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    I'm most excited to see World of Warcraft - What's next.

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    What's next in WoW ofc!

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    "World of Warcraft Raids, Gameplay, Questing, and More"

    Surprisingly enough. To me this panel always gives a ton of interesting information about current game design and how the game is evolving.

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    World of Warcraft: What's Next for sure!

    Been a diehard WoW fan since release and have been playing strong since day 1. I'd love to see where the game is going and the new ideas they're bringing to the table to keep us interested. I can't wait!

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    Any chance at Virtual Ticket giveaway? I'm on the East Coast and there's no way I could afford to make plans like that with only a week's notice. Love you guys either way, and best of luck to those who can make it!

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    I want to see..

    Stage - Arena
    Panel Name : Hearthstone Exhibition
    Rooting for : (Anyone that can give Kripp a good challenge)

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    WoW: What's Next!

    Literally the moment i start planning for the next expansion!

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    World of Warcraft: Whats next, WoW Live Raid, and the Reaper of Souls Preview

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    I'm looking forward to the "World of Warcraft Raids, Gameplay, Questing, and More" Panel.

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    The panel I'm most excited to see? The Evolving Sound of World of Warcraft. I absolutely adore the music and Sounds of WoW.

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    I'm looking forward to World of Warcraft: What's Next. Dat new expac.

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    i´m really excited about WoW: What's Next

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    World of Warcraft: Whats next

    Just like everyone else

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    What's Next, as I'm very excited about what Blizzard have to bring with the next expansion and hopefully a preview of the new character models!

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    Red face WoW: Whats Next

    WoW Whats Nest!!!
    I want to go to them ALL!!!!!! I am excited to see what is coming for WoW more than anything I've been playing since the beginning. I hope they have an interesting approach to the item squish and ability bloat other than chopping out fun special abilities. I hope our professions and guild perks get some love!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the first expansion where it feels like a true mystery. All of these features coming out prior to the release of the next xpac makes me dream of the goodies coming in the new expansion (They just gave us flex and connected realms!)!
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    World of Warcraft - What's next, for sure!

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    World of Warcraft - What's next. I'm a sucker for whats coming out next.

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    can't wait the see the World of Warcraft: What's Next! panel, though the Heroes of the Storm panel will be interesting as well.

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    Warcraft Move Presentation for sure! I've been waiting for this since they announced a movie was in the making a few years back.

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    Excited for WoW what's next!

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