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    Most undertuned ability in the game?

    What ability do you think is currently the most undertuned and why?

    Personally, I think Hammer of the Righteous wins this (protection version). Yeah yeah, tanks aren't meant to have particularly high damage, but at low vengeance levels, HotR seems to do below 20k damage. I seem to recall it doing more than that in ICC runs during 4.0 at level 80.

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    Eyes of the Beast?

    Just kidding, umm I'd have to say immolate trap, worst freakin ability in the game for combat >_> at least from a pvp perspective

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    It's not necessarily "undertuned" but Feed Pet.

    Seriously who presses this button ever?

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    Holy Word: Sanctuary.

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    Chaos bolt probably

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike-n-Ike234 View Post
    Just kidding, umm I'd have to say immolate trap, worst freakin ability in the game for combat >_> at least from a pvp perspective
    Does that even still exist?

    I think it DID see some use for trap dancing LnL back in Wrath for survival, but that's about it.

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    sanc pre 4 set has to be pretty high on this list

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    Corruption. It's a shitpile.

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    Cloak and Daggers

    No one uses this shit after nerf

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    Flamestrike, does like the same damage as an arcane explosion on a cast time and cooldown.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueGender View Post
    What does it matter? I have NEVER seen a warlock ever attempt to climb their way out of being terrible and cast their infernal or doomguard. I simply say, "cast your doomguard/infernal" and they raise their noses at me as if they know any better. It is so obvious that they /Athene, SUCK.

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    Earthquake, it hits for less at 90 than a lvl 40's main nuke spell.

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    Holy Nova

    its so bad its now a glyph in oceanic now Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taros View Post
    Corruption. It's a shitpile.
    Haha. Corruption is awesome.

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    blood strike.

    It's used for all of one level while leveling a death knight.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Spinning Fire Blossom. Path of Fire Blossom before it was removed.

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    Unleash Elements: Life, for resto shamans. It has this awesome synergy idea behind it, except it's so bad that it's a waste of a GCD to cast it to get the buffed heal. Not to mention you have to spend 2 casts to get a super heal when you can just NS+GHW every 90s.

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    paladins holy ae stun has to be pretty high on this list

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    heroic throw?

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    going with shaman earthquake, mage flamestrike. they're seriously outclassed aoe spells.

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    Corpse Explosion - Needs more blood and gore and a the old sound back. :<

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