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    Naer, question for you, since I just noticed it while looking at your armory and pursuing this thread. Whats the difference these days in mana regen between mind bender and solace? I remember in first tier and ToT reading about mindbender being more mana up front, but that the mana savings from holy fire being free put solace ahead (assuming you had proper useage of it and weren't missing cds). I then read something else this tier about solace and even holy fire being a waste to cast, but since you pointed out that you still use holy fire, Im wondering what the idea is between mind bender. Has mindbender just over taken solace in terms of mana, or is it just a personal preference for you not finding enough opportunities to use solace?

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    I'd rather bring more damage, regardless HOWEVER I think they're much more in line. If you use PW: Sol 4/min I believe it comes in line with MB assuming you also use Shadowfiend. I might be wrong, since MB was buffed going into 5.4.

    HF is not a waste to cast, and neither is PW: Sol. In fact, using PW: Sol/HF and Penance on CD will pretty much (with very little Smite filler) allow you to keep your AA uptime close to the ideal 60% without too much fuss, amusing you're not getting an opportunity to use atonement heavily.

    EDIT: AT OP's priest

    I'm not going to type this all out again, but the same issues are there

    1) Some improvement with atonement, but not nearly enough
    2) Bad talent choices on fights (DS on Iron Jug for example)
    3) Never using AA. Ever. ?!?!?!?! WHY tell him to push that button.
    4) Never using IF (he used it 3 times between all kills...)
    5) Still too much defensive penance at weird times. On normal it's rare to need to use it. PW: S is a better life saver, especially when he isn't nearly using enough PW: S under lucidity
    6) PoH when he could be using atonement. High Overheal on PoH
    7) Never casting Mindbender. Kinda defeats the purpose of spec'ing that talent...
    8)Not taking ToF..... and worse, not taking advantage of DI procs ...

    Just a LOT of wasted opportunties, procs etc. He's really struggling.
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    Furthering on from Naer, who's points are good, I'm guessing that he's not tracking many/any of his abilities or rapture on his UI. Either that or he's never looking at it.
    I'm happy to post some weakaura strings for him to copy (I use relatively basic spell picture with number and clock shadow countdown for each spell/cd).

    Even without tracking abilities the up times on key buffs is bad. Really bad. Personally, on h norushen I had 96.1% uptime of Evangelism and 68.1% for Archangel. I only mention this because its not something I track on my UI - IMO the relevant spells here should be used so frequently that it becomes intuitive and not something that requires attention. Smite, Holy Fire/Solace, Pennace and Archangel should be used on cd and you should be as comfortable with it as you are walking.
    You're more than welcome to browse through my guilds logs, just be aware that on farm bosses I can be quite slack with up times.

    This priest either needs a lot of practice as disc or should revert to holy (going with what Naer has said that your priest may be more comfortable with that spec).
    Not because holy is better in your situation, but because he's lacking with discipline and would probably see more benefit to the raid overall with playing a spec/class he's more proficient with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by appro View Post
    You're more than welcome to browse through my guilds logs, just be aware that on farm bosses I can be quite slack with up times.

    I agree with everything you said. I track my LMG procs, when AA has 5 stacks and is off CD. I also use Derevka's WA's (modified to my tastes, but they're based on his strings). Which can be found here:

    And I'd like to say I was paid to stand around and do nothing for our first Heroic Nazgrim kill so ... (Druid wanted to rank *rolls eyes*).

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