View Poll Results: When did you start & stop playing WoW?

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  • Started: Vanilla Stopped: MoP or still playing MoP

    55 46.22%
  • Started: Vanilla Stopped: BC

    0 0%
  • Started: Vanilla Stopped: WotLK

    2 1.68%
  • Started: Vanilla Stopped: Cataclysm

    13 10.92%
  • Started: TBC Stopped: MoP or still playing MoP

    22 18.49%
  • Started: TBC Stopped: WotLK

    0 0%
  • Started: TBC Stopped: Cataclysm

    3 2.52%
  • Started: WotLK Stopped: MoP or still playing MoP

    16 13.45%
  • Started: WotLK Stopped: Cataclysm

    1 0.84%
  • Started: Cataclysm Stopped: MoP or still playing MoP

    6 5.04%
  • Started: Vanilla Stopped: Vanilla

    0 0%
  • Started: TBC Stopped: TBC

    0 0%
  • Started: WotLK Stopped: WotLK

    1 0.84%
  • Started: Cataclysm Stopped: Cataclysm

    0 0%
  • Started: Mists of Pandaria

    0 0%
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    Exclamation When did you start & stop playing WoW? Do you plan to return for the new expansion?

    When did you start, and when did you quit?
    Feel free to say why and stuff.

    I personally started playing at Wrath of the Lich King on retail WoW. I loved this expansion and had a great time playing, both PvP and PvE.
    I was still playing in the beginning of Cataclysm until they have released 4.1 patch. I remember I really didn't like one of the changes regarding PvP and felt like I have wasted time playing on Cata, and just quit. Also most of my friends stopped playing too and nothing kept me there. I kept reading about WoW from time to time and saw how cataclysm ruined WoW a bit. It was just the beginning though.
    Mists of Pandaria expansion was on the way. I came back to WoW: MoP for literally 15 minutes, because the pandaren area just made me laugh, and so did the new 'talents'. And so friends kept telling me there are only few short dungeons, and the classes are really unbalanced. Until not long ago, I had no idea there was something like LFR and Flex, which just confirmed that MoP was just terrible.

    As of today, I do plan to return for the new expansion and I really look forward to it and hope Blizzard won't ruin it even more, because I seriously miss old days of WoW.

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    Should really be a "Started: Vanilla Stopped: MoP...

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    I think "quitting" is unnecessarily crass and petulant. I started in December of 2004, I've taken vacations from the game when I burned out many many times, the first being about 6 months before TBC came out. Then I came back for TBC's release. Currently I haven't played since around April, and I plan on coming back right before the new expansion and certainly for the new expansion.
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    Started in BC, still playing. Not as much as I used to, but still.

    I do intend to play Expansion V.

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    I started playing when the Black Temple was released. Back in 2007 I believe, and I have quit numerous times between then and now, but my most recent leave of the game has been for over 6 months now, the longest period of time I've ever quit the game for.

    Will I come back for the new expansion? Maybe. To me its not so much about the game itself that brings me back, it is my friends that ultimately bring me back. WoW without friends has got to be the most dull experience I've personally ever had with a video game before. But anyways, the new expansion will likely bring my friends back which in turn will bring me back so... there you have it.

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    Started playing Sunwell patch, didn't end up reaching 70 until WotLK hit. Got to 80 and raided with one friend, and BG'd alot with another friend. Played through all of Wrath without stopping, Undying achievement, Plagued Proto, Rusted Proto, Got the ToC mount, and got the Wyrmm mount. This was back in 25man, had a great guild and met heaps of great people.

    In Cata both my IRL raiding and bg friends had taken a break and I just burnt out of the raids within a month of Cata.
    Came back for a month of 4.3, cleared out DS and H-FL and quit.

    Came back for 5.0, raided for 2 months, cleared our H 7/16 and got bored, quit.
    Played for a month of 5.2 and cleared out ToT, and then with the free 10 days of 5.4 I cleared 10/14 and did the rest on LFR.

    Doesn't intrigue me anymore like it used to, I play LoL, DotA2, Warcraft 3, SC2 and other games as well as doing Uni (college).

    But if the 6.0 expansion gets my interest I'll be back.
    If it's demons/illadin/ good lore, I'll come back until I do all of the tier or burn out.
    Unlikely I'd come back for a South Seas w/ naga unless it has some great dungeons/raids/lore.
    But you never know, guess we will know within the week ^.^
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    I started in vanilla, and would take breaks off and on, but my breaks have been for months and even a year during Cata and MoP. Spent the most time away from the game during MoP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    I think "quitting" is unnecessarily crass and petulant. I started in December of 2004, I've taken vacations from the game when I burned out many many times, the first being about 6 months before TBC came out. Then I came back for TBC's release. Currently I haven't played since around April, and I plan on coming back right before the new expansion and certainly for the new expansion.
    This. I've taken breaks and such, but no other MMO has captured my attention like WoW has.

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    Started towards the end of Vanilla. About a month or two before they took the original PvP ranks out of the game.

    Quit when SWTOR came out, basically at the same time as Dragonsoul. So the end of Cata for the purposes of the poll. I probably would have quit sooner but I had a six month subscription and I kept raiding because my guild needed me to tank and I didn't want to leave them hanging.

    Blizzard has sent me two free trials for mope and I have used them both. Neither one I lasted more than a day of playing it.

    Not coming back for the next expac either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navoan View Post
    Should really be a "Started: Vanilla Stopped: MoP...
    That would be my situation. Didn't really want to...but just couldn't stand anymore of MoP.

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    I started playing right before Wrath of the lich king came out and stopped right when cataclysm came out. I just returned last month.

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    started : vanilla
    stopped : mop (in tot)

    restarted 3 weeks ago, resubbed for 1 month, wont be resubbing til pre expansion
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    Started Jan 23, 2005 and I am still playing.

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    Started in vanilla, quit in Wrath. Completely skipped cata. Played a bit of Mists and will try the next one.

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    Honestly, I see myself quitting when Blizz presses the big red button on their servers.

    Started in Vanilla (August 05) and still playing to this day. or at least paying. I mean, I've taken a few breaks to play a few other MMOs, but I always end up coming back for some reason
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    Started playing during Wrath of the Lich King and my first raid was Icecrown Citadel. I quit during Mists of Pandaria while Throne of Thunder was the current raid. I think it was only a couple weeks before the Siege of Orgrimmar patch. I have no idea if I'll ever start playing again but right now I'm happy with the choice I made.

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    I started almost 4 weeks before patch 1.5 was released. I always remember because that's when the game got Battlegrounds and they near enough killed any WPvP that was going on for my server lol

    Still playing now but I've had I think 2 breaks totaling about 6 months(ish). Biggest break was in WoTLK. I didn't like the fact I'd completed half of Naxx25 in my green items lol Though tbf, I didn't have a complete set of green items. I had some dungeons blues and the 1 epic. Came back a few weeks before Ulduar went live. Been playing since.

    Looking forward to a new expansion. Assuming it's not silly time travel with more Orcs being thrust upon us. But really, I just want something new to work through I think.

    As a side note: Can you really call WoTLK the "old days"? WoW is now pretty much a blur to me in terms of time spent playing lol
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    I started playing shortly before battlegrounds were introduced in vanilla, played up until our guild cleared 25M Rag HC in cata and haven't touched the game since. I stopped playing mainly because the game just simply ran its course for me, and in my eyes started to show its age. My wife moonlights for a very popular fansite and she still plays and is an HC raider for a known guild, so I kinda stay in the loop with whats going on in the game. I'm not sure if I'll come back and play, I really have no interest in MoP, but I am interested to hear what Blizzard has in store for the community at Blizzcon. Maybe after the announcement, I'll have to grab a copy of MoP and dust off my Warrior and get ready for whatever Blizzard is going to throw at us.

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    I'm not really calling whole WotLK "old days", I mean in general how it was fun to play with a nice guild and people, in a nice content.

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    Why are all choices for stopped with MoP mixed with all choices of still playing?
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