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    My spell hit is extremely high? (Ele)

    So is this normal for a 545 Ele shaman? My hit is at 18%+ and can't seem to get it any lower, if reforged all my spirit and hit.

    Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Briann/simple

    Am i missing something?

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    You simply have a lot of pieces with hit or spirit, as soon as you replace them with pieces with other stats, you'll be ok.

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    Welcome to the club... spirt spirt everywhere

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    Shoot for tier helm and hands, Dino ring, black fuse boots and SoO trinkets and you will find yourself in a good hit range through spirit. I'm actually using expertise/ mastery gems to barely reach bit cap.

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    If you're not going to match the blue socket in your hands, it makes no sense to match the red one. That said the socket bonus is substantial, you should probably match that blue socket (and the red one) to pick it up. You could drop some spirit by not matching the red socket in your ring and gemming pure mastery instead.

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    dat crit gear...

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    Funny how DPS complain about Spirit while my GF, who plays Resto, nearly tears her hair out over how much non-spirit gear she gets on coin rolls and automated loot from LFR, Flex and Timeless gear xD

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    I've had pretty awful luck in SoO so far and literally every piece aside from the 2 tier pieces I've gotten has spirit/crit on it. The crit is annoying, but at least still gets used. The spirit on the pieces, however, is enough that I can't even equip them without gimping myself a lot. It's annoying.

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    So much mail gear with spirit drops in Soo yea
    I'm Resto / Ele, and i'm up to 22.52% hit now as elemental, with every shared gear between having reforged out of spirit

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    Being a Dwarf hammer-wielder makes it even worse (for me).

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