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    <Epsilon> Ragnaros EU - 10 man 6/14 Normal Mode - Recruiting

    Epsilon is primarily recruiting a shadow priest or mage for immediate raiding (Monday 4th November)

    We would also encourage other classes to join if interested, all will be taken into consideration.

    We are a relatively new guild looking for active and enthusiastic people to join our core team. We raid Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 19:45-23:00 (server time). The current members who have known each other a short time have bonded well and we have progressed 6/14 in the guilds first raid.

    Epsilon have many active members who play both WoW and other games together including Day Z and Battlefield with recordings of gameplay and fun added to the guild website, we will also be recording progression kills. We are also planning guild challenge mode gold runs, with the main members with multiple gold characters.

    Epsilon has a fully working guild site and we utilise both Twitter and Whatsapp(mobile) to keep in contact with raid absence and lateness.

    We have a very friendly and social atmosphere with a progressive goal. If your interested add me on real-id KingLukey#2165 and/or visit our guild site Epsilon-guild on enjin (Can't post links)

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    This is, unfortunately, not the recruitment section.

    I think you were looking for this area: Guild Recruitment EU English Servers (Clicky!)

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    Yes, please use the forum linked above by the Great and Evil Trixie.

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