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    Quote Originally Posted by lolbubble View Post
    You're not getting in with a 531 ilvl in multi-role specs? You are dealing with morons, plain as that.
    You could have a word with some of the guilds on your server and ask if you can tag along on their flex raids (if they do them), assuming they fit in with your schedule.

    I know if a decently geared player did that with us we'd happily take them if they went about asking in the right way.

    The whole point of flex is that you can do that - you're not taking anyone's spot or loot

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    Download oQueue and you'll be fine getting into flex. just research the fights beforehand a lil bit so you dont screw up. you really dont need to do much anyway since its flex, just be aware of what ground effects might kill you and follow the group. flex part 1 is really low for dps requirements, part 2 not so much, and part 3 and 4 get a little tougher. if you really need to, just head over to the timeless isle and try farming rares for burdens to use on your 496 tokens. 2 535 rings will boost your ilvl considerably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telila View Post
    Guess Ravencrest is full of them then
    also another piece of advice, when I look at a toon who wants to come along to my flex, I check their glyphs... you have none so I'd recommend fixing that, makes you looks a little less experienced

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    On Sargeras I have trouble finding a group for flex at 535. Most groups want 540-550 for flex. 1-2 aren't that bad, 3-4 mainly want 550 or 540 at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molestron View Post
    You don't. Find a guild.
    This is basically correct. Flex is useful for pugging but isn't designed for pugging if you grasp the distinction. The problem isn't Flex. The problem is the people running the groups you'd like to join. Find a guild that's doing Flex or think about how to start your own group. You don't need that many and you can set your own requirements.
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    Finish your legendary cloak and LFR + Burden of Eternity farm until you meet the ilvl requirements. It's just the way things are and I'm not too sympathetic since I went through it too just like anyone else who tries to find Flex groups.

    You can probably get into wing 1 and maybe 2 with 520, and once you get in those your ilvl will shoot up fast. I started at 522 or something in week 1 of Flex 1 and for the first several weeks I gained 3-5 ilvls per week. If you don't have it, you need oQueue and/or an Open Raid account. Trade chat pugs are history, don't even bother. Just get oQ/OR like everyone else who used to spam trade for pugs has already done.
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    Your ability to PuG flex will be largely dependant on your server community if you're not using crossrealm grouping tools such as oQueue and OpenRaid. On my server at least you can usually get into a P1 raid with 505-515 on a good day, P2 with 515-530, P3 and P4 tend to still ask for 530-545 though. Your next best bet will be asking the guilds around the server if they do a guild flex run at any point in the week and see if you can get a DPS spot or something, any guild worth their salt will be fine with a 531 DPS coming along assuming that you know your stuff.

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    Yup mate, what the others suggested. Personally, I prefer Openraid. Make an account there, import your character, then join the chatbox. Euro horde if you're on English servers. You will love it. I think it's more reliable than oQ regarding the quality of groups you join, since it allows you to sweet talk people in whispers, and show your experience. I love oQ, but only when others are using it, not me. They fill up groups for Ordos/Celestials so fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Telila View Post
    I'm struggling to get going with Flex Raiding right now, and was hoping anyone could give me some pointers.

    Every group wants me to have already completed it, or requires a ridiculous ilvl (531 both blood & frost before you ask)

    No matter what I say, despite the fact I have much raiding experience previously, no-one is is interested.

    Someone please help do I get into a group??
    if you are in eu im always willing to help new players to get a shot at flex

    only requirment is to learn from your mistakes, deaths isnt bad but dying to same thing over and over again isnt accepted :P

    so basicly just know boss abilities i will sort tactics for the group

    im making runs usually friday server time but will do one this wednsday, both at 20:00 server time
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    Just open a flex group with 535++++++++++ ilvl. Play it like LFR or if you are completely new in soo read icy vein's "in short" section of boss guides.
    I think tht's all it takes AS long as you play on a healthy realm and don't need xrealm / forum / openraid /addons.

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