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    Quote Originally Posted by gamingmuscle View Post
    what exactly about this is suppose to make it anymore believable?

    That extra Sentence added nothing. It doesn't back up your claim...only attempts to distract.

    Quote Originally Posted by UnifiedDivide View Post
    I don't need to. Your post literally stated that you seem to think that 5 million people will come back to the game just for this server. That's an absurd statement.

    Your second sentence is meaningless to what I was saying. Obviously I can't say that nobody would be interested. If you read what I've said, I never even suggested that. Some people will be interested but not the 5 million you seem to think would be.

    it was in replay for person who made bald claim no buddy would play the server so i showed him i can make bald claims too ok ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tberg View Post
    If you don't like LFR, don't use it.
    If you don't like to fly, use your normal mounts
    If you only want to raid heroic, go raid heroic

    As you see, a lot of the options you described are already in place. Use it and don't use easy mode
    we already took care of this suggestion in the first page

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kioshi View Post

    Gear breaks and are destoryed when you die****
    Does this apply to PvP as well or does your gear just become lootable when you are killed by another player?

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    Quote Originally Posted by m777 View Post
    1. i disagree i think it will only grow and blizz will profit alot from it and make more servers

    2. nop its will not split anything keep doing the same things only on one server its harder and some features are removed.
    You are entitled to think that. But you have nothing to support your claim outside of your belief...and maybe that belief is shared by a handful of other posters. You don't have market evidence of this ever working. You don't have a noticeable demand for this. All you have is that you want it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elrandir View Post
    My starfall brings all the mobs to the yard.
    Laurellen - Druid Smiteyou - lol holy dps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemposs View Post
    Don't use flying mounts.
    Don't use LFG/LFR.
    Only use Heroic raid option.
    Use white gear instead of quests green/blue equipment.
    Same as above.
    Same as above.
    Don't use the guild.

    BAMM!!! There you go, don't use those things and you got your experience on a completly normal server.
    hahaha yes this is what i was going to post

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    Okay this is getting way out of hand here and has turned into "Everyone against the OP" with nothing useful being discussed.

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