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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Preview

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next.

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    Art of World of Warcraft - Being an artist myself, I LOVE seeing behind the scenes and learning from some of the best of the biz!

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    While I own Diablo 3 and will obviously play Hearthstone, I really am a WoW raider at heart and looking forward to the next expansion. World of Warcraft: What's Next will probably tease that pretty good, and World of Warcraft: The Adventure Continues will have a lot of the meat. Q+A at the end isn't bad either.

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    world of Warcraft: what's next no doubt in my mind, I'm also hoping for some info on Titan

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    World of Warcraft Raids, Gameplay, Questing, and More definitely. The movie info will be fun too.

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next.

    ... did you expect a different answer?

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    Warcraft live raid would be the most interesting atm other then the costume contest of course

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    Warcraft Movie Presentation and Heroes of the Storm overview.

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    World of Warcraft: The Adventure Continues

    Can't wait

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    Obviously the panel about the next Wow xpac!

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    Hearthstone Fireside Chat

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next.

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    The Evolving Sound of Warcraft
    Help control the population. Have your blood elf spayed or neutered.

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next? and Warcraft Movie Presentation

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    I cannot wait to see the Warcraft future I am dying to see what the next x-pac is going to be.

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    I'm super excited for the seeing What's Next in WoW - just like most years, but I'm also looking forward to the Warcraft Movie presentation.

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    Heroes of the storm panel and cant forget wcs globals

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    Warcraft: What's next with for sure!

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    Like most everyone else, I'd have to say World of Warcraft: What's Next. I have a feeling that Blizzard is going to throw a curveball...

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