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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantofish View Post
    I hate when the whole "Linear progression" arguement arises, because people act like it's never happened before! Let's think back a little, shall we? I personally think non-linear raid progression gives depth to an instance... It keeps progression longer, which I really liked in TOT. It's fun to see that some bosses coming up on heroic you can get more gear and go back to later, while you can jump ahead to more reasonable heroics (Qon, ji'kun, etc)

    In ICC, once you started heroic Modes you pretty much went (25man)
    -Gunship>Marrowgar>Festergut/Rotface>Princes>blood queen/Saurfang>Dreamwalker>Deathwhisper>Putricide>Sindragosa>LK

    Let's think Ulduar hardmodes!:

    Flame leviathen>Council (the medium guy>)>hodir>heartbreaker>thorim>freya>steelbreaker>vezax>mimiron>yogg

    Tier 11:

    Halfus>Magmaw>atre>chimaeron>twin dragons>council of 4 winds>omnitron>maloriak>nef>cho'gall>council>al'akir>sinestra (debatable, people will argue this list).

    These tiers all had weeks where if you didn't have the gear, you'd progress the boss on normal then push heroics later when they felt more reasonable. The only arguement I can see is that BWD wasn't linear at all, after you downed magmaw/tron you pretty much had 3 bosses to chose from...
    You have to keep in mind that the more casual guilds will lose a _lot_ of weeks of progress due to ToTs progression. We had to take chances every week in ToT when it came to progress, and most often, it went down the shitter due to someone not being able to come one day and that threw the progression way off.

    Now we know from the start how to progress. We can give a boss a few hours progression to then work on the next boss if we would down it (we actually got 3 new heroics down this week thanks to SoO being linear. It would've been 1 with ToTs system) to then casually clear the rest of the raid (because we're not at a point yet where we would benefit more from a few hours of extra progression compared to a full normal clear).

    I'm very thankful for the linear scaling and I'm sure most casual heroic raiders are thankful for it aswell.
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    ToT was much better. SoO has got a higher score in this poll because it is much more casual friendly. Most people were blocked access to ToT, except for Jin'rokh.

    SoO is also an easier raid with the majority of the mechanics being unimaginative and the majority of the encounters not requiring any wit, but just raw character power. In ToT every boss shone in its own light, was a microcosm. In SoO it is extremely hard to say this for the first 8 bosses. The voice acting of SoO also pales in comparison to that of ToO, not to mention the introduction of new character models (which were awesome in ToT and 5.2 as a whole) and new zones which SoO lacks. Also the first 4 bosses are detached from the raid, no matter what you say. In ToT it all felt immense!
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    I think ToT was more immersive, had better art direction and a gloomier feel. there were a good amount of bosses too, and the Isle was a real cool way to build up the story.

    SoO disappointed me visually at first, landscapes we've already seen etc, and I was worried ploughing through the first handful of bosses that it would be another Dragon Soul. however, later normal mode bosses and heroic bosses have changed my mind, great difficulty scaling, interesting loot (trinkets/set bonuses) and a lot of varied, fun mechanics. I really appreciate the heirloom/mount drops from Garrosh, and his larger haul of goodies. capping off a raid with bonus loot is a really smart idea I think.

    I guess I would rate them equally.
    -in 5 man dungeons, Arms Warriors again are the weakest link in the chain as they require 3X amount of healing as other classes and therefore die much more frequently and receive less healing in general, as with the amount of mana spent to keep an Arms Warrior alive the healer can heal all other members and himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulRevenant View Post
    TOT was a million times better, in my unbiased opinion.

    Everyone's going to say that SoO is better because it just came out, and they all probably hate ToT because of the monotonous grind it became after a few months- like every other raid ever implemented.

    This question should've been asked after the next xpac came out, not now while everyone hates it because grinding sucks.
    First you say that everyone right now will say SoO is better because it's new and we grinding ToT for months, then you go on and say everyone will say they hate SoO because it's now a grind.

    Make up your freaking mind!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potentio View Post
    ToT was much better. SoO has got a higher score in this poll because it is much more casual friendly. Most people were blocked access to ToT, except for Jin'rokh.
    That's possible, but I also think flex raiding has a lot to do with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potentio View Post
    ToT was much better. SoO has got a higher score in this poll because it is much more casual friendly. Most people were blocked access to ToT, except for Jin'rokh.
    You could run each on LFR and establish a vibe of each overall experience. So no, that probably isn't it.
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    I liked ToT better for atmosphere tbh,
    but both are great
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akoroth View Post
    Your point is correct in my opinion, but the examples you gave were quite bad. Malkorok? Malkorok is arguably the easiest boss mechanics wise in the entire raid. You don't need any addons for it at all. Protectors, well, get yourself some name plates and you'll do just fine, personal learning issue here. Sha of Pride? Again quite an easy boss, no real addons required, maybe for calling cds for the big aoe explosion. Blackfuse, again, quite a simple boss (normal.) Jump on conveyer belt every 40 seconds or something and nuke the crawler mines. No mines? magnet. No magnet? Who cares, laser or something.

    I know what addon you speak of i think, for sha and malk. That addon that tells you were to stand - uneeded. This is a personal L2P issue buddy, the vast majority of guilds just put markers down to show them were not to stand or simply just use their own memory :P
    I wasn't aware any boss "needed" an addon.

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    definitely soo. tot was terrible. didnt really enjoy any fight and hated most of them actually.

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    SoO is way better, I thought ToT was overrated from the beginning, save end bosses. Tired of trolls >.<

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    SoO because

    #1 Shit is deep. All those trainers etc and seeing them all impaled is deep. I get more of a connection when I see the city I sat afked in for so long turn to complete chaos.
    #2 We've known Garrosh and Nazgrim for years unlike Lei Shen so you get more of a "connection" when slaying these once great orcs.
    #3 Garrosh Hellscream will be long remembered in orcish history as one of the greatest orcs who has ever lived.

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    I prefer SOO because of the more varied scenery. I didn't like the first part and found it really disappointing and underwhelming but the next 3 were all great with cool bosses and mechanics. I just felt they could have put some more work into arriving at Orgrimmar and entering it, but still felt really cool to storm the place.

    My biggest problem with Throne of Thunder is that used too much of the same colors in the scenery. I really loved the Garrosh fight, better than the Deathwing fight, not that that's hard to do, but it felt very epic. I also loved fighting against the Daily Quest givers of the Klaxxi and the Golden Lotus, seriously fu guys for that endless grind, as far as I'm concerned they could have put every DQ giver in there.

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    SoO wins,
    ToT had terrible encounters and SoO much better.

    the maze fight was just a such horrible design. and the trash leading to the boss with the 3 heads. both ugh.

    SoO is cool in any fight.

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