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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Sometimes you get groups that do terrible DPS and hit enrage. That's just the way the dice roll.

    I've only hit enrage on him once I think, and it was mostly because people died to adds.
    Yep, RNG is RNG. My first run in there we steamrolled him. Haven't been back since, but I'm sure on a long enough time scale I'll have some bad runs and some good ones.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    This is America. We always have warm dead bodies.
    Quote Originally Posted by McFuu View Post
    Moral of the story, all things are solved by a high power to weight ratio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypro View Post
    Well lets see.. You have a choice of brain dead idiots who couldnt dps to save their own life. OR you can choose to have elitiest pigs who will down the boss and prob tell you how to play your class?... Hmmm what choice would you pick? People who ARE going to down it. OR people who ARENT going to down it.

    The biggest problem i have found with Nazgrim is that people dont attack the adds. Now if they dont kill the Shaman. He will heal Nazgrim... and you can guess what happens there. That is where your DPS problem is.
    If those elitist pigs are just a bit like you i would strongly prefer the LFR and wiping my ass off for 10 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myz View Post
    That's why LFR is a steaming pile of shit and should be shunned by anyone who does not have an uncontrollable urge to hurt themselves.

    I was in a LFR group yesterday where I literally solo healed the encounter and only about 4-5 of the DPS switched to adds. Got 4 stacks of Determination (wiped twice to the enrage timer), went through 5 tank replacements and about half of the DPS team replaced before Nazgrim died. Apparently basic game mechanics is too much to handle.

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    Nazgrim is usually a wipe or three but nothing has been as bad as spoils for me. I've left more spoil groups then I have all other mop tiers combined. I hear people do just fine on spoils and it makes me sad. More than one I've been unable to get the other tank to stop following me and get on the other side. I even use makers and say both color and shape in case people are particularly bad at one or the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypro View Post
    Ok here is a better idea? as soon as you go into LFR the bosses are dead and all you need to do is run around and loot the bodies??? And as to not been able to down in LFR, Avoid doing LFR get a group of 10-25 people and run flex. that way you know that they are able to handle his HP
    That dude can be really hard on flex also believe me
    2 weeks ago we sit on him 2 hours raid was decently geared but were always get overwhelmed by adds cozz ppl instad to chill abit close to 10% they push and in result we get brand new spam to existing one and till we deal with one wave just another ones spawn leading to oneshoted ppl from 2-3 mages trolling around

    Most of the time that is the reason ppl to fail in LFR even on PTR i never reach alive his enrage timer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsuna View Post
    I'll give you Garalon, that shit molesting tit gorilla can go die in the flames of hell. But Nazgrim is still a giant camel penis protruding out of what would otherwise be a fairly reasonable LFR. I don't even think the HP is the problem with the boss, the problem is that there are THREE retardation checks that can all WRECK raids: Short berserk timer screws over raids with bad/afk dps, LOLDEFENSIVESTANCE takes a crap on anyone with too much down syndrome to obey a boss mod, and groups that suck at controlling adds get a free Lay on hands to Nazgrim in the form of the TROLOTIDE totem. The fight DOES absolutely suck, given the nature of the average LFR group. Keep in mind that not everyone has the opportunity to barrel roll into LFR first thing tuesday to join the most ambitious gear seekers and the arguably most talented of the LFR crowd, it doesn't matter which day I ran LFR other than tuesday they were all giant turdstorms that made me want to cannibalize my own arms.
    Obeying defensive stance in LFR is detrimental, and people that continue to say that you should stop dpsing in Dstance in LFR can't do basic math, or understand how the mechanic works in LFR.

    The attitude that fights in LFR shouldn't have multiple points of possible failure, is part of the reason that LFR players are mocked by players that don't group themselves as LFR players. Continuing with that attitude will make it harder for people to move up from LFR that want to, because what do I care if an app has LFR experience but no experience elsewhere? As far as I'm concered, LFR has determination stacks and that is enough. If a group has bad RNG and has enough deadweight to hit 10 stacks, then there's another group that killed everything in 1 go and was ahead by 3 minutes on enrage.

    The fights in LFR this tier are actually well tuned and shouldn't be brought down from where they are in my opinion. There's no fights like pre nerf lei shen or garalon that are just way more overtuned compared to the other fights.
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    I don't know about that britishbubba, every time I've gotten to Garrosh we needed at least 3 determination stacks to make the DPS requirement in phase 1, and this is in groups at least vaguely competent otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitros14 View Post
    I don't know about that britishbubba, every time I've gotten to Garrosh we needed at least 3 determination stacks to make the DPS requirement in phase 1, and this is in groups at least vaguely competent otherwise.
    I have yet to see an LFR group use the iron stars to kill the adds optimally, so that is likely a large part of it. Part of it also might be the wolf rider's healing a lot (not sure of the exact number in lfr) and the part that interrupt mechanics seem to end the exact same in each fight when they exist in lfr, a few people will understand how it works, and even fewer of those will actually have an interrupt that is reliable, and only one or two of those will actually do it, so the boss just heals up (think horridon), although in this case it's the adds healing as the wolf rider can't heal the boss afaik.

    Even with that being said. It's an end expansion boss, and even with it being lfr I still think there should be some degree of difficulty to it, be it through high tuning, or high mechanical requirements. Garrosh isn't a mechanically challenging boss even on normal, it's really just a gear check compared to some of the other bosses in this tier that are much more mechanically demanding, and you'll likely see less wipes in it as groups start to get more geared, and learn how to optimize better for the fights in terms of what to dps and when.

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