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    I have a lot of memories leveling multiple characters from 40 to 50 in Tanaris. For some reason that zone was just amazing to me back in TBC. Nowadays I'd say my favorite levels are just 1-10 in elwynn forest.

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    I have quite some fond memories of leveling my undead in Tirisfal Glades, back in vanilla. Did it with 3 other friends who I knew from WC3

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    A better expansion.
    Elwyn forrest, Redridge Mountains, Duskwood, Hinterlands, EPL, WPL, Arathi Highlands

    all dem shits

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    Outland gets me really nostalgic all the time. I leveled through entire Blade's Edge Mountains on alt recently after not doing most of it since 2007 and it was amazing.

    The Cata zones are ruined for me because of the ridiculous forced linearity, which will sadly keep 1-60 ruined forever.
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    Level 25ish - On my first toon decided to swim to the southern point of STV and walk back to Stormwind. An adventure that actually involved exploration and took a couple hours due to me being underpowered for the region and unfamiliar with the game world. Had a similar adventure in Kalimdor mid 30s.
    Level 60 - ZG/MC/BWL raiding and paladin Charger quest about 9 months before BC dropped.
    Level 80 - no longer raiding but loved Northrend and the atmosphere of the game.

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    30-40 on my first character (NElf Warrior) back in early 2005. I remember FINALLY getting my Whirlwind Sword and using it to grind Fire Elementals in Arathi Highlands for Elemental Fire for literally 2+ weeks. I sold those to the only raiding guild on the server at the time for 1g each until I could buy my first mount. It's the reason that Arathi Highlands is still one of my favorite zones.

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    I have played since closed beta. My most memorable levels:

    Levels 1-10: The morning the game officially opened for real, us beta people had been locked out for the character wipe and go live and oh boy, were we jonesing for a fix. My spouse and I had that week off work (Thanksgiving week). We rolled 2 night elf hunters the minute the realms came online and we were level 12 in no time (about 3 hours I think). We left Teldrassil behind, and split up: He corpse ran to Durotar to tame a tiger, and I corpse ran to Dun Morogh to tame a snow leopard. This was back when you could leverage corpse runs to cross a high level zone to graveyards on the other side, which has been gone now for a very long time I think. Such an awesome morning.

    Level 40: The sheer awesomeness of hitting 40 and buying my first tiger mount.

    Level 60: Hitting cap and exploring all the stuff there was to do (not much by today's standards, but I ground out the faction for a Winterspring mount early on, and "raided" UBRS a lot, lol). Then on to MC... the other best things at 60 were getting Rhok'delar and earning Field Marshal rank in pvp. Other notable mentions are the AQ war effort (that was quite fun) and the opening worldwide event for Naxxramas (the spawns in various zones were awesome).

    Level 61-70: After so many years of no truly new major content besides the Silithus/AQ/Naxx additions, a whole new world to explore was pretty amazing. We again had a week off work and hit 70 that week, playing for many hours.

    Level 80: Loved Northrend. Every single bit of it. Still do. Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel are still my two favorite raid instances of all time.

    Can't say too much about Cata and Pandaria. Actually stopped playing for about 2/3 of Cata, lost interest in it. I have stayed active in MoP but I've spent as much time getting old achieves and exploration done as Pandaria stuff. I am eager to leave Pandaria and go someplace new, but hopefully with more familiar lore and characters.
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    I don't really have any fond memories below the level cap; I've always been more into end game. But lets see:

    The first WoW character I ever played was a warrior named Haywire and I started leveling him in the Tirisfal Glades at level 15 or so (my dad did the previous levels). I've always liked that zone because of how dark it is, and the mobs that it contains; I remember killing a lot of gnolls in that zone when I did it for the first time.

    I remember getting stomped by Fel Reaver when I did Hellfire Peninsula for the first time; I used to like that zone but I've done it like 2 million times so I don't really like it any more.

    The first time I ever rode a 100% speed ground mount was in Zangarmarsh so I remember that feeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goblingirl View Post
    Level 80: Loved Northrend. Every single bit of it. Still do. Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel are still my two favorite raid instances of all time.
    Black Temple, Ulduar and ICC I think make my shortlist of most awesome raids, AQ not far behind. But I think Ulduar wins

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    Southern Barrens, running around in cat form on my druid and RPing to myself Lion King-y scenarios at the Great Divide. And then I actually fell in it.

    All of the Barrens, really. I love the Barrens.

    Also a sort of bad most memorable thing, I remember going to Outland for the very first time and getting so frustrated that I gave up and stopped playing for a year lol. That Eye of Kellog's pissed me off so much.

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    When I dinged my first level 70 character in TBC, I had a couple friends who were leveling alts, I was a blood elf paladin, at level 69 I was in Netherstorm, and I was being constantly attacked by a 70 Nelf druid, I knew my friends (warrior and Priest) were in the area, so I threw them a whisper and asked for help, they arrived right at the opportune time and started laying a beatdown on this druid, he managed to get far enough away to go into flight form and attempt an escape, but he only had an extremely small ammount of health, at which point my warrior friend, pulled out his gun and used "shoot", miraculously it was enough to kill him, and I just saw a Nelf corpse falling from the sky, for some reason I never forget that.
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    58-70 has always been my favorite, and still is, no question. Love everything about outland leveling, and I'll be quite sad when it's given the same on-rails treatment that the rest of the game has been given recently.

    Come to think of it, this is probably my favorite aspect of the whole game, even moreso than end-game.
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    The starting areas back in Classic were my favorite. When I began playing WoW, I was playing a Tauren warrior on one server and a Dwarf warrior on the other. Those two races had the best starting quests and zones, IMO. I'll never forget the hunting quests or seeing Thunder Bluff for the first time on my Tauren. Same thing with pretty much all of the Dun Morogh quests and Ironforge on my Dwarf. Those were two zones where you wanted in-game music and ambient sounds enabled, for sure.

    Getting to Northrend and seeing Howling Fjord for the first time was also unforgettable. My guildies and I did a thing where we decided we were going to take the next day off work and pull an all nighter to group quest and run instances the night Wrath was released. Good times.

    Same thing with TBC, actually. I'll never forget seeing Hellfire Peninsula for the first time. Blizzard definitely got the "alien planet" feel right. It was awesome to see a completely different world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NiceJazzhands View Post
    I have really fond memories of running around in Westfall on my first character, back in Vanilla. There are plenty of beautiful and fun zones that have come along throughout the years, but for some reason I just get really nostalgic when I think about killing goretusks for their innards and killing Defias henchmen for their bandannas.
    Right in the feels man. I have fond memories of Westfall, Arathi, Duskwood, STV, and the barrens when I started playing. Also thought Elywynn forest was the whole world and I was impressed.

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    Elwynn Forest. First Zone I ever entered.
    Dun Morogh because I LOVED leveling Dwarfs in WOTLK/Cataclysm.
    Old Stranglethorn. Only time I have been so mad I actually broke a keyboard in half while playing a game. I got killed by a max levled character, corpse camped, rage quitted, logged in 1 hour later, same thing but another character, and so on for 2 days. Last time I took the keyboard and broke it then I left STV. I have never exped there on a PVP server again ^^ This must have been in TBC.

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    Level 1: Back in Vanilla my brother tried to get me to play, and I made a troll hunter on his account on a PvP server. Having come from Ultima online I figured that someone could come by anywhere, anytime and thrash me and steal my stuff. So i spent about an extra 2 hours in durotar than I should have, hiding around corners and stuff.
    Level 50~: running maraudon and getting my scepter quest completed
    Level 70: When I was a tank pally back at level 70 in BC. Had some whiner DPS warrior complain that paladins couldn't tank but his mage friend gave me a chance. Blew through heroic shattered halls in 23 minutes and made him eat his words.

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    When my warrior was like level 40ish I have looted my first epic world drop in my life xD
    Still remember the people in the Zul Ferak group
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    Sudden nostalgia for new Tirisfal glades forsaken vs worgen - those were the days.

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    Elwynn forest & Westfall back in 2006 were pretty magical. 1-16. I still vividly remember pretty much everything about my first experience in these zones. Battling through the Fargodeep mines, finding guard Rolf's remains, collecting red bandanas for Sarah Timberlain, the inevitable Hogger... Then onto westfall with the terrifying mechanical harvesters, and the engrossing Defias story which ultimately leads you into the deadmines.

    Pandaria zones (all of them) are the least memorable for me. 85-90. I can't really remember anything memorable about Pandaria, shit come to think of it, I don't recall the name of the zones :|
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    Endgame level 70 for me. First endgame I experienced in WoW so everything was still new and fresh and I could enjoy the way you progressed at level 70 more than at level 80, 85 and 90. Tiered progression and no gear resets were not convenient or accessible but I liked it a lot more personally.

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