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    Blowing WoW WoD all up in this place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collected View Post
    You are not prepared...again!!!
    Fixed that for you.

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    My body is ready Blizzard.

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    I am not prepared at all for this.

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    Not a huge fan of the name... we'll see what blizzcon brings.

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    OH I Phucking LOVE this name!!!!

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    When you think about it it kind of makes sense: They seemed like they were going to give Velen his time to shine, and this sounds like the perfect expansion for him to do so. He has sort of been missing in action/not really having much to do with anything during the later part of this expansion.

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    Uh, and blizzard uses go-daddy to register domains? Interesting, I wonder if they're using the roosterteeth promo codes for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post
    It could still be a hoax, with the same guy who posted trademarking himself *shrug* New Zealand is also where The Dark Below was trademarked
    No it wasn't. Stop spreading misinformation like that. Heroes of the Storm was trademarked in New Zealand.. you know, the one that actually turned out to be true. The Dark Below was on the OHIM European trademark database.

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    The question I have is: Where will this go?

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    If this is as legit as it seems its going to be a great xpac

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    (a fake I made)
    Last edited by KaNNis; 2013-11-01 at 07:53 PM.

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    Well now this sounds a LOT more appealing than "The Dark Below". Happy B-day to me ^-^

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    Interesting... Wonder if that's the title of the expansion?

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    Feed me the expansion, i throw my moneyz at screen

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    I preferred The Dark Below - Azshara, N'zoth et al. But whatever, we get to leave Azeroth for Outland (a place I prefer more to Azeroth) again.

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    Great. Back to outland.

    Cataclysm 2 Electric Boogaloo

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    yes yes yes yes! i knew it was real!

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    Don't like the name but what's a name. What I am worried about though is a time travel expansion with Grom(mash) Hellscream as some kinda antagonist. Fingers crossed for Blizzcon, maybe the reality is better than what it sounds or it's something else entirely.
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