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    Question How exactly do Death Knight dots work during trinket procs?

    Hopefully someone can answer this for me. Ive been wondering, are death knight dots dynamic? In other words when I apply my dk dots during a boss fight and say my trinkets dont proc until after the boss is pulled do i have to reapply them so that they get the full benefit of the trinket procs or do I have to manually update them by plague striking the boss again? Thx in advance. Same goes with gargoyle. Is it best to summon it after my trinkets have proc'd for maximum dps or is it dynamic im getting mixed answers.

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    Dot damage is snapshotted when the dots are applied and do not change if you have a trinket proc. This is what made the Festerblight playstyle viable in 5.2. The gargoyle is not snapshotted, so you don't need to worry about waiting for procs to summon it.

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    You're gargoyle is based on AP when summoned.

    As blood I can reapply dots as my vengeance goes up and they deal more damage, so I would ASSUME it works the same for the other two specs and you don't need to plague leech them off and reapply them, you can just use Outbreak again or whatever means you want.

    If I gain AP and use blood boil with he rolling blood talent the damage of my dots also increases.

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    They snapshot the stats you have when you put the dots on. So if you get another proc after you need to reapply dots.

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    Minions do not snapshot stats. They update dynamically.

    Diseases snapshot your AP, crit, and mastery when they are applied and do not update dynamically. You must reapply them to update their power.

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    I would suggest getting dkdots or DKdiseases (sp).... On my phone so I can't remember which is the more updated one. But what it does is give a nice display for your dots on your target, telling you via color and a number % oh how strong they are now compared to what you could reapply at the time. Helps a lot to always maximize your dot damage, works perfect with our snapshoting

    Gary the Gargoyle is dynamic, so is our ghoul, and ghouls from army if the dead. Pretty much you can use em on cd

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    DKDiseases is the addon that's still maintained. DKDots still works but occasionally has buggy behaviour.

    http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/dkdiseases - direct Curse link.

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    The dots snapshot, as has been mentioned earlier in the thread. People have also said that minions (Gargoyle / Ghoul) do the same thing, which is incorrect: minions dynamically update with trinket procs etc.

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    As people said this is worth (maybe?!?) only for unholy and maybe some cases for blood. However if you are frost dk, especialy a dualwield one, it really doesnt worth snapshooting dots... ever. Why? You reaplly constantly frost fever with each HB cast so this make snapshooting blood plague not worth it because its not affected by mastery. Also if u are dw dk you are most likely using Mastersimple witch also assume constant blood plague reapllieng from spending Unh runes
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    They aren't updated. That's why this concept of festerblight exits for UH. Where you try to get the most AP possible and keep extending the duration with Festering Strike (even using death runes for that). But for frost you shouldn't worry about them. As Blood restrain from Blood Boiling (with Rolling Blood talent) if you got some HUGE vengeance. Dots ticking for 200k are just too sexy.

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