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    Try playing arcane with no RoP, invocation or incanter's. See if its 87% og full power.
    Oh well yeah, with Arcane it's more like 50% power due to Mana/Mastery.

    Quote Originally Posted by MeHMeH View Post
    For some shitty reason warlocks always have it better.
    This ENTIRE expansion can be summed up to the following: "Why be a Mage when you can be a Warlock and just be better in every situation?"

    While the L90 talents definitely didn't help, they weren't the only cause, but now we're getting a bit off-topic and I'd hate to be the reason why Swizzle has to do work >_>; *Wishes to avoid the wrath of exploding cupcakes*
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    Quote Originally Posted by citrique View Post
    Really don't know why so much hate for the L90 talents. They're a good risk/reward balance and all three are a pretty big DPS increase. All three reward good play and punish bad play.

    I think incanter's ward could go baseline in some manner and another L90 option of some sort could replace it though, as it's kind of weak.
    It barely punishes bad play and reward good play... The new evocation is really just like applying a dot every 60 second with a 2.5sec cast time.
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    This thread is had been offtopic even after the warning so the time has come to close this.. Stay on topic next time

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