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    Cataclysm or Mists of Pandaria?

    Which of these expansions had the better raids (overall)? Why?

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    MoP. Both quantity and quality of the bosses were much better than Cataclysm had.

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    I cannot use your poll, as I think it is even split for me.

    T11, Firelands from Cataclysm and T15 and T16 in Pandaria. The other tiers in both xpacs where so... boring.

    But when I would have to choose, I would pick Pandarian raids.
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    while Firelands brought some really interesting boss mechanics.. there was nothing to break up the monotony of everything being fire. i know.. i know.. FIRElands.. but still its just saturation. they could have done more with it, like Throne of Thunder, having different themes for bosses and raid sections.

    DS was laughable at best. MoP had much better story, mechanics, and quantity of bosses, then Cata.
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    I personally thought T11 was excellent, Firelands was pretty good (though yuck that trash), DS was okay. Not THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD like people make out, but not amazing either (I adored Spine of Deathwing though).

    MSV, HoF and ToES were good raids, ToT and SoO are great. I'd say if you like really long raids obviously MoP wins. Personally I actually prefer shorter ones... I'd almost vote Cata actually. But eh, gonna vote MoP so as not to be a mindless contrarian.

    I actually think MoP's strongest point is its non-raid content. In that respect MoP is the best expansion ever.
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    MoP best xpac ever, you heard it here first.

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    I cannot tell if MOP is worse. I have just problems with finding myself there. So I voted Cata, for Firelands <3

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    It's really an unfair comparison.

    Terrace was pretty good, ToT was great, and SoO is great. MoP is finishing very strong. However, the earlier raids sucked ass and were full of unoriginal models and bland bosses - MSV and Heart of Fear. (Some HoF fights were okay, but for some reason Blizzard always fails to make bug raids interesting).

    Cata on the other hand opened with really strong, great raid content - ToTFW, BWD, BoT - fantastic raids. BWD really shined while ToTFW was a little weaker (Al'akir was just too much of a pain in the ass unfortunately...wish they'd put slightly better loot on these types of bosses to make them more worthwhile).

    Firelands was also strong, but took 7(!!) months to release, and Dragon Soul just plain sucked. That place was full of generic bosses (a tauren? an undead?? two generic bug bosses?? really?) and was by far the most disappointing final raid tier in any xpac yet.

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    MOP has been way more exciting raid wise than CATA was.

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    Nothing in Cata ever reach the worst highs of MoP imo. I would even hold MoP miles above WotLK.

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    I would hold Tier 11 above anything done in MoP. However, since Firelands (outside of heroic ragnaros pre DS) and Dragonsoul were utter crap, then MoP raiding on the whole has been better. Tier 14 was not impressive at all, however, but ToT and SoO have made up for it.

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    From a healer PoV, these are the bosses that I really enjoyed from each expansion.

    - Omnitron Defence System
    - Nefarion & Onyxia
    - Valiona and Theralion
    - Chogall
    - Al'akir
    - Beth'tilac
    - Alysrazor
    - Ragnaros
    - Spine of Deathwing

    Mists of Pandaria:
    - Stoneguards
    - Spirit Kings
    - Elegon
    - Imperial Vizier Zorlok
    - Garalon
    - Tsulong
    - Tortos
    - Magaera
    - Durumu
    - Dark Animus
    - Iron Qon
    - Lei Shen
    - Sha of Pride
    - Dark Shamans
    - Malkorok
    - Thok
    - Siegecrafter
    - Garrosh

    MoP wins

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    it doesn't matter if cata started off strong, DS was such a letdown that it dragged the whole xpac down with it.

    it just seemed like blizzard got lazy, from the way the raid started (caverns of time entrance for a present day battle?), to the final battle where we barely even get a glimpse of the expansion's biggest villain while hacking at tentacles on platforms. all the while completely neglecting the storytelling/lore aspect of the game.

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    Why compare a douche with a turd?

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    MoP has had the most solid raiding overall, ever. Every raid was good.
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    MOP is the best expansion yet, and has a lot of great features for everyone from hardcore to casual. Cataclysm was a very mediocre expansion and the only good tier in that expansion was the first one (although too many bosses IMO). MOP by a landslide

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    Tier 11 was a bit better than ToT. The changes going from normal and heroic were awesome. I liked the difficulties of normal and heroic in both tiers as well. Why I choose Tier 11 over Tier 15 is because of the voice acting, however. The voice acting of Tier 11 was a topic when the tier was current but soon faded into the background quickly. It's one of the best in the game.

    I disliked DS and Firelands, however. Although pre-nerf Ragnaros Heroic will stay as the most epic and hardest encounter ever in WoW

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    Cata's end game content was just wholey disappointing, a few gems in a giant cowpat. Some nice start off but extremely floundering and weak meandering later on.

    Mists has been more like finding chocolate drops in a flavour of icecream you're not particularly fond of but is still alot more satisfying than digging for a gems in poop.

    Mist's wins, raiding wise, quite handily. ToT and SoO along with some choice encounters from the first tier. The world bosses and just the general connectivity of all the theme, makes it so much more involved.

    ...Deathwing I don't even know why we were there. We were thralls cannon fodder. Generic soldiers coulda done the job while he finished charging up the magical I.Win button.
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    For the 1 sole reason that I despised DS with all my being.

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    Cata only had one good raid tier (T11) and Spine of Deathwing

    MoP has ToT and SoO which are without a doubt the best raids since WOTLK if not better.

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