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    WoW Wardrobe: A Transmog Idea

    Mord's Transmog Idea

    Just had a WoW epiphany.
    This will be the Ultimate Transmog Tool to replace Void storage.

    This Wardrobe will be something that acts like a better Void Storage. Connected to the Transmogrifer NPC, you will be able to create sets and put those sets in you Wardrobe.

    Theres one complaint that echoes constantly in the Transmoggers' universe:

    The Void.
    The Final Frontier.

    Seriously though, space is an issue.

    Imagine the Wardrobe as a Mansion that has many many rooms, and in those rooms you can store stuff.

    Each "Room" is like an Item set slot. You can have 20 "rooms" in each of your character's Wardrobe, and for those Transmog crazy nuts like I am, add 1 or two extensions to your Wardrobe for X amount of gold each to add more "rooms"

    The WoW character can hold 17 unique item types on his person

    Head, Necklace, Shoulder, Chest, Tabard.... and so on.

    You keep dropping an item onto that "Room" until that room is a full 17/17.

    There you go, you just created one set.

    Only 19 more to go and you have officially became a Transmog Nut like I am...

    Final thoughts:

    Void storage is just a bank that charges you money for deposits. It needs to be abandoned and replaced with this.

    If anyone has any question, feel free post feedback.
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    Wish WoW had a feature similar to Secret World

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    I wish I knew what Secret World was...

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    You can't transmog necks, rings, or trinkets, and most bracers aren't viewable. Other than that, sounds perfect.

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    They could just use a system like in DC Universe online, where item models are kind of unlocked and from that point onward you can select it anytime you want. They don't have to go that far, but actually just storing the visual design of an item would be alot better for everyone. Then all blizzard has to do is save 2 integers pointing at a name and a model instead of saving all the useless data of the actual item. In that regard the void storage was actually quite a bit backwards and clunky.

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    So store the Appearance not the item?

    Definitely would be easier on writing code.

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    I like this idea, OP. Blizzard needs to make it so the items a player wants to keep don't take up inventory space. Inventory space should be used for items you want to trade or use up. I had a similar idea awhile back where there could be an interface much like mounts and pets where all the models in the game are listed and you could "learn" gear to obtain those models. My inventory has never been as packed as it has been from the last two expansions. It's one of the reasons I take frequent breaks from playing. Blizzard needs to fix this problem and they are right, more inventory space will not fix it. Blizzard needs to implement new systems like this one to fix this problem.
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    So basically you want the wardrobe system from Rift?
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    Quote Originally Posted by meira1111 View Post
    I wish I knew what Secret World was...

    Man I love that game. However my wife preferred WoW and playing games is something we do together.

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    Since Cata I'm hoping for something like a wardrobe... I have never thrown any of my tier sets away nor other stuff I like. So my bank, void storage and bags are full. I got rid of the legs (trouser etc) to got some more space. Now there's archaelogy-things lying around and stuff is becoming more each expansion...
    I would like a wardrobe for at least the tier sets. You'd see where things are missing and might want to run a raid again to complete your set.

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    Take a look at what they did for transmog in the D3 expansion (I believe you can still find it on the MMO-C front page). They need to implement that into WoW. I'm hoping D3 is just a test to see how it works before moving it over to WoW. Basically, it saves the looks of all the armor/weapons/etc you put into it onto your account, and then any character can just put the item they want to change into the 'mogger, and a menu pops up with all of the graphics you have available for that particular item. I have several transmog sets per character, and would LOVE to be able to get all of these otherwise useless items out of my bank!
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