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    Ideas on overcoming toon ADD.

    My biggest problem with WoW, I can't pick a main!

    I am about to subscribe back to wow soon and I am trying to figure out what toon to play. I get to thinking about one toon... then get bored or think of some niche where they don't preform well and switch ideas.

    Has anyone else struggled with this problem? And if so how did they resolve it?

    I am honestly thinking of just writing out what I want out of WoW (IE what I want to do.) and writing the three classes I am thinking. (Monk, Death Knight or Rogue) and consider all the pros and cons and what class fits the role perfectly.

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    I think the best way to answer this question is to explain how I chose my mage to be my main.

    The first MMO I picked up so very long ago was runescape. In runescape you literally have to spend money(for the sake of simplicity, think it to be 5 gold per spellcast) every time you want to cast ONE spell be it fireball or teleport to a city. When compared to fighting with plate armor and weapon for free doing similar damage. (there is no repair costs in that game either, if you die you just lose all of your gear and inventory)

    Fast forward to WoW. I have this feeling:

    1. Cast spell
    2. Don't pay money
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

    I do think you're on the right track on a way to figure out how to pick your own main. It needs to mean something to you. It is all that really matters psychologically.

    However, I do have alts. And I do play them often. But when the question comes up who I want to raid on?(first) Who I want to do achievements on? (I know they are account wide mostly but still). The answer is my mage.
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    Your idea of charting it out seems like a pretty good way to do it.

    I have 20+ toons myself. I look through them and still consider my first-ever toon to be my main, even though it may not be the one that I spend the most time on in a given week. It's one of the curses of being an altaholic. But, he's my main because he's the first toon I take to do the various different aspects of the game. First into new zones, first to max level, first into new dungeons and raids, etc.

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    I've had the problem (still kind of do). What helps is to play the class you're already pretty good at. My -sort of- main is my monk atm, but I'm still tempted to play my mage for example. My rogue is my "main alt" simply because I've always relatively enjoyed rogue.

    Your plan to determine your main is what I did as well. I like being mobile with burst when I want it and CC when I need it, thus I chose my monk with my rogue being my alt. Then again, warrior would fit the description as well (if not better) and so would feral (which used to be my go-to character before they ruined the spec).

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    The first ever toon I played was a Rogue. I leveled to 70 (this was BC) without ever using Slice and Dice (I was sat down by a rogue in a raiding guild and explained that I was, in fact doing it wrong and I got better after that, but still..), and I just generally did not like playing it.

    So, right before WotLK came out, I leveled a Shaman and L O V E D it. During WotLK, I had Fill The Guild's Holes So We Can Keep Raiding Syndrome and ended up playing a Paladin, a Warlock, a Shaman, a Druid and finally a Mage. I considered all of them my "mains" until I did what you did and sat down, wrote out everything I wanted to do and I ended up picking up my Paladin since I *did* want to tank, I *did* want the option to heal, and I *did* want DPS for dailies, cheevies, etc. Well, I ended up hating my Paladin because of how shitty they were doing.

    So I hopped back to my Shaman for a while during Cata even though the Shaman didn't have all the stuff on my list. And then FTGHSWCKR syndrome set in again and I was relegated to playing a Priest, a Mage, a Warlock, a Druid and I capped Cata off playing my Paladin again since Ret wasn't too terrible. Fuck me, right?

    During Mists, I swore that I was only going to play one toon, come hell or high water. High water AND hell came, and instead of *just* playing my Warlock, I got asked to play my Druid and a Mage. So now, I said fuck it all and I'm unsubbed, eagerly awaiting BlizzCon announcements to see where this all goes.

    I have the problem of wanting to top meters, and with this expansion, I couldn't do that in ANY role that I played because, since I got pushed around into different characters, I didn't have the time or the wherewithal to grind out three different capes. That's why I'm waiting on BlizzCon to see where they take DPS; I'd like to play a pure DPS, but I feel like this next expansion, REALLY come hell or high water, I will probably end up playing either my Shaman or the new class, should they announce one.

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    Roll a single toon on one account and don't level any more.. the only way to stay focused on one character. I have several toons, I like professions and stuff, so I flip around a lot too.. I generally only main change at the beginning of an expansion, not based on numbers, but rather what I would enjoy to play.
    I was main Hunter through Vanilla and TBC, switched to Pally for the last bit of TBC and through Naxx (Wrath), joined a new guild once ToC came out so I swapped to Moonkin and finished wrath with my Moonkin. Cata I didn't raid at all, school and work got in the way of that. The beginning of this expansion I decided to rogue, I have enjoyed my rogue over the years and there was room to make it my main in our guild, so I did.. I have enjoyed it quite a bit.
    With the huge issue with tanks right now, I'm very tempted to roll one for next expansion to make things easier for the guild, as well as queues for myself. I will likely go guardian Druid.

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    I don't think it's a bad thing to play a bunch of toons. I mained a mage in vanilla, a shaman in BC and wrath, and now warrior for cataclysm and mists. I see myself sticking with the warrior for the foreseeable future. It's the only toon I raid on and have geared, but I do have 5 other 90s at the moment.

    If you do want to narrow it down to just one character, I would pick a monk. I've tried all three specs and they are very fun. Plus, there aren't a lot of people playing them, and you can find a niche for them in whatever aspect of gameplay you pursue.
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    I found that MoP greatly reduced my ability to support several alts at fairly high iLvls, catch-up mechanisms are quite time consuming, rep grinding is quite time consuming, legendary quest line is quite time consuming.

    I used to be an alt-aholic, but for the last several months, I really can't sustain any toons to any real degree other than my main

    sadly i am not very happy with this. i like Cataclysms alt-friendliness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yingling View Post
    My biggest problem with WoW, I can't pick a main!

    I am honestly thinking of just writing out what I want out of WoW (IE what I want to do.) and writing the three classes I am thinking. (Monk, Death Knight or Rogue) and consider all the pros and cons and what class fits the role perfectly.

    Why pick a main ? I have fourteen 90s spread across the 2 factions, why do I want to limit myself to 1 character forever ? If you get bored of a toon, maybe it's just not that much fun of a toon.
    I like hamburgers, I also like Pizza, soups and pie. I don't have Food ADD, I like variety. Before WoW I played mostly FPS games, Battlefield series being the best example. If I feel like being anti-tank I play anti tank a while, if I feel like being a sniper I play sniper a while. no class ADD there, why do I want to only play 1 toon in WoW ?
    With that said, I do have to pick one toon to be my main raiding toon and then have to pug the others. There's no way I could play just 1 toon and never touch another
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    I have toon ADD. Best thing I can suggest is play a toon that can do multiple roles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yingling View Post
    My biggest problem with WoW, I can't pick a main!
    Play your characters and see which ones you keep logging on.
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