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    Take a shot everytime Jay Mohr tells a stupid joke.

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    Take a shot whenever:
    The word "Horde" is mentioned.
    You see a Horde symbol.
    Someone speaks any word in orcish. (One for each sentence)
    You see a Horde race cosplayed.
    Anyone asks about Illidan, Demon Hunters, The Burning Legion, or demons in general.
    Any time you see someone holding up a Buff [class] or Nerf [class] sign, shirt etc.
    Any time an Alliance lore-related question is asked.

    Take 3 whenever:
    A dev makes up an answer on the spot.
    Red Shirt guy asks a question. (This with above may result in alcohol poisoning)
    You see an ugly person wearing a "sexy [whatever]" costume. (Only use this one if you are next door to a hospital) (This one may also result in diminishing returns ad Beer Goggles come into play.)

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    Take a shot whenever you hear them answer a question like this:

    "Well that's definitely something we'd like to implement in the future but we have no current plans to share at this time."

    Pretty sure you'll get alcohol poisoning in the first few minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Yeah I hate it when cosplay girls show a lot of cleavage.

    Because I'm insane.
    This one does not understand...

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    Take a shot, whenever there is Alliance Favorism, and there won't be enough alcohol in the world to get through the weekend...
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    Take a shot whenever some idiot uses the word "viable" when contextually he/she should be saying "optimal".

    Take a shot whenever you see the same idiot ask the same question but in different panels.

    Take a shot whenever some idiot decides to narrate lore, to Metzen and Grafsiabi, FOR LIKE FIVE FUCKING MINUTES, only to ask some shit question that makes the panel ask him/her to clarify only for said idiot to NARRATE THE WHOLE THING OVER AGAIN!

    Take a shot whenever you see the "Neckbeard Wave". Look at the line behind the person asking their question and watch the morons swaying side to side desperately trying to see what's going on causing a chain reaction of sweaty, double-chinned peek-a-boo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaxxar View Post
    Take a shot for every question that is asked and actually answered.

    That way, you'll stay sober.

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    If some guy in a red shirt totally lorepwns the game's devs in front of a live audience, drink until the applause stops.

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    Take a shot whenever one of the books/novels are mentioned!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeras View Post
    take a shot for every question to the dev is from some raiderping paladong.
    I couldn't help but laugh when that chinese guy was asking a question and no one knew what he was saying though they just said "Okay"

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