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    T16 4pc over Warforged?


    Just got the T16 4pc last night, and was wondering is the bonus worth it? (i know the 2pc bonus is a must).
    I've got Warforged pieces that can replace 2 other slots, and Im not seeing a big increase in damage on Shadowcraft.

    Is the 4pc not really worth it, or should be gemming/reforging for Mastery, instead of Haste like I am now??

    any tips or insights?

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    Check shadowcraft website. That is all you need to know as you will find the answer to all your questions.
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    I have done literally 0 simming with assassination this tier so feel free to double check me with shadowcraft, but I would think mastery would be the way to go if you actually are going to continue playing assassination. I am also pretty sure the 4 pc is extremely minimal dps increase, and warforged would be better overall.

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    4pc is nice for assassination. But it also depends on your ability to use vendetta on cooldown and build up the buff quickly. Also, be aware that the value of the 4pc is also higher if you are using AoC.

    Whether to go haste or mastery is really your personal preference. The dps difference is very small in most cases. If your daggers are of equal or higher ilvl to the rest of your gear, I'd stick with haste. If your daggers are lagging behind the rest of your gear, I'd go with mastery. But that's just my own personal preference.

    Just check shadowcraft to be sure.
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    I've been using 2pc+ HWF this past reset, and it is not better/worse than playing 4pc Assassination.
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