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    Blood DK into some more damage (Stat contemplations)

    Hey there

    So I thought that I might as well make a thread regarding some reforging/gemming contemplations. I’m currently rolling Blood DK in my own steady 10m guild. We’ve been going strong for three weeks now, but due to having some probs with the situation regarding gear, we’re currently at 13/14 with Garrosh going down tonight.

    However, I’ve been moving around my reforging a lot. I started by hit/exp to 7.5 – mastery. The reason for this was mostly the fact that my gear was around 530 ilvl . Nonetheless time passed by and I managed to get some pices and moved into parry instead. Then progress happened and I thought I would make it easier on our healers, so I moved back into a heavy mastery build.

    Onto the issue; I am currently rolling with the 522 wep from ToT’s third boss and 547ish ilvl. Last week I ended most of our fights at 150-190k dps without dropping below 50%ish hp once. I even managed to solotank 6 of the Paragons with 200k+ dps(which got a little hectic from time to time). This was with 522 pants, 522 wep and stamina trinkets.

    My dps, from my point of view, seems pretty high. Even comparing to the normal ranks on WoL (not that anyone gives a ratass about normal). So does my mastery, I’m at 185.66%. This should allow me to rearrange and move into parry for more riposte, hence more damage. It’s not that my damage is a problem; I just want more, I would like some HODOR screams. Well some questions;
    What do you guys think would be a safe point? I’ve seen a lot of fuzz about 150%, but due to my gear ilvl I do not know. I know I could test it, but since bosses are going down like flies, the current situation changes a lot. We’re also moving into HC’s, how hard will it actually hit me? Is there any reliable data regarding a full crit build instead of parry? How are you guys handling the current state of dps?

    Ps. Cant wait for Thok-trinket and wep from either him or General.

    How are you guys maximizing your dps as tanks?

    Armory; I can’t link it… My name is Sác on Ravencrest Eu.

    Ps. Atm I’m not of possession of any logs. I just cba at my current level of gear.

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    You'd ideally want to land at 200% raid buffed mastery which should be more than enough. I'd then go for parry since parryhaste gives more SoB procs even though dodge might be better from diminishing PoV. The thing with crit is that it's only .25 stronger than avoidance while avoidance gives a lot of survivability. No point sacrficing 10%+ avoidance for like 2% crit.

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