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    Wildstar (maybe Everquest) will probably be the most successful game in that bunch but still not come close to active players compared to WoW. The end game content in WoW is too hard to compete with at this point honestly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmz View Post
    Wildstar (maybe Everquest) will probably be the most successful game in that bunch but still not come close to active players compared to WoW. The end game content in WoW is too hard to compete with at this point honestly.
    This is debatable, I don't really consider WoW's end game to be all that fulfilling. It's great if you like raids, the game has almost always been completely focused on raid content and Blizzard does raiding well relative to most of its competitors. However, there's a lot of room for improvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Iron Fist View Post
    Make it a poll and you'll see better results. I think Elder Scrolls Online will become the biggest MMO to date. Extremely big and loyal RPG fanbase not counting MMO players. Also, it's across 3 platforms. Yep.
    While it does have all this going for it, I don't think the subscription model will end up doing too well on consoles on top of requiring a PSN or XBO sub.
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    The revenue of Hearthstone on a yearly basis will be bigger than all these games combined.

    So nope. WoW will stay the huge money maker along with WoW's Hearthstone...

    Come back when all of these games will make 300 million dollars combined... It won't happen.

    The projected revenue for WoW + HS is expected to be around 1.2 billion dollars per ... year as of 2014.

    And HS will simply act as a catalysator for WoW's next expansion.

    With Blizzard's All Stars added too (or just put in the latsest name for it)... playing Warcraft will be MUCH more than playing WoW.

    The franchize is just starting to spread really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtbrig7390 View Post
    I would give my let leg and my first born for a MMO like SAO or Dot Hack.....

    But remember you must learn your class or you will die.....for real lol.

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    Huge sub best yes but there is other games with a player base that is the same or higher.
    I would be the most hardcore player of that, I would never sleep/eat or anything, I would try to be the best in the game when it comes to something like that. It seems like it would be easy enough to do, but the whole dying thing, yeaaaaaaa... None of that elf shit either though lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eren Yaeger View Post
    I would be the most hardcore player of that, I would never sleep/eat or anything, I would try to be the best in the game when it comes to something like that. It seems like it would be easy enough to do, but the whole dying thing, yeaaaaaaa... None of that elf shit either though lol
    Sounds awesome but sadly I don't see something like that happening in my lifetime if ever.
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    Titan doesnt see the light before 2016-18 so no, nothing will beat wow....

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    Wildstar has me interested. The developer videos are doing a great job of feeding information and keeping me wanting more. If they can deliver on just 'most' of what they are promising, then I'm sold. Looks a lot of fun.
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    Well something is bound to sooner or later. Is it's spotlight not already kind of dimming in light of other newer games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    I don't think so. I think what will happen is that Blizzard keeps WoW going for a few more years, then opts to try and replace it with Project Titan (even if they said it was supposed to exist alongside WoW), hoping that the players from WoW carry over, only to find that Titan is not as much of a success as WoW was. I think WoW was just really a streak of luck. A fortunate timing plus good gameplay -- one that they can't recreate with other MMOs threatening to flood the market. So I think Titan will never hit over 6 million -- if even close to that, and WoW no longer being active, and people having moved on (refusing to play Titan or just not liking it -that- much) will be WoW's "death", which leaves the market open for new MMOs to grapple the player base.
    No not really. As long as they make a good enough profit on Wow they will never try to replace it with Titan. That's just not smart in a business sense. Replacing a good product with a product that hasn't proven itself yet. Blizzard has stated that they should coexist, not replace one another.

    Wow's success was an anomaly, being there at the right place and time. I don't see any upcoming mmo's replacing wow at the top really. I can't think of a reason why a new mmo would, to be honest. Not saying that Wow is the perfect game but Wow brings a lot to the table (rich lore, polish, beautiful seamless world) although it's starting to look aged.

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    One game will eventually. The mmo platform is the strongest possible setting for a game.
    Some visionary game developer will eventually create a game on it`s own premises instead of following the same recipe used over and over the last decade.

    I really think it can be boiled down to the simpliest thing - the gamedevelopers who can create a genuinly fun combat system will succeed. All the mmo`s i have played centered around one thing - slaying monsters. But doing that - killing off monsters have rarely been particular fun. The games have tryed to force people to grind mobs anyway with the old carrot on a stick method (item/treasure hunt). In essence making people do something which isnt particular fun.
    Carrots on a stick is great to create depth and reason in a game - but it should not take precedence over fun gameplay. The treassures should act as a applause after the player wins a close fight with nasty mob - not as a salary for doing a monotonous job again and again. "Grind" is the symptom of this unhealthy gamedesign.
    The game have to be fun to play even if you completely remove experience points, levels, talents, gold and items. And when the developers have created such a game - then they can add talents, levels and gold as flavour. The moment the game prioritize the incentives to play over actual gameplay - the game starts to feel forced, more like a job than a fun game.

    Tldr - the developers needs to win players with awesome gameplay - not by giving them awesome rewards for playing a boring game.

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    Will this beached whale be replaced by one of the sharks? Yes and no.

    It is true none of other MMOs are as big as WoW, but they will keep trying relentlessly as WoW continues to decline. There will be big MMOs, some time, perhaps not as big as WoW. I doubt another MMO will reach WoW's prominence, unless it is of the same breed (made by Blizzard).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaddriel View Post
    Age of Wushu already did with 20 mil players.
    Age of what? I've never even heard of it..

    But yes, I think Titan (reloaded) has it's chances and TES Online too although I have my doubts about it becoming successful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    Only one of those I'm genuinely looking forward to is Everquest Next, and that's primarily because of the user-generated content aspects of it.
    This is the same for me, the player generated stuff is very interesting and I am looking forward to what this can become.

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    Be as defensive about WoW as you like, but each one of these will chunk more away from WoW, some more than others. Asia is the main source of "subs" for WoW, if you give them something incredible, it'll be game over.

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    Wildstar is really the only game that could do any substantial damage. However, Carbine have said multiple times they are not targeting the current WoW player base that want everything for free. The game will have a Vanilla/TBC feel to it with exclusive stuff for players and you will notice a good player by his titles/house and the look of their gear. There are also multiple end game avenues for players to progress down. Raiding will not be the only PvE endgame and I think that will appeal to a lot of casual and solo player. The hardcore players have raiding and there are also different PvP endgame styles to play. The casual BGs and the Hardcore Warplots.

    EQN doesn't interest me that much as there doesn't seem to be any real character progression, everyone will end up the same and skill will be the only thing that differentiates players.

    ESO will fall flat on it's face. It will be popular on consoles but certainly not on the PC.

    Titan will just be a game with the same casual philosophies as WoW and it will not have the power to keep players as invested as Vanilla/TBC did hence it will never take off as well as WoW did.

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    Not until World of Warcraft dies. Which could be a long while yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtbrig7390 View Post
    It can't be Launch concurrent users when its a year later......did you not see the part where it says the game hit 1 year old.

    By you logic GW1 failed and yet its still going strong for almost 10 years. If Guild Wars 2 fail it would be going f2p or shutting down but its not. Guild Wars 2 is pumping out content left and right. The server pop is sitting steady and has for quite some time. Is it growing at a rappit state no but its slowy growing and has been since release. If the game failed or was dying it would have signs that show it like what SWTOR had in its early days but its not.

    You can't say its launch concurrent users when the post was a year later.
    The concurrent player stat is at launch. Even GW2 developers said there was a slump after launch just like what all MMOs face. GW2's retention was so bad a couple of months after launch they had to change the whole direction of the game. The box sales includes full year of data now just recent data. All the data in the infographic has a yeas worth of data. GW2 dropped in population faster than SWTOR, it is not growing because I presented more than a dozen sources that show a decline. Whereas you have none that show an increase. GW2 not only dropped it dropped rapidly, GW2's population is 80-90% lower than it is compared to launch.

    They are not launching "content" they are launching "mini-games", that most players universally hate. Which is one of the main reasons it keeps dropping. It is doing so bad that NCSoft isn't even giving them funding for an expansion. NCSoft put GW2 on the back burner and is focusing on WildStar. I mean the game lacks so much resources they can't give players new armor models more than a year after launch. And they can't even afford to give the Charr their own armor models, they just give them human models that are stretched out.

    In terms of hype to delivery and player retention. GW2 did as bad as SWTOR. GW2 and SWTOR are on the same tier, in terms of players. They are not even CLOSE to growing, they are steadily declining and when ESO and WildStar release they are pretty much dead.

    GW2 just like SWTOR is a niche game even in the MMO space. They started out huge and sank faster than the Titanic. And they keep dropping fast. GW2 has no hope of bringing new players back because they have no news of an expansion. GW2 will be looked at as another Warhammer Online or AoC.

    When GW2 launched it took the #2 spot. Now it is #4. I mean it can't even compete with MMOs that aren't that great. When ESO, EQN, WildStar comes out it will be a distant memory and a game worthy of the trash bin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Iron Fist View Post
    Problem #1 with this thread, I might add, is you're asking a bunch of Blizzard players and/or fanboys on a WoW fansite. Don't be surprised when most of them respond "no way!"
    Definitly isnt the best place to ask it, thats for sure.
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    What no Destiny, than again its not slotted for a PC port. Wildstar looks interesting and somewhat labeled at a new generation of players and might have a more active game play system that could be interesting and excel where WoW fails in that aspect of gameplay. Depending how destiny pans out it would have my attention as I just need something different and hopefully it wont be so WoW like or otherwise no MMOs for me as WoW killed MMOs for me.

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