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    The rest dont matter.
    Pretty much this, just that in 10 man Garrosh is harder than Paragons.

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    I'm guessing the vast majority of 10 mans do not have access to a third viable tank for shamans. For 25 man, it's also a clusterfuck either way.
    You dont really need a viable tank though, we had our boomkin go tank in about 520-530 ilvl and it worked out fine. About anyone with a tank spec will do. I think he could just have used his boomkin gear tbh since it had more stamina.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurgosh View Post
    Haven't tried the last two yet.

    Hardest (gaps in the list denote large jumps in subjective difficulty):

    Siegecrafter (by far)

    Dark Shaman

    Sha of Pride

    Fallen Protectors
    Iron Juggernaut
    General Nazgrim
    this (for 10m anyway), but with juggernaut harder than protectors and galakras.
    -- it feels like a huge cluster fuck of mechanics in 10m and there is always something hitting me and causing me to move on 25m it was super relaxed and only had to help healers and use personals for phase 2. *ive healed and dps'd this fight on hm*

    sha of pride sucks. our strat insists on everyone stacking for the buff and as a mage there is sooooo much movement with every single explosion going off in a 20 yard radius. we have more than enough dps id prefer to spread out and say forget the buff.
    malkorok sucks because i swear even with settings maxed out i'll sidestep and orb - which is extremely clearly visible - but after it forms it will still pop and hit me to take away the shield. moving around becomes extremely unforgiving and tedious if you don't do a fantastic job clearing all the orbs during blood rage.
    shamans hard areas were keeping a legit kite pattern and making sure not to get out of range or ahead of the tanks, but still being able to hit the oozes. melee have to really be on their toes. i didnt think prisons or tombstones were a big deal at all. i'm sure healing it isnt too fun either though.

    starting progression on thok tonight. not looking forward to siegecrafter and paragons at all lol.

    for 25m, from what i've done, i would say (hardest to easiest):
    malkorok>spoils>iron jugg>galakras>protectors>norushen>immerseus
    **didnt do sha, shamans & nazgrim on 25m
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    Easiest to hardest left side as a whole, right side from my healing point of view. I tank on Shamans so they aren't there. If they were it'd be hardest xD not my best suit.

    Norushen - Galakras
    Galakras - Immerseus
    Immerseus - Nazgrim
    Protectors -Norushen
    Nazgrim -Protectors
    Iron Jug -Sha
    Sha -Iron Jug
    Malk - Malk
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    Iron Jug*

    Iron Jug we just voided Phase 2 with 3 healers 80 yards away from boss... Wasn't difficult, most wipes were from people failing on Bore Drill ground stuff or lazer/ricochet combo.

    Nazgrim, our raid team seem to fail on this fight in general, no idea why... As a tank it's no big deal I found :P

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    10 man heroic
    Garrosh > Siegecrafter > Paragons > Thok > Spoils > Malk > Shaman > blah blah > blehh
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