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    Resto Challenge

    So now i've a bit of time to do something other then raids so i want to do challange modes.

    Any hints?

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    A bit OT, i think its just a false positive, in anycase i removed it. Was utterly outdated anyway.

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    - Get as many sockets in your gear as possible.
    - Socket int instead of secondaries.
    - Don't bother with the legendary meta, it doesn't proc.
    - Either does the legendary cloak, but at least it has a socket.
    - Tier set bonuses don't proc either.
    - Use the 3043 haste breakpoint.

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    Ignore the haste breakpoint if your Cmode group doesn't have 5% spell haste
    Make sure your gear has spirit on it pre reforging
    Dump your secondary stats into mastery or haste
    Do socket for secondaries as a 2 secondary (read relevant haste or mastery) vs 1 INT is better overall. (Do account for socket bonuses)

    Use Incarnation as your tier 4, NV or HoTW for your tier 6 (Scholo (for 3rd boss), Brewstout (for last boss) will require HoTW or you go Boomkin)

    Focus on tank healing for the majority of the Cmode with Incarnation, Ironbark, Nature's Swiftness, and Wild Mushroom: Bloom as your tank CDs.

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    Didn't think 2 mastery > 1 int applied at that ilvl?

    Use the Klaxxi regen thing. It fills up your mana bar in 5 sec or so. Which is why you should avoid spirit in my opinion. When I got 9/9 i had somewhere between 2800-3800 spirit.

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    The 2 vs 1 equation was derived from HPS equations, you move away from 2 v 1 at high ilvls not at low ilvls.

    The Klaxxi item was nerfed in 5.2 providing as much mana as mage food in the same time.

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    Don't be scared to blow your mana. Being a resto druid you can afford to drink inbetween pulls as you are able to catch up with the group fairly quickly. So my advice is to always stay on the safe side and use some expensive heals providing you have good communication with your group.

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    Yeah, avoid spirit at all cost, make sure that you only need a maximum of 350-400k mana each pull instead by pumping out more throughput.

    Buy the Klaxxi Restorative Amber and you'll have full mana by the time your tank engages the next pack.

    And for goodness sake, make sure you use Stampeding Roar BEFORE you use your invis pot.
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    Ahaha the Roar part...i read it way too late .

    Thank you guys for the gearing tips, i'm farming BLues and buying rep stuff (those with "lot" of sockets mostely).

    The klaxxi thing was the thing that helped me the most, i'm running with a Ele Sham - Ret Pala - Destro Lock - War Prot setup, so i could aim at 3043 HBP while maintaining as much mastery as possible.
    We're having some issues at Scarlet Monastery, always those damned two seconds...

    Is SoTF or Treants bad for CMs?

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    Incarnation provides the better burst for the bigger pulls that CMs tend to rely on. Symbiosis the Ele Shaman for the additional silence and use it to your advantage when handling the AoE group back after the first boss.

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    - If you don't use a DK for SM, be sure to Warrior engages first boss immediately and then let the Shaman (maybe with help from the Warlock) AoE the spirits down, so that the Warrior doesn't have to kite any of those - as soon as the spirits are locked in place, make sure to burn the boss with bloodlust/heroism (spirits should be dead when the boss dies, as they prevent you from getting out of combat to drink)
    - Pull the next 2 yellow mobs incl. the big pack in the corridor (everything in the small room where the 2 yellow mobs were). AoE and chain-cc them with Shockwave > Capacitor > Solar Beam
    - Make sure to have some positioning for the 2nd boss, so that most ppl can stay in place and dps and only tank for fists and someone else for kick has to move at all
    - You can speed up in the cathedral a lot if you just pull "a little more" and keep using your stun/silence-rotations
    - Be sure to align your interrupts for the last boss & to cc (e.g. root/frog) the add coming towards you. You can use that add to fulfill the last requirement if you haven't met it yet
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    I'm resto guys, no solar beam and "just" sw grace from shammy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleisbetter View Post
    I'm resto guys, no solar beam and "just" sw grace from shammy

    What the shaman gets from your symbiosis? You guessed right! Solar Beam

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    ahhh lol i thought u meant me getting the beam

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    Honestly, don't stress about your reforges too much. Unless you're going for ranks, it's not even worth doing anything at all about ur gear. I did mine in a couple of hours with some friends without doing anything about my gear. It doesn't really matter.


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    I recently started using Force of Nature instead of Incarnation for challenge modes and proving grounds and I gotta say, it's pretty decent. Doesn't use GCD, 0 mana cost, ability to stack 4 efflorescences and 3 treants spamming smart(-ish) heals and the fact that they can be cast while in any shape (HoT'em up, HotW and if things start getting too serious while you're in cat form just pop a(up to 3) treants in under 1 second without any shapeshifts or mana costs. I know it is not really strong for raiding but since challenge modes consist of almost constant combat, I myself find the %75 uptime chance of having a fellow treant more restorative than going treezilla once every 3 minutes. But yeah, that's me.

    For glyphs I would suggest you go with Stampeding Roar, Efflorescence(duh) and optionally Rejuvenation.

    I don't know if there's a simpler way to do this but I like using ReforgeLite with my custom stat weights and in order to reforge according to the ilvl squish, I do it via reforger inside the proving grounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleisbetter View Post
    ahhh lol i thought u meant me getting the beam
    Seriously learn your class, if you dont know how symbiosis works you're shit....

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