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    [Balance] Fix my DPS! v2

    I searched and I searched, but could not find the typical Fix my DPS! thread that most of the class forums have. So I am starting a new one.

    Char: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...stedt/advanced
    Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-c9jcxy3qq3j0cwvk/

    Just recently re-rolled to a Druid from Mage/Holy Paladin and am trying to pick up Balance on the fly during progression. I haven't posted up until this week as I have been playing catch up on the legendary quest and gearing. Now that I am there, I need to figure out what I am doing wrong.

    I am tracking Meta Gem proc, NG, Black Blood trinket proc and Synapse Springs up time to try and reapply dots in the most optimum time.

    Things I know right off the bat:
    My Synapse Spring usage needs to improve
    Second potion moar
    Don't die (I died in two or more of the fights)

    One thing that I feel I may be doing wrong is clipping my Eclipse improved dots when I reach the other Eclipse. Eg. Re-applying sunfire with more than a second or two remaining on the dot that was applied in eclipse when I reach Lunar Eclipse. Not sure if this is a big deal, but it seems like a 55% damage increase on the dot that is applied is important.

    Basically I am looking for the more experienced Balance Druids in here to give me some ideas to improve because I feel I am right on the edge of pushing over into strong output. Could my numbers be really affected by the trinkets I have? I know neither are "ideal," but I can't see that making a 40-80k DPS difference between a similarly geared Balance Druid in my guild.

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    Your Starsurge damage is pretty abysmal on multi target fights, I'm getting like 25% or so damage from SS on galakras + protectors, your SS is lower than both of your dots on both of these fights. Now I'm not really good enough at reaidng logs to know why that is. But you're probably prioritizing getting dots on everything even when sitting on SS procs.

    Also your NG uptime is way too low on Protectors, 73%. This definitely says you DoT too much rather than cycling. I had 90% this week, and had a lot more SS damage than you just comparing logs.

    Here's my log for this week, I think I got a pretty nice parse considering me 9 manned, could have got a lot higher damage with a faster kill.

    Same story with NG on Galakras. I lose uptime when running up the towers etc but still got 83%, yours was 54%, just way too low, dps is suffering hugely just because of that.

    4 piece and 2 better trinkets will increase your DPS a lot though, hell even just a better trinket than the Malkorok one will give you a big boost. If my guild made me have that trinket I'd ask them why they hated me.

    Anyway you died on the other fights so makes a lot of things like uptimes etc hard to talk about.

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