (on a Druid with almost no spell damage).

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    BrM vs. tree in Grizzly Hills (I guess maybe it wasn't the longest but it's the most annoying that's coming to mind). It was during leveling (my only non-capped class) so I usually just assume whoever I come across, regardless of their class, is terrible and so, a free kill. It took me a while to get him low and by the time I did, he'd have the cooldowns to push himself up wherein I lacked the CC/burst to finish him off. We went through this several times (I would tweak my approach around 50% each time to try and stop the burst heals but no go) until I got bored, leg swept him, double-rolled away to stop him keeping me in combat and flew off.

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