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    Galakras 10N Help

    Logs from our attempts last week - worldoflogs(dot) com/reports/jm3fopdzkf8tpufb/ (sorry, can't post links yet)

    We have been wiping on this to mechanics that should be handled and I am looking for any feedback that can help us get a kill.
    It looks like the dps is a bit low and as a result, we have too many mobs at certain times and people start failing to mechanics. I know the waves were nerfed by 10% recently so this is all the more frustrating.

    We are sending 1 tank, 2 DPS and a healer up to tower 1 and the same group to tower 2. After mobs are dead, one DPS goes to tower 1 and we bring down Galakras (at least, that's the plan)
    The fight reset at least a few times due to NPC dying to Fracture. A couple of times there were issues with the pally tank taunting on tower due to which DPS were dying so we sent the DK (me) instead.

    We had to pug DPS throughout the raid so I'm looking specifically for feedback on the following people in the raid:
    Tanks - Gailene (DK), Uracowadin (paladin)
    Healers - Gwenyver (paladin), Aelenya (disc priest), Gubber (shaman)
    DPS - Elbonzo (enh shaman), Verolith (fury warrior), Fellonz (destro lock), Phattard (hunter)

    Any tips or ideas welcome! We want to kill Galakras this reset!


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    Hi, we had a struggle with galak too at first so here's my advice.

    Get the deathknight to glyph death grip and save it for the bonecrushers, only once they've finished their initial charge or they will re-charge anyway. If he fails, you have 2x warrior charges to interupt it and 2x shockwaves. The NPC really shouldn't be dying from fracture with your setup. Also the shaman can thunderstorm them to interupt it.

    Get people to focus target the shamans - interupt their heals, kill their totems, kill banners and the adds are a breeze. Preferably get the melee to focus on this as it's easier for them.

    Once galakras lands, Tank him @ where the npc and it will help your dps massively if you're struggling, pop bloodlust and nuke away. Try to save raid cooldowns for this part especially sub - 80% or so. Tanks should be swapping each time they're debuff has fallen off to reduce the amount of healing needed on themselves.

    Create two raid markers directly behind galakras. One for 'Soak 1 Group' and one for 'Soak 2 Group'. Place the 2nd marker behind the first and have the two groups rotate soaking the ball when they're stacks reach 3-4.

    Hope this helps

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    Also some useful answers perhaps for you in this thread i started for Galak http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1366624-Galakras-(10)-Normal-2-heal-or-3-heal

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    Make sure to send your 2 best burst dps up to towers along with the disc priest who can help dps. Tank the mini boss @ the archers for cleave as well

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    Galakras N

    This is the process we used to beat Galakras when we were having issues.

    Wave 1: Pop 3m cd's and just burn through the adds, nothing special here really. Use stuns from Lock/Warrior Charge and Death Grip to stop the fractures of the bonecrushers. Make sure you're always tanking the waves inside the NPC's fires and be close enough to get the NPC's to assist you

    Wave 2: Burn the shaman, kill the banners, and tank in the fire.

    Wave 3: Burn the mini-adds then start lightly burning the boss. When the Demolisher comes out kill it instantly, now here's the part that really changed the fight for us in the first week. The next wave after this is just 2 proto-drakes. This means you can EASILY send 1 Tank, 2 Healers and 4 DPS into the first tower leaving 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 1 DPS to deal with the proto drakes and mini boss. This will burn your first tower down ridiculously fast, have the tank that went up the tower stay to shoot down the drakes when they're done and to click the rope ladder for later.

    Wave 4-5: Deal with them as you have before, watch the mini-bosses whirlwind attack

    Wave 6: Second Demo should come at some point through this, for this tower you send 1 Tank, 2 DPS and 1 Healer. Send your two strongest DPS whoever that may be. As soon as the second Demo has spawned NOBODY should use 3 minute cd's anymore as they must be saved for Galakras from here on out. Have the tank do the shooting in the second tower and send a DPS from the bottom to the first tower. Now communicate with each other for the best time to shoot down the boss. 0-2 adds being your goal here.

    Galakras herself: Pull the boss back to just in front of the Dock so that you get the NPC and the fire buff help you out. Now you want to hold all your raid cd's. We lust at 65%. We also have our raid form a line, a literal line like a queue for a convenience store. When a person reaches 3 stacks in the line they step out to reset and then come back into the line again. Tanks swap at 4-5. For your set up I would recommend this:

    100-65%: Play normally, save dps cd's and just hit her face until 65%
    65%: Lust up, pop dps cd's burn her as hard as you can
    50%: Enh Shaman pops Ancestral Guidance
    45%: Enh Shaman pops Healing Tide
    35%: Demoralizing Banner, Resto Sham Ascendance
    30%: Barrier the raid as many as you can fit
    20-25%: Resto Shaman Healing tide, Enh Shaman drops Healing Rain and Healing Stream Totem and keeps dropping them
    15-20%: Devotion Aura
    10-15%: Personal Cooldown/Healthstones/Second Devotion Aura
    0-10%: Whatever you've got left to survive

    pop Rallying whenever someone is in danger of dying.

    Good luck!
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    We 2 heal this fight (never even attempted 3 healing), so if your healers feel comfortable 2 healing, it might be something to consider

    Our setup


    Warrior - on tower duty


    Enhance Shammy - tower duty
    Rogue - tower duty
    Destro Lock
    Spriest or Hunter
    Ele Shaman


    Pally - tower duty - when we had a disc or shaman healing in place of the pally, they remained on the ground while the druid went up

    We've only been running with a Pally/Druid combo for 2 weeks, every other kill from day one has been with a druid/disc or druid/shammy

    Tower group only goes up once a demolisher has been killed. When the demo comes down, we have our ranged switch to it immediately, while our tanks/melee stay on the remaining adds. Then ranged switch back to adds once tower is down and the tower group goes up immediately after the demo is down.

    We make sure once the mobs on the tower are killed, one of our melee stay behind to get into the turret and help out killing anything they can. Once he's killed enough, he jumps down and helps out until we kill the next demolisher

    Make sure to interrupt the shaman healers - burn healing tide down - burn the banners and try to keep the mobs in the npc's aoe and do your best to have knock backs ready (grips/stuns/anything) when the mobs go down to try to kill your npcs.

    Between our Ele Shaman and our Destro lock, adds go down relatively fast

    When they go back up to the tower again - same thing happens, only this time the other melee stays in the turret while the other person jumps down, runs over to the other tower. We have them wait til we have that final mob about to die, then they bring down the boss.

    Our bear positions Galakras as close to the npcs as he can so they are "helping" us. We all just stack in melee range, the person that's targeted for his "orb", just runs out away from the raid, then back in. Seems to work the best for us.

    The first several weeks when we were killing Galakras, we didn't have an ele shaman, we ran with a hunter and spriest both, it took a bit longer to burn adds, but we managed it ok. Just make sure everyone is focusing down the healing shaman/bonecrushers (when they are out) and dealing with banners and healing tides. When the mini boss is down and pulls the group into him, everyone needs to do their best to run out. People in our group were taking massive damage causing healers to blow cds when they didn't need to use them.

    Our shaman and boomie handle any knockbacks that's needed (although since we've been running with our bear tanking the adds on the ground, we've not had nearly as much trouble keeping the adds off the npcs). We were running with a dk tank down on the ground and the bear was going up, for whatever reason, our dk really struggled rounding up those adds.

    For us, we found it was easier to send our 2 melee up to the towers rather than sending up ranged.

    We have also used the strat where everyone just lines up in a straight line when the boss comes down - the person that's being targeted just runs to the back of the line and remains there unless they are a melee. People with high stacks run out - but honestly, we've managed to just burn the boss down and blew every healing cd we had available between the 2 healers.

    Some groups prefer to wait on lust/hero until he boss reaches between 60% - 50%. We blow lust as soon as our tank has the boss into position.

    Make sure you have a healing cd rotation set up before the pull - I ran with a group last week on my alt that didn't have anything set up and both healers blew their cds at the same time on the boss, it made for an interesting last phase....
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